Caribbean Primary School Tourism Writing Competition

The Caribbean Tourism Organization is pleased to announce its  Caribbean Primary School Tourism Writing Competition for 2017, the CTO Year of Adventure in the Caribbean. This competition will open from 1st March – 1st May 2017, for children ages 8 – 12 in every CTO member country and seeks to encourage both creative and formal writing submissions related to strengthening sustainable tourism development in the region.

Download Competition Rules & Guidelines (pdf)

Download Entry Form



1. The competition opens on Wednesday March 1st 2017, and is for PRIMARY SCHOOL STUDENTS between the ages of 8 – 12 years.

2. Eligible entrants must not have passed his/her twelfth (12th) birthday by the competition deadline date of Monday, 1st May 2017.

3. Entries MUST be HAND WRITTEN by participating students on the Entry Form provided.

4. Eligible entries must be submitted through the entrant’s Primary School.

5. Primary Schools must submit entries from their students to the designated Local Competition Coordinator (LCC) in the Ministry of Tourism, by 4 pm (AST) on Monday, 1st May 2017.

6. Local Competition Coordinators must arrange for the screening of entries and the selection of a maximum of FOUR (4) national entries for submission to the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) Headquarters in Barbados, no later than Friday, 19th May 2017.

7. Country submissions should be mailed to: Caribbean Tourism Organization, 7th Floor Baobab Tower, Warrens, St. Michael, Barbados, BB22026 – Attn: Amanda Charles, Sustainable Tourism Specialist.

8. Each HAND WRITTEN entry must be submitted on the Entry Form provided and must include a completed coversheet detailing the following information:

  • Name of student as it appears on his/her Passport
  • Date of Birth
  • Country
  • Writing Stream
  • Age Group
  • Name of Parent / Guardian as it appears on his/her Passport
  • Telephone contact for the Parent/Guardian listed on the Entry Form
  • Name of School
  • Name of Principal
  • Telephone contact for School

9. Entries in the 8 – 10 year category must be at least 250 words in length, while entries in the 10 – 12 year category must be at least 350 words in length. No entry should exceed 500 words.

10. Judges decisions are FINAL.

11. Acceptance of Prizes constitutes permission to use the entrant’s name and photograph for editorial, advertising, and promotional purposes of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO).



1. The competition shall have TWO (2) distinct entry streams with participants only eligible to compete in ONE (1) stream. The streams are: a. The Formal Writing Stream b. The Creative Writing Stream

2. The Formal Writing Stream will only include works that count as either essays or prose, while the Creative Writing Stream will only include works that count as poems or short stories.

3. Each entry stream is divided into TWO (2) age categories and entrants must enter the appropriate age category based on their age as at the deadline date for entry into the competition. The age categories are: a. 8-10 years b. 10-12 years

4. If a participant is 10 years of age then he/she can choose to compete in any of the TWO (2) age categories within his/her selected writing stream.

5. Countries are encouraged to submit ONE (1) entry in EACH Age Category of EACH Writing Stream, but can choose to submit less than the maximum FOUR (4) entries allowed.

6. A total of FOUR (4) Winners will be selected as follows: a. Formal Writing Stream – ages 8 – 10 (ONE Winner) b. Formal Writing Stream – ages 10 – 12 (ONE Winner) c. Creative Writing Stream – ages 8 – 10 (ONE Winner) d. Creative Writing Stream – ages 10 – 12 (ONE Winner)

7. Winners will be presented with a special Certificate of Recognition from the Caribbean Tourism Organization and honoured with an ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP for them and a Parental Chaperone to attend and participate in special activities at a major CTO Conference in 2017.

8. A professional Judging Panel will review all submissions and determine winners based on the following criteria: a. Demonstrated Knowledge of Tourism b. Originality of Ideas c. Expression of Self d. Organisation of Thoughts e. Grammar

9. Entries can be submitted in the native languages of Spanish, French or English.