Terms and Conditions

The contents below outline the Terms & Conditions of Allied Membership within the Caribbean Tourism Organization.  Any changes to this document will be communicated to all Allied Members,  via email, thirty (30) days prior to the implementation the changes.  These Terms & Conditions are governed exclusively by the laws of Barbados.

Download Terms and Conditions (pdf) – updated March 2021.

I.         Allied Membership in the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) is open to non-governmental agencies and private sector entities including commercial and not-for-profit enterprises operating in any part of the world, with no restriction to sector or industry.

II.        Specifically, Article 2 (b) of the CTO Constitution classifies Allied Members as “companies, corporations, firms, organizations, agencies or other persons providing goods and services to, or otherwise engaged in, the tourism industry of the Caribbean.”

III.     A list of CTO benefits to which Allied members are entitled is included in Appendix A.  This list is subject to change.  The Allied Members section of the CTO website (https://www.onecaribbean.org/about-allied-membership/) will highlight the most up-to-date list of benefits.  Alternatively, the list can be obtained by emailing the Membership Department at membership@caribtourism.com

IV.   Allied members are entitled to use the CTO logo to allow them to be identified as a member of the organization. The logo should not be used for commercial purposes.  The guidelines for use of the logo are available for download at https://www.onecaribbean.org/about-allied-membership/cto-brand-guidelines/

V.     Allied Membership is attained through the completion of the CTO Membership Application form and payment of the associated member dues. Each application received is vetted by the CTO and if required, the applicant may be contacted if there are any errors identified.

VI.    Allied Membership is for one (1) calendar year (January 1 to December 31) and must be renewed annually if the association with the CTO is to be maintained.

VII.  Renewal notices are sent to existing members in the last quarter of the calendar year of their current membership. Members have until March 31 of each year to complete the renewal process, after which their membership may be revoked.

VIII.   Membership dues are presented in United States Dollars and are subject to change depending on market conditions and other operational realities.

IX.    Members will be given notice of any adjustments to their dues at least sixty (60) days prior to the close of the current calendar year. Membership dues are published in the Allied Members section of the CTO website (https://www.onecaribbean.org/about-allied-membership/), or can be obtained by sending a request to membership@caribtourism.com.

X.    The dues are divided into two (2) Categories; (1) agencies and private sector entities operating in CTO member countries and (2) agencies and private sector entities operating outside of CTO member countries. The list of CTO member countries is on the CTO website.

XI.    Allied Members are further sub-divided into four (4) groups identified in the application form as A,B,C, D. These groups may be modified periodically, and members will be given notice of any adjustments to their group at least sixty (60) days prior to the close of the current calendar year.

XII.    New and renewing members are responsible for the selection of their Category and their Group. If during the application review process, it is identified that the applicant’s profile does not align with the profile of their selected Category or Group, communication will be sent requesting that one or both be adjusted before the application process can proceed.  New and renewing members can request guidance on which category best suits their profile by sending an email to membership@caribtourism.com.

XIII.   Instructions on how to remit dues payments can be found in the Allied Member section of the CTO website, on the membership application form, or can be requested by sending an email to membership@caribtourism.com.

XIV.   Membership fees may be pro-rated for new applicants who were not previously members. The guidelines are:

(a)    A 25% discount is applied to payments received during the months August to November, inclusive

(b)   Payments received in December are applied to the next full year

XV.     All applications are subject to review, after which a Membership Confirmation Email is sent to the primary email address included on the application form, in addition to a payment receipt.

XVI.    Each new member will be sent a Welcome Letter and CTO Membership pin by standard post to the mailing address included on the application form.

XVII.   Membership dues payments are non-transferable and are non-refundable.

XVIII.  Membership may be automatically revoked for non-payment of dues.   Members have until April 30th of the coming year to pay outstanding membership dues for that year; after that period their membership may be considered for revocation.

XIX.    A member can request that their membership be canceled by submitting a request via email to the CTO – membership@caribtourism.com . Once the notice of the request is received, the former member’s details will be immediately removed from the CTO membership database, mailing lists, etc.

XX.  The CTO subscribes to a comprehensive Privacy Policy that governs the way the data of all existing and former members is managed. The Policy is available for review at  https://www.onecaribbean.org/privacy-policy/