How to Get Involved

As a member of the CTO you have the opportunity to contribute your expertise to the development of our regional programming. Our allied members’ involvement in the CTO is extended to the levels of CTO Board of Directors, CTO Technical Committee and CTO Executive Committee.

CTO Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of the Directors of Tourism from the member countries. Non-government members are also represented in the following ways:
• Five (5) Allied Members (these form the Allied Members Board)
• Six (6) Carrier Members
• Three (3) Cruise-related Members

Elections for positions on the Board of Directors are held every two (2) years. The Board’s responsibilities include:

• Reviewing tourism programmes and activities
• Approving the CTO Work Plan
• Reviewing the CTO Budget and Audited Financial statements
• Establishing Technical Committees

The Allied Members Board

Elections to the Allied Board happen once every two (2) years and coincide with the elections for the other executive members of the CTO. Five (5) Board members are elected by the CTO Allied Members.

CTO Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors is the management committee of the Board of Directors, with responsibility for taking decisions on all aspects of CTO’s work between meetings of the Board. The Executive Committee’s non-Government representation includes:

• One (1) Allied Member
• Two (2) Carrier Members
• Two (2) Affiliate Members from CHTA
• Two (2) Chapter Members

Key CTO Annual Meetings

  1. Three Council of Minister and Commissioners Meetings.
  1. Three Board of Directors Meetings:
    Executive Council and Board meetings are typically held on the same day at different times in the same location.
  1. One Annual General Meeting
    The CTO Operating Budget is approved at the Annual General Meeting. During election years, the election of all key officers is done during the Annual General Meeting. The Secretariat presents the Annual Work Plans in advance of the Annual General Meetings to Government and Non-Government Members. Non-Government Members have the opportunity to submit performance reports at these key meetings.