Why Join CTO?

CTO non-government members come from diverse backgrounds and business operations with a unified commitment to the development of tourism in the Caribbean. As a result, we understand that our members’ needs are also varied; therefore our top priority is to create value for our members by providing services which will assist our members in the development of their business.

Top ten reasons to join the CTO are:

  • Meet the Movers and Shakers
    Non-Government Membership affords you the best opportunity to network with the regional tourism decision makers and experts; from Ministers of Government to the leaders of businesses in the industry. Attend the various CTO organised events and forums where you can interact with these individuals.
  • Make an Impact
    The opportunity to sit on the CTO Board of Directors is extended to Non-Government members; therefore you could be elected to the Board. As a Board Member you can directly influence the direction of the regional Tourism industry by influencing the decision-making process. Also, when you become a member you have to opportunity to join the several Committees and Special groups set up by the CTO.
  • Be In the Know
    The CTO houses the most extensive repository of data on the regional tourism industry. In addition, the CTO produces many of the reports that Caribbean leaders and policymakers use to inform their programmes and policies.
  • Show and Sell
    The CTO stages a number of consumer and trade events all over the world each year that attract thousands of visitors and receive significant regional and international media coverage. As a Non-Government Member, you can showcase your brand, products and services at these events, as well as promote your company, organisation or association.
  • Build Expertise
    The CTO extends technical and advisory services, which can greatly build skillsets and improve your business operations.
  • Special Offers
    Non-Government members receive discounts from a number of our partners, including special rates at conferences and discounts on subscriptions. We continuously work to identify and implement incentives for our Members.
  • Online Non-Government Directory
    The CTO has developed a directory to provide non-government members with facility to advertise their products and services. The directory is promoted to Government members as a resource database, it features:

    1. A link from CTO homepage – www.onecaribbean.org
    2. A searchable database
    3. A place for a logo
    4. A section for your profile
    5. A map to your location