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Targeting more business from affluent visitors

When affluent visitors choose the Caribbean for vacation purposes, what do most of them do during their stay? How do they go about choosing the Caribbean over competing destinations? How long do they stay on average and into what age group do they mostly fall?

The answers to these and other questions, presenting a definitive profile of the affluent visitor, are provided in a newly-released report by TCI Research, a Brussels-based, UNWTO-awarded global independent research agency specializing in international tourism competitive intelligence, destination and travel segment analysis.

“If you are looking to get more bang for your buck out of your marketing and promotion budget, it is this kind of market intelligence which makes a real difference,” says TCI Research’s Caribbean representative, Barbados-based regional tourism consultant May Hinds.

“Such information is critical for national tourism organizations, hotels and other tourism establishments looking to make the right marketing decisions to more effectively target these big spenders and boost their business revenue,” adds Miss Hinds, CEO of May Hinds Consulting Inc.

Under a strategic partnership between May Hinds Consulting Inc. and TCI Research, the two companies are collaborating on a marketing support intervention themed “How to increase tourism receipts” based on the said affluent visitors study. It is designed for national tourism organizations, hotels and other tourism establishments in the region.

According to the TCI Research study, most affluent visitors to the Caribbean are couples and families in the 35 – 50+ age group. They choose the region mostly on the recommendation of friends and relatives, stay on average 7.7 nights, and the purpose of their visit is to relax, mostly by engaging in beach activities. Nightlife, bars and clubs are also popular with affluent visitors.

A summary of the report is available to national tourism organizations, hotels and tourism establishments. To request a copy or to enquire about marketing support from TCI Research in the design of a strategy to boost business from high-spending visitors, simply contact May Hinds Consulting Inc. via email at [email protected]

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Social sharing app revolutionizes the world of Carnival!

New York, NY – On July 10th, 2015, CEO Rudo Morrison of Carnival Info (CINFO) launched, Carnival Info Mobile, a new app that interfaces with top social media platforms and creates a social network centered on the complete Caribbean style Carnival experience! The recently launched mobile application has over 50,000k users on iPhone and growing quickly on Android targeting users within the Caribbean diaspora that are searching for latest Carnival information as well as travelers abroad interested in going to Carnival.

Rudo Morrison, CINFO Co-Founder says, “We are excited to offer a mobile app to help travelers experience carnival anywhere in the world. We are especially happy to offer this tool for free to all carnival stakeholders. Everyone from Band leaders to event promoters have free access to our users so that they may reach a broader world audience and showcase their talents.”

It’s a little known fact that we are the largest carnival resource on the Internet. Our love for the authentic Carnival experience has allowed us to merge our passion with business strategy to develop this app. We’ve taken all of that information and packaged it into an app that’s not only visually appealing, but functional, says Gordon Henry, CINFO Co-Founder.

Using geo-target marketing, Carnival Info Mobile builds profile information for every member by using smart filters which make it easier to target a specific demographic.  Assessing data like age, gender, and Carnival locations creates itineraries of interest and marketing campaigns based on user frequency.  Utilizing the My Carnival Info feature app can further expand each users profile (think Pinterest with a Carnival twist) to include connecting with homogenous music, costumes and events further expanding opportunities for corporate brands to survey the Carnival experience from a participant perspective, connecting people, places and all things Carnival, like never before.

Carnival Info Mobile App-abilities:

-Filter by location and search for Costumes, Events and Music.

-Receive notification alerts on updated content by location or interest.

-Customize trips to any Carnival taking place in the Caribbean, United States, Canada or the UK.

-Social sharing of saved trip itineraries and carnival itineraries


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