Allied Members List

Allied Members List

The Allied Members Board

Given the diverse interests represented amongst the Allied Members, an Allied Board was established to consolidate and articulate the Allied Member’s needs.

The Allied Members Board’s responsibilities include:

•    Lending expertise to the development of regional programmes
•    Assist in planning the annual Caribbean Marketing Conference
•    Assist in recruiting non-government members
•    Representing the Allied Members interest at the Board of Directors level

The new members of the CTO Allied Board, elected for the period 2020 to 2022 are:

  1. Barry Brown, Executive Director, Caribbean; AFAR Media
  2. Sharon Flax-Brutus, CEO, White Oleander Destinations
  3. William Griffith, CEO, WCG Consulting
  4. Jacqueline Johnson, CEO, Global Bridal Group
  5. Seleni Matus, Executive Director, International Institute of Tourism Studies, George Washington University

William Griffith was selected as the Chairman of the Allied Board, by vote of the successful Board members.


Directory of Non Government Members

Searchable listing of non government members:


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