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Caribbean Development Bank supports CTO’s Service and Business Excellence Programme

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, (25 July, 2017) – The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO)’s continued efforts at promoting service and business excellence in the region’s tourism and hospitality sector has received a financial boost from the regional financial institution that focuses on harmonious economic growth and development in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), through its Caribbean Technological Consultancy Services (CTCS) Network is providing US$223,312 in support of the two key components of the Hospitality Assured (HA) Caribbean certification programme managed by the CTO as part of its product development and service quality thrust.

The funds will be used to engage business advisors and assessors to help strengthen the business performance and overall competitiveness of tourism-related micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in ten CDB borrowing member countries through the HA programme.

“Our region needs to boost its reputation for service and business excellence and pay attention to the overall visitor experience. The Hospitality Assured framework provides the tool to drive this effort,” said Bonita Morgan, the CTO’s director of resource mobilization and development, and the CTO official with overall responsibility for the HA programme.

“We are thankful to the CDB, through the CTCS Network, for supporting this effort to help Caribbean tourism businesses shore up their competitiveness.”

“For several Caribbean economies, tourism is an engine of growth, and MSMEs have the potential to make significant contributions to the sector. CDB is pleased to be supporting CTO in delivering the HA Caribbean certification programme, and deeply value the role it plays in helping regional MSMEs deliver an even higher quality product and experience in an increasingly competitive global tourism market,” said Darran Newman, acting division chief, technical cooperation division, CDB.

Over the next year 30 businesses in the ten countries – Anguilla, Belize, the British Virgin Islands, Guyana, Jamaica, Montserrat, Saint Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and Turks & Caicos Islands will receive technical assistance as well as assessment services through the CDB funding.

The regional lending institution’s support for HA dates back to 2014 when, through the United Kingdom Department for International Development’s Caribbean Aid for Trade and Regional Integration Trust Fund, managed by the Bank,  it provided funding support for six businesses in Grenada to participate in the certification programme.

Last year, CDB, through the CTCS network, provided financial support to conduct a week-long business advisors training workshop organized by the CTO to equip 15 business advisors to provide technical assistance to tourism-related businesses participating  in the HA certification programme.

CTCS is managed within CDB’s Technical Cooperation Division and operated in cooperation with regional and national institutions, laboratories, industrial enterprises, and consultants. It comprises a network of institutions and experts, and has as its primary aim, transferring knowledge, skills and technology to improve managerial and operational efficiency and competitiveness of MSMEs through the provision of technical assistance.

Hospitality Assured is a certification programme promoting service and business excellence in tourism and hospitality companies.  It is owned by the Institute of Hospitality in the United Kingdom, and managed by the Caribbean Tourism Organization in the region.

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CTO Helps Strengthen Business Performance, Overall Competitiveness with Hospitality Assured

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (June 12, 2017) – As part of an on-going partnership with the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and its Hospitality Assured (HA) certification programme, the European Union under its Competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME) programme last month hosted an HA Business Advisor Training Workshop at the Curaçao Chamber of Commerce in Punda, Williemstaad, Curaçao. Participants came from the Curaçao Tourist Board, the Curacao Innovation & Technology Institute; and Creating Milestones, a management solutions company.

The main objectives of the workshop were:

  • To provide participants with an overview of the HA standards and processes and awareness of the Business Excellence framework;
  • To enable participants to manage and advise on the HA processes for client organisations which will enable these organisations to progress on their journey to excellence and to obtain HA certification;
  • To provide participants with a knowledge and understanding of the evidence requirements of Hospitality Assured; and
  • To provide participants with an opportunity to develop gender sensitive advisory approaches through the employment of case studies and role-play.

CTO began its journey with HA in 2007, seeking to strengthen the business performance and overall competitiveness of tourism enterprises in the Caribbean. CTO is in the process of building a network of advisors and assessors in member countries which are already involved in the HA programme – including  Antigua & Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, St. Kitts & Nevis, and St. Vincent & the Grenadines – and is also seeking to extend the scheme to countries which have not yet started to roll out the programme but have indicated an interest in doing so this year. These include Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Curaçao, Guyana, Montserrat, Saint Lucia and The Turks & Caicos Islands.

The HA programme endeavours to promote a culture of quality, service excellence and continuous improvement, through the use of a business improvement tool and framework that is internationally recognized, as a means to support customer service delivery in tourism enterprises.

The first task of the HA Programme for Curaçao was to train Business Advisors and to equip them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to work effectively with organisations and lead them through the detailed HA self-assessment process towards certification.

A series of introductory presentations delivered by the facilitators, Norma Shorey-Bryan and Sharon Banfield-Bovell, provided participants with a background to the HA programme, perspectives on the issues and challenges faced in the tourism sector in the Caribbean, and detailed information on what was required on the HA Journey to Excellence. Focus was also placed on helping participants to understand issues related to gender and gender sensitive advisory approaches in dealing with the HA clients. These discussions on gender came to the forefront in the case studies discussions and role plays that were part of the learning and feedback sessions.

The interactive approach used throughout the workshop was designed to encourage participants to share their experiences, perspectives and concerns, and to learn from each other. Presentations stimulated lively group discussions, which helped participants consider how to apply the concepts taught when working with client organisations in Curaçao. The workshop sessions included: presentations on fundamental topics like What is Excellence, Vision & Values, Business Planning Processes and Sharing Good Practices; introduction to each of the nine steps of the HA Model; role plays on case studies mirroring the operations in various types of tourism businesses; and other learning exercises linked to each of the nine steps.

By the end of the workshop, the participants had gained a deeper understanding of the structure of the HA framework and were aware of the key themes of Hospitality Assured. The detailed knowledge and understanding will be further taken in as they apply the model to real life situations as they work with small, medium and large sized businesses in Curaçao’s tourism and hospitality sector.

About Hospitality Assured

Hospitality Assured is an internationally recognized certification, owned by the Institute of Hospitality in the U.K., managed and operated by the Hospitality Limited U.K. trading as Hospitality Assured and licensed by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) for use in the Caribbean as “The Standard for Service and Business Excellence in Caribbean Tourism.”

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Regional Hospitality Assured Workshop gets under way in Barbados

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, 5 Sept, 2016 –  A week-long training advisers workshop on tourism business excellence opened in Barbados this morning.

The 5-9 September workshop is being organized by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) to sharpen participants’  business advisory skills so they can provide technical assistance to Caribbean tourism businesses  which will participate  in the Hospitality Assured Certification Programme.

Nineteen participants from 13 CTO member countries are attending the workshop, which is being held with funding support from the Caribbean Development Bank through its Caribbean Technological Consultancy Services (CTCS) Network and the European Union’s Competitiveness of Enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises (COSME).

“We are proud of the partnerships we have formed over the years with regional and international organizations such as the Caribbean Development Bank and the Institute of Hospitality, which make it possible for the CTO to provide services such as this for our members and for the region,” Hugh Riley, CTO’s secretary general said.

“We are driven by our emphasis on human capital development, our responsibility to help reduce the region’s unemployment, and our laser-like focus on consistently improving the quality of the experience the Caribbean offers to its visitors. This workshop seems to me to be relevant to all of those aspects.”

The workshop, which will be facilitated by John Burchell of Hospitality Assured in the United Kingdom, with assistance from Norma Shorey Bryan, a trained Barbadian business advisor, precedes the region’s premier tourism gathering, the State of the Tourism Industry Conference (SOTIC), where those issues will be tackled. SOTIC takes place in Barbados from14-16 September.

Hospitality Assured is a certification programme promoting service and business excellence in tourism and hospitality companies.  It is owned by the Institute of Hospitality in the United Kingdom, and managed by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) in the region.

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BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (13 de enero de 2014). Uno de los complejos más conocidos de Jamaica, el Round Hill Hotel & Villas en Montego Bay (Jamaica), ha recibido uno de los reconocimientos más prestigiosos del sector, el certificado de Garantía de Hospitalidad (HA, por sus siglas en inglés). Un símbolo de excelencia en el servicio y excelencia empresarial para el sector de turismo y hostelería en el ámbito internacional y en el Caribe.

Lo que significa que estas legendarias instalaciones (que han recibido a un sin número de empresarios, políticos, artistas, deportistas y estrellas culturales desde su inauguración en 1953), hoy cuentan con un marco de referencia de calidad en Garantía de Hospitalidad como prueba de su compromiso constante con la optimización de los estándares de calidad en el servicio, centrado en las necesidades de los clientes, en el incremento de la satisfacción de los mismos, en la lealtad y la mejora en general del desempeño comercial.

Omar Robinson, gerente general del Round Hill, afirmó que “el servicio siempre ha sido el eje sobre el que se ha vertebrado nuestra filosofía en relación a la experiencia de los huéspedes del Round Hill y, sin duda, estamos muy orgullosos de este certificado. Queremos seguir centrándonos en nuestros afamados niveles de servicio y hospitalidad de clase mundial. Niveles que nos otorgan la ventaja competitiva aquí en Jamaica y por los que seguimos siendo uno de los mejores hoteles del Caribe”.

Robinson añadió que estaba muy complacido con el certificado de Garantía de Hospitalidad (HA, por sus siglas en inglés) del Round Hill y con la repercusión positiva que dicho certificado tendrá tanto en el personal como en los huéspedes del mismo.

En el programa del Caribe de Garantía de Hospitalidad participan cincuenta y cuatro (54) empresas de toda la región. Desde su lanzamiento en el año 2010, que contó con la participación de ocho países pilotos seleccionados por la Organización de Turismo del Caribe (CTO, por sus siglas en inglés), a la fecha, se han certificado dieciocho (18) empresas.

El programa de Garantía de Hospitalidad es una certificación internacional para el reconocimiento de la promoción de la excelencia en el servicio y la excelencia empresarial en las empresas del sector turístico y de hostelería. Dicho reconocimiento está auspiciado por el Institute of Hospitality del Reino Unido y representado por la Organización de Turismo del Caribe (CTO, por sus siglas en inglés) en la región. Para más información diríjase al sitio web  www.hospitalityassuredcaribbean.com.


Acerca del Round Hill Hotel & Villas


El Round Hill Hotel & Villas está situado en una exuberante península de 110 acres al oeste de Montego Bay (Jamaica). Su lista de huéspedes ostenta los nombres de líderes mundiales, iconos culturales y estrellas de Hollywood. Este complejo clásico continúa atrayendo a la jet-set del ámbito mundial que disfruta del glamour atemporal y del lujo discreto en un entorno natural de playas impolutas en las inimitables aguas del Caribe. Las instalaciones disponen de 36 habitaciones con vistas al mar diseñadas por Ralph Lauren, 90 villas y suites de lujo o una selección de 27 villas privadas de 2 a 6 habitaciones, la mayoría con piscina individual. Otros elementos a destacar son el salón-terraza para cenar al aire libre y el restaurante The Grill at Round Hill, sus galardonados programas familiares, una piscina sin fin, pistas de tenis, y el spa Elemis ubicado en una hermosa casona restaurada de una plantación del siglo XVIII. Para más información, por favor diríjase al sitio web www.roundhill.com o llámenos al (876) 956-7050.

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Jamaican Boutique Resort Round Hill Hotel & Villas Earns Hospitality Assured Certification

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (13 Jan. 2014) – One of Jamaica’s best-known resorts, Round Hill Hotel & Villas in Montego Bay, Jamaica, has earned the highly regarded Hospitality Assured (HA) certification, a symbol of service and business excellence in the tourism and hospitality sector internationally and in the Caribbean.

This means that the fabled property – which has welcomed numerous business, political, entertainment, athletic, and cultural celebrities since its opening in 1953 – now has the Hospitality Assured quality framework in place, proof of its commitment to continuously raise service quality standards, focus on customers’ needs, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and improve overall business performance.

“Service has always been the backbone of our guest experience philosophy at Round Hill, and this certification is something we are very proud of,” said Omar Robinson, the general manager of Round Hill. “We are excited to continue to focus on our renowned levels of world-class service and hospitality, which ultimately give us the competitive edge here in Jamaica and allow us to remain one of the best hotels in the Caribbean.”

Mr. Robinson added that he was pleased that Round Hill has been certified by Hospitality Assured (HA) and he looked forward to the positive impact this would have on staff and guests alike.

Fifty four (54) companies across the Caribbean are involved in the Hospitality Assured Caribbean programme and eighteen (18) companies are currently certified since the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) launched the programme in eight pilot countries in 2010.

Hospitality Assured is an internationally recognized certification programme promoting service and business excellence in tourism and hospitality companies.  It is owned by the Institute of Hospitality in the United Kingdom, and managed by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) in the region. For more information visit www.hospitalityassuredcaribbean.com.


About Round Hill Hotel and Villas:

Round Hill Hotel and Villas is situated on a lush 110-acre peninsula just west of Montego Bay, Jamaica. Boasting a guest list of world leaders, cultural icons and Hollywood A-listers, this classic resort continues to attract a jet-set from around the world who enjoy timeless glamour and understated luxury along with pristine natural beaches and the inimitable Caribbean waters. Accommodations include 36 Ralph Lauren-designed oceanfront guest rooms, 90 luxurious villa rooms and suites or a selection of 27 private 2 – 6 bedroom Villas – most with private pools.  Other highlights include open-air terrace dining and The Grill at Round Hill, award-winning family programs, an infinity pool, tennis courts, and an Elemis spa located in a beautifully-restored 18th century plantation house. For more information, please visit www.roundhill.com or call (876) 956-7050.

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BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (13 Jan. 2014) – Één van Jamaica’s meest bekende resorts, Round Hill Hotel & Villas in Montego Bay, Jamaica, heeft een Horeca Verzekerde certificering (Hospitality Assured – HA – certification) verkregen welke hoog in aanzien staat. Het is een symbool van topkwaliteit op het gebied van dienstverlening en in het bedrijfsleven, het toerisme en de horeca sector, zowel internationaal als in het Caribisch gebied.

Dit betekent dat het legendarische onroerend goed – dat een veeltal beroemdheden uit het bedrijfsleven, de politiek, de entertainment, de atletiek en de cultuur verwelkomd heeft sinds zijn opening in 1953 – nu over het Horeca Verzekerde kwaliteitskader beschikt, dat op zich een bewijs vormt voor hun toewijding om voortdurend de kwaliteitsstandaarden te verhogen, gefocust te zijn op behoeften van de klanten, klanttevredenheid en klantenloyaliteit te vergroten en de prestatie van het bedrijf in zijn geheel te verbeteren.

“Dienstverlening is altijd de ruggengraat geweest van onze filosofie met betrekking tot de klantenervaring bij Round Hill, en deze certificering is iets waar we trots op zijn,” gaf Omar Robinson, algemeen directeur van Round Hill, aan. “We zijn enthousiast om ons verder te focussen op onze hernieuwde niveaus van dienstverlening en horeca van wereldklasse, die ons per slot van rekening een concurrentiepositie verschaft hier in Jamaica en welke ons in staat stelt om één van de beste hotels in het Caribisch gebied te blijven.”

De heer Robinson voegde eraan toe dat hij voldaan was dat Round Hill een Horeca Verzekerde certificering heeft verkregen en dat hij heeft uitgekeken naar het positieve effect dat dit zal hebben op zowel het personeel als op de gasten.

Vierenvijftig (54) bedrijven, verspreid over heel het Caribisch gebied, zijn betrokken bij het Caribische Horeca Verzekerde programma en achttien (18) bedrijven zijn momenteel gecertificeerd, sinds de Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) het programma als proef lanceerde in acht landen in 2010.

Hospitality Assured is een international erkend certificeringprogramma die topkwaliteit op het gebied van dienstverlening en in het bedrijfsleven promoveert in toeristische en horeca bedrijven. Het is het eigendom van het Horeca Instituut in het Verenigd Koninkrijk (Institute of Hospitality in the United Kingdom) en wordt beheerd door de Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) in de regio. Voor meer informatie bezoek www.hospitalityassuredcaribbean.com.

 Over de Round Hill Hotel and Villas:

Round Hill Hotel and Villas is gelegen op een weelderig schiereiland van 110 hectare ten westen van Montego Bay, Jamaica. Met een gastenlijst bestaande uit wereldleiders, culturele iconen en degenen met het hoogste aanzien van Hollywood (Hollywood A-listers), blijft dit resort trendsetters van overal ter wereld aantrekken, die genieten van de tijdloze glamour en beheerste luxe, samen met de oorspronkelijke natuurlijke stranden en de niet te imiteren Caribische wateren. De accommodaties bevatten 36 door Ralph Lauren ontworpen gastenkamers met uitzicht op de oceaan, 90 luxe villa kamers en suites of een selectie van 27 privé villa kamers voor 2 – 6 personen – de meesten met hun eigen zwembad. Andere hoogtepunten zijn onder meer een openlucht terras om te dineren en The Grill bij Round Hill, prijswinnende familie programma’s, een oneindig zwembad (infinity pool), een tennisbaan en een Elemis spa gelegen in een mooi gerestaureerd landhuis dat uit de 18de eeuw dateert. Voor meer informatie, bezoek alstublieft www.roundhill.com of bel (876) 956-7050.

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Three Caribbean Tourism Businesses Celebrate Firsts With Receipt of Hospitality Assured Certification

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (2 Feb., 2012) – Three Caribbean tourism businesses have scored “firsts” while enhancing their reputation for high standards of service quality by earning Hospitality Assured (HA) certification, a symbol of service and business excellence in the tourism and hospitality.

The well-known tourist attraction, Atlantis Submarines (Barbados) Inc. has become the first attraction in the Caribbean to receive HA certification, while Goddards Shipping & Tours, also of Barbados, is the first shipping agent and tour operator in the region to earn this distinction. Additionally, the Tryall Club in Montego Bay Jamaica has achieved similar certification, the first property in Jamaica to do so.

All three companies now have the Hospitality Assured framework in place, which helps them to continuously raise their service quality standards within their individual businesses, focus on their customers’ needs in all aspects of their business, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and improve overall business performance.

“I believe that the great benefit of Hospitality Assured for Atlantis Submarines Barbados has been the process of involving the entire team in a structured ten step analysis of our business from customer research to service delivery.  Hospitality Assured has become an umbrella under which all of our continuous improvement plans can fall and it ensures that as the economy remains somewhat weak the internal focus remains strong on all the right things to get us through it,’ said Roseanne Myers, the general manager of Atlantis Submarines.

“Our entire team worked together to review our club’s procedures and while we already had systems in place, HA helped us within the business to keep better track, target with greater efficiency and fine tune our operational procedures,” added Gerald Giarla, managing director of Tryall Club.  “The certification process was refreshing and rejuvenating and we are ready to embark on our 52nd season with a renewed sense of commitment and pride in serving our customers.”

Over the past several months, the management team and staff of these businesses maintained outstanding grades in rigorous reviews given by external assessors, including challenging, testing and ultimately strengthening internal systems in business planning, customer service, and training and development, leading to their certification.

The general manager of Goddards Shipping & Tours, Rovel Morris, described certification as “an extremely rewarding accomplishment” which was in keeping with the company’s vision “to be the region’s market leader in all areas of operations, recognized and sought after for exceptional service”.

“The Hospitality Assured Programme certification process allowed us to give tangible expression to the elements and conditions of service delivery that will allow us to achieve that vision consistently.  It has been an invaluable tool in aligning our business processes and galvanizing the commitment of our team toward that end.  We are a proud recipient of the certification and would recommend the process without hesitation,” he said.

Hospitality Assured is a certification programme promoting service and business excellence in tourism and hospitality companies.  It is owned by the Institute of Hospitality in the United Kingdom, and managed by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) in the region.  Caribbean supporting institutions include the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus in Barbados, which collects and distributes benchmarking data on the programme, as well as the CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality (CROSQ), which is the region’s assessment body for the programme.  Funding support for the pilot phase of the programme was provided by the European Union/PRO€INVEST programme and the Organization of American States.  The pilot phase is now over and funding is being sort to continue to unroll the programme across the region.

In the near future, will be directly engaging with Caribbean countries outside the original eight pilot countries to incentivize tourism/hospitality businesses to join HA and get the benefits to be derived from participation.

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