UNWTO/CTO Workshop

UNWTO/CTO Workshop: Sustainable Tourism Destination Management & Marketing; March 27-31, 2017; Saint Lucia


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The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), its UNWTO.Themis Foundation and the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) invite high-level decision makers in the national, regional and local tourism administrations and organizations, as well as senior tourism practitioners from tourism associations and industry groups and travel and tourism practitioners from the Caribbean region and the region of the Americas to apply for the UNWTO/CTO Workshop on Sustainable Tourism Destination Management and Marketing, scheduled to be held in Saint Lucia from March 27-31 2017.

This executive training workshop will examine key concepts, processes and practices in sustainable tourism destination management and marketing, based on lessons learned internationally and in the region of the Americas. This executive training workshop is designed to equip tourism practitioners with knowledge, skills and tools to be used in the development of sustainable tourism destinations, as well as provide a forum for discussion about current issues and practices key to addressing the sustainable management and marketing of tourism destinations. The workshop will be conducted in English.


The Workshop takes place at the St. James’s Club Morgan Bay, Choc Bay, Saint Lucia. Tel: (758) 457-3700; Email:[email protected]; Website:www.morganbayresort.com


Candidates wishing to participate in this upcoming UNWTO regional executive training workshop should be:

  • High level Tourism decision-makers and practitioners.
  • Senior representatives of Destination Management and Marketing Organizations involved in destination planning; product development; marketing and branding; research and information management; resource stewardship; visitor experience management; human resource development; and destination & site operations.
  • Owners and operators of tourism businesses.

Participants must be:

  • Proficient in English; and
  • Be able to share the knowledge they have gained on the topic at the executive training workshop with their Organization/Administration.


The objectives of this training are to provide participants with:

  • an understanding of key concepts and processes in the management and marketing of sustainable tourism destinations;
  • hands-on experience in the use and application of tools and techniques;
  • practical experiences in matching local needs with the UNWTO approaches and methodologies; and
  • a network for support and cooperation for the design and implementation of sustainable strategies.

Upon successful completion of this event, participants will be able to:

  • develop and implement an integrated sustainable tourism strategy;
  • understand and apply key concepts and useful frameworks;
  • oversee and/or apply management and marketing tactics; and
  • evaluate and measure success.

In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives, a combined theoretical-practical methodology, in a modular structure, will be applied during this executive training workshop. Each of the modules comprises presentations, discussions, debates, group work and practical activities.