Frequently Asked Questions


1. What membership category should my company fall under?

The Membership category that will apply to your business will depend on the sector you operate in and where your business is registered. To correctly select your membership category, please review the categories below:

2. How can I pay for Allied membership?

Payment for membership can be made via wire transfer or credit card.
1.     For wire transfer details please email us at membership@caribtourism.com
2.     We accept AMEX, VISA or Mastercard. Complete the allied application form – including your card number and its security code and send the completed form to our offices via email at membership@caribtourism.com

3. What do you mean when you say “membership fees are based on the location of the business?”

In determining your organization’s correct membership category, please consider that membership now falls under three main categories, these are: CTO Member Countries, All Other Countries and Individual. An explanation of these is given below.

  • CTO Member Countries: This applies to those businesses whose base of operation and registration is found within Current CTO Member Countries – click here to see the list.
  •  All Other Countries: Those countries whose base of operation and registration is in any other country outside of this list
  • Individual: Individual membership applies to those companies or organizations which are managed and operated by one person only. In this regard, businesses which have only one owner/one manager but which employ staff do not qualify for individual membership.

4. What kind of business or organization can join the CTO?

The membership of the CTO is open to any company, corporation, firm, organization, agency or individual operating anywhere in the world; providing goods and services to or otherwise engaged in the tourism industry of the Caribbean. Our membership is made up of a wide range of businesses and organizations, representing a diverse range of industries and sectors.

5. How can my business become an affiliate or carrier member?

Affiliate members are organizations in the tourism industry, the objectives and activities of which, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, complement those of CTO. Carrier members are international and regional air carriers, as well as international and regional passenger sea carriers serving the Caribbean area. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate or carrier member please contact Faye Gill Director of Membership Services, at membership@caribtourism.com.


6. When do I have to pay for my membership?

Renewal notices will be sent via email in November/December of each year. The membership year is January to December, if membership is not renewed by March 31, access to all member services will be barred.

7. Can my membership dues change without prior notice?

Membership dues are subject to change. We will always endeavour to provide reasonable notice prior to the implementation any changes to membership dues.

8. Will my dues be prorated?

CTO’s policy on the prorating dues for Allied members is given below:

  • Join January to July  – pay in full, unless otherwise stated
  • Join August to November –  25% discount on dues
  • Join in December – Pay in full and payment is applied to coming year (December free)

9. What is the one-time $75 processing fee?

All applications, unless stated are subject to a US$75 application processing fee. This fee is non-refundable. Any member renewing after 2 years of having lapsed will be treated as a brand new member and have to pay a processing fee.

10. Is there a payment plan available for dues?

No payment plan is available.

11. When will I know if my membership application has been approved?

You will receive an email from our membership department indicating your membership status. A welcome package will also be mailed to your address containing CTO’s official certificate of membership and CTO pin.


12. How many representatives from my company will be covered under my company’s membership?

Members of the CTO are allowed three representatives at no extra cost; this includes one main representative and two additional reps. An unlimited number of additional representatives are allowed at a cost of US$150 each or US$75 each for travel agents only.

13. What are the benefits of being a member of the CTO?

As a CTO member your benefits include:

  • Complimentary copy of the CTO Quarterly Statistical Report
  • Email notification of tenders, RFPs, vacancies, and other opportunities
  • Facilitation of government member engagement activities
  • Listing in Member Directory
  • Special registration for CTO events
  • Special partnership opportunities at CTO events
  • Special access fees for CTO training and development programmes
  • Featured Member profile on CTO website and social media channels
  • Member rates for CTO Publications
  • Receipt of CTO Member communications
  • Access to the CTO media network
  • Use of the CTO logo
  • Technical and advisory services​

Discounts on Statistical Publications for CTO Allied Members

The CTO remains committed to exploring new opportunities, which will increase the benefits to our members and value that you receive.

14. Does CTO offer any training and development opportunities which I can take advantage of?

CTO periodically hosts several training workshops and seminars at a discounted rate for our members. Information on these will be posted to the OneCaribbean.org website and in our member newsletter.

15. How can I access the CTO logo for my company’s collateral/promotional materials?

As a member, you may use the CTO logo on your company website and other collateral materials. To request a copy (high-resolution) of the logo and corresponding brand guidelines please send us an email at membership@caribtourism.com. Please include a brief explanation of where you intend to use the logo.

16. How can I access recent Caribbean tourism statistics and research?

To access CTO’s online repository of tourism data, please go to the CTO website http://alliedmembers.onecaribbean.org/wp-login.php. If you do not have your login details please contact Sharon Coward at scoward@caribtourism.com.

17. How can I serve on the Allied Board?

Elections for the Allied Board are held every two years at the CTO’s annual State of the Industry Conference. For a list of the current members of the board please go to https://www.onecaribbean.org/about-allied-membership/how-to-get-involved/

18. Who should I contact if I have more membership queries?

For more information on membership with the CTO – please feel free to contact us at membership@caribtourism.com.