The publications available for purchase include the Latest Tourism Statistics, published monthly; the Quarterly Statistical Review and the Annual Statistical Report. More details on the content and prices are available at

From September 15, 2015, CTO members will be able to access the tourism statistics from their respective groups on The statistics will still be sent to members via email but will no longer be accessible on the public pages of the CTO corporate site at

Publication Schedule:

Latest Monthly Statistics: 30th of each month.
Quarterly Statistical Review: 30th of the second month after the end of the quarter
Annual Statistical Report: 30th April of the following year

How to Access Statistics: Government members

Ministers, Directors and other government members will be able to view the Latest Tourism Statistics, Quarterly Tourism Statistical Review and Annual Report from the Board of Directors and Council of Ministers Group. If you have misplaced or forgotten your login, please contact Sharon Coward ( to receive a new password.

How to Access Statistics: Non Government Members

Allied members can access the Quarterly Tourism Review from the Allied Members Group. If you have misplaced or forgotten your login, please contact Sharon Coward ( to receive a new password.

How to Access Groups

Groups can be accessed using the following link”


Latest Tourism Statistical Tables

The Latest Tourism Statistical Tables comprise four sets of data:

  • Tourism Stop Over Arrivals
  • Tourist Arrivals by Month
  • Tourist Arrivals by Main Market
  • Cruise Passenger Arrivals

These are published approximately every two weeks as member countries provide updated statistics.

Reviews and Prospects

At the beginning of every year, the Research department presents an analysis of how the Caribbean tourism industry performed in the previous year. These presentations are delivered at the CTO Annual State of the Industry Media Conference which is sometimes recorded and included on the CTO YouTube Channel. Reviews listed from 2002 – 2014. Reviews by quarter are also listed.

Arrivals Statistics

Arrival statistics refers to the measurement of international inbound visitors (tourists (stay-over visitors), excursionists (same-day visitors) and cruise passengers) into a destination. Tourists are   visitors who stay at least 24 hours in the country visited whereas Same-day visitors stay less than 24 hours in the country visited. Cruise Passengers are regarded as a special type of same-day visitor (even if the ship overnights at the port).

Country Statistics

Individual annual statistics of CTO member countries where that data has been provided.

Individual Country Statistical Offices

View contact information for the statistical departments of CTO member countries.

If you’d like statistical information not represented here, please contact the Statistical Dept.