NY Times Travel Show


Javitz Center | 655 W 34th Street | New York, NY 10001

January 27, 2017 – 10:00am – 12:15pm


Family travel represents a multi-billion dollar market and according to Travel Weekly, 44% all leisure travelers take family members with them on vacation.  Family Travel Association states that the Caribbean is the Number 1 destination for US consumers interested in taking a family vacation. This is a seriously untapped market that the Caribbean can take advantage of.

Family travel is not a one size fits all experience.  Focus on the Caribbean will give you an opportunity to tell travel agents what your destination has to offer to this lucrative market segment, so that the agents may customize travel itineraries to the needs of today’s family traveler.

There is no cost to members to participate in the Forum, but we would appreciate if you would provide a small gift item that we may gift to travel agents at the end of the presentations.

Please indicate your interest in participating.  All responses should reach our offices by Friday, January 6, 2017.  Shortly afterwards, we will get back to you with details on the length of your presentation to travel agents from the Podium.

For your information, the Feature Presentation on Family Travel will be made by Rainer Jenss, President and Founder, Family Travel Association.



As the President and Founder of the Family Travel Association, Rainer Jenss has a wealth of experience and knowledge on the subject of family with children.

Before putting his professional expertise and personal passion to the ultimate test by traveling around the world with his wife and two young children, Rainer Jenss was a Vice President and thirteen-year veteran of the National Geographic Society. As Publisher of National Geographic Kids, Jenss helped transform the publication into the most widely read consumer magazine for children throughout the world.

Since returning from the yearlong trip, Jenss has dedicated himself to be an advocate for family travel as an essential part of every child’s education. By creating the Family Travel Association, Jenss aims to establish a collective and unified industry voice that will help change the way families travel – charting a path for the future generations of travelers the industry needs to cultivate. 

Jenss reported for National Geographic Traveler’s award-winning Intelligent Travel Blog, recognized as one of the Top 25 Family Travel Blogs by Babble.com. He later joined forces with Scholastic to direct a new family travel initiative and content development for the “Smart Family Travel” feature in Parent & Child magazine.

Please complete the form below indicating your willingness to attend and submit by Friday, January 6, 2017.