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MarketingMedia Engagement - Media release circulationCirculating members' press releases to key contacts in regional and international media houses. Governmentctocomms @caribtourism.com
MarketingMedia Engagement - Media Contacts databaseCTO has created a comprehensive database of key media contacts regionally and internationally.Governmentctocomms @ caribtourism.com
MarketingIndustry Engagement - Allied Member BulletinA bi-monthly informtional publication created for Allied members.AlliedMembership Services
ResearchReports - Monthly statistical reportCTO publication which provides monthly tourist arrivals statistics.Government/ Allied /PublicTo purchase statistical reports, contact Sharon Coward.
ResearchReports - Quarterly statistical reportQuarterly tourism performance review produced by the CTO.Government/ Allied /PublicTo purchase statistical reports, contact Sharon Coward.
ResearchReports - Annual statistical reportProvides Annual tourism indicatorsGovernment/ Allied /PublicTo purchase statistical reports, contact Sharon Coward.
ResearchReports - On-demand reportsCustomized reports can be produced to meet specific information and data requests.Government/ Allied /PublicTo purchase statistical reports, contact Sharon Coward.
ResearchReports - Segmentation reportCountry and market specific reports which identify key visitor segments for a destinationGovernmentTo purchase statistical reports, contact Sharon Coward.
ResearchSurveys - Visitor Satisfaction SurveyCTO can conduct satisfaction surveys in member countries.GovernmentSean Smith
ResearchSurveys - Exit surveyCTO can conduct visitor exit surveys in member countries.GovernmentSean Smith
ResearchSurveys - Event surveyCTO can conduct event surveys at major tourism related events in member countries.Government/ Allied /PublicSean Smith
ResearchSurveys - Expenditure surveyCTO can conduct expenditure impact surveys of major tourism related events in member. countriesGovernment/ Allied /PublicSean Smith
ResearchSurveys - On-demand surveysCTO can conduct bespoke surveys in member countries.GovernmentSean Smith
ResearchTouism Satellite Accounts -TSA Readiness Assessment SurveyCTO can conduct a survey to assess a member country's readiness to implement TSA.GovernmentSean Smith
ResearchTouism Satellite Accounts-TSA Technical Assistance (Execution)Provide technical assistance to TSA ready countries.GovernmentSean Smith
ResearchTouism Satellite Accounts- TSA Readiness WorkshopWorkshop with key stakeholders to raise awareness of the importance of TSAs and the requirements of implementation.GovernmentSean Smith
ResearchTouism Satellite Accounts- TSAFTTourism Satellite Accounts Facilitation Tool is an online application that automatically facilitates the transformation of the data required for TSAs into the 10 TSA tables. It is also a monitoring and evaluating tool that informs the user how far the user have progress with producing the TSA tables and highlights the missing data.GovernmentSean Smith
ResearchTools - Tourism Information Management System (TIMS)Tourism Information Management System is a major upgrade of the Management Information Systems for Tourism (MIST); it is a database and reporting system designed to capture and analyze visitor information entered on ED cards.GovernmentSean Smith
ResearchTools - Visitor Intelligence Database for Analytics (VIDA)Visitor Intelligence Database for Analytics is a geodemographic segmentation system that simply requires a zip code or postal code as an input. It was designed to provide members with information which will enable them to market and position their destination, as well as develp their product.GovernmentSean Smith
ResearchTools - Survey Analysis System (SAS)Survey Analysis System (SAS) is an online database and reportng tool designed to simplify the process of reporting on visitor exit surveys.GovernmentSean Smith
TrainingThe Successful Taxi Driver WorkshopAimed at taxi driver professional development and best practices. Also provides an opportunity for taxi drivers to enhance their skills, knowledge and attitude. This programme will assist in attaining high quality service delivery in the transportation sector, and by extension the tourism industry.Taxi Drivers , Operators in CTO Member CountriesHR Dept
TrainingTourism Education Workshop for TeachersA programme designed to equip teachers with the skills and knowledge necessary to teach tourism at both the primary and secondary levels of the education system.Public, Private Educators in CTO MemberCountriesHR Dept
TrainingCustomer Relations for Frontline PersonnelA programme designed for frontline personnel in the tourism sector who have a role in offering a quality experience to visitors/tourists in the destination. This training is intended to develop skills, improve knowledge and understanding of tourism and the tourism sector, improve people relations through the utilization of effective communication and to develop positive attitudes, self-motivation and self-esteem.Frontline Employees in Tourism in CTO Member CountriesHR Dept
TrainingCommunicate Like A ProA practical course for senior personnel to help them communicate effectively; how to ensure they are not 'misquoted' or 'taken out of context'. It helps them to develop a strong message that gets the media's attention and ensure that they are quoted. This course also helps participants to prepare for interviews.Senior Officers in Public and Private Sector from CTO Member CountriesHR Dept
TrainingEffective Crisis CommunicationA practical course is designed to guide personnel on how to communicate effectively when speaking to the media, especially in the time of a crisisSenior Officers in Public and Private Sector from CTO Member CountriesHR Dept
TrainingManagement of Service QualityThis workshop provides an opportunity for senior managers to develop a working knowledge of a broad range of key quality management concepts and toolsSenior Officers in Public and Private Sector from CTO Member CountriesHR Dept
TrainingIntroduction to Dynamic Supervisory ManagementThis workshop is intended to introduce participants to some important cutting-edge approaches to managing people. The workshop aims to balance technical and administrative competence, with the human and conceptual skills, consistent with the central theme of focusing on the role of the supervisor at three levels. It is inteneded to create managers and supervisors who are multi-faceted and who can function effectively in the demanding and ever changing tourism and hospitality environment.Managers and supervisors working in private and public sector tourism enterprises in CTO Member countries, who have little or no formal education or training in management.HR Dept
TrainingManagement of Sites and AttractionsThis workshop equips managers with tools and techniques that they can apply to the management of their own site or attraction.Owners and managers of sites and attractions; persons working in government departments and NGOs with responsibility for sites and attractions, from CTO Member countries.HR Dept
TrainingOnline Language TrainingIn partnership with the Barbados Community College, CTO offers online language training in Spanish & English to strengthen the foreign language/cultural skills of persons across the region to build capabilities to attract and cater to different linguistic markets.Government MembersHR Dept
TrainingTour Guiding CurriculaThe curricula will provide standardized training across the region and improve the overall quality of training and level of professionalism of Caribbean tour guides.Government MembersHR Dept
TrainingHospitality AssuredA certification programme geared towards strengthening the business performance and overall competitiveness of tourism enterprises in the Caribbean by promoting a culture of quality, service excellence and continuous improvement through the use of a business improvement tool and framework that is internationally recognized. SITE: http://www.hospitalityassuredcaribbean.com/Government/Allied MembersHR Dept
TrainingCTO-Travel Foundation Sustainable Tourism Training CourseAn online training course providing training and capacity-building in sustainable tourism principles and practices to Ministries and government departments engaged in destination management and tourism product development.Government MembersAmanda Charles
Education Programme (Students)Common Core CurriculaCommon Core Curricula for specialty areas of tourism/hospitality programmes for the Associate Degree Programme in tourism/hospitality in the region.Tutors, lecturers or teachers in tourism/hospitality at regional tertiary institutionsHR Dept
Education Programme (Students)Youth CongressA regional activity involving students between the ages of 14 and 17, structured to mirror a CTO Board of Directors’ Meeting. Its main aim is to stimulate greater awareness and excitement about tourism among young people in our Caribbean communities, by allowing them to research various facets of the tourism sector and share their ideas and vision, with respect to future directions for Caribbean Tourism.Secondary school level students in CTO member countriesHR Dept
Education Programme (Students)CTO InternshipsThe objective is to ensure that students, who are pursuing studies in tourism and hospitality, and language training, get practical work experience, in a professional and stimulating working environment, which would promote self-confidence and help them to develop a positive attitude to the world of work. Persons from CTO member countries, interested in pursuing training in hospitality, tourism and languages. HR Dept
Education Programme (Students)Scholarships and Awards - CTO FoundationProvides scholarships and study grants to students and industry personnel who want to pursue studies in areas of tourism, hospitality and language training.Nationals of CTO Member CountriesHR Dept
Resource MaterialsCompeting with the Best HandbookThis handbook provides helpful tips and resources on how to find, train, manage and retain good employees.Government MembersHR Dept
Resource MaterialsTraining Modules in Tourism for Primary School StudentsDesigned to create an awareness of tourism in students at all levels of the primary school system within the Caribbean thus enabling them to be able to recognize the importance of the industry and the career opportunities it offers.Government MembersHR Dept
Resource MaterialsTeaching Tourism in the CaribbeanTeaching tool developed for tourism educators at the secondary level of the education system within the Caribbean. Valuable teaching resource to facilitate tourism education.Government MembersHR Dept
Resource MaterialsTeaching Modules in Tourism for Secondary School StudentsDesigned to help students understand the importance of tourism to their country and the region, and how they can play a part in its continued growth and development.Government MembersHR Dept
Resource MaterialsTourism Education for the Caribbean e-series“Tourism Education for the Caribbean” is an audiovisual series of four (4) eWorkbooks, Activities and Videos designed for use by teachers and students ages 6-11. Government MembersHR Dept
Human Resource Management ServicesGuidance on Staff Manual developmentThe CTO provides technical assistance with the development of staff manuals.Government MembersHR Dept
Human Resource Management ServicesReview of Job DescriptionsThe CTO provides guidance in the development of job descriptions.Government MembersHR Dept
Human Resource Management ServicesReview of Staff Procedures and ProcessesComprehnsive review staff procedures and processes and the provision of guidance in the development of procedures and processes.Government MembersHR Dept
Human Resource Management ServicesReview of HR PolicyThe provides guidance in the development of human resource policy.Government MembersHR Dept
Human Resource Management ServicesRecruitment and SelectionKey members of the CTO team can assist with staff recruitement and selection for member countries.Government MembersHR Dept
Human Resource Management ServicesTraining Needs AssessmentsConduct an audit of training needs. to identify any skill gaps or areas of needGovernment MembersHR Dept
Resource MobilizationFunding AssistanceCTO will help our government members identify donors for development projects and programmes in their respective countries.Government MembersHR Dept
Resource MobilizationFunding Proposal Preparation AssistanceThe CTO provides member countries with support in the development of funding proposals.Government MembersHR Dept
Resource MobilizationFunding DatabaseA user-friendly and comprehensive database of funding sponsors available exclusively to CTO government members.Government MembersHR Dept
Sustainable TourismCaribbean Tourism Climatic BulletinThe bulletin was designed as Climate Forecasting Tool for the tourism sector and will be issued quarterly to provide seasonal forecasts on impending climate conditions with potential implications for extra-regional tourism demand and impacts to intra-regional tourism activities.Government MembersAmanda Charles
Sustainable TourismHow climate impacts the tourism sectorRegional knowledge product to explore the need for and potential/actual use of climate information by the tourism sector and how climate tools and information can improve tourism business operations.Government MembersAmanda Charles
Sustainable TourismMulti-Hazard Contingency Planning Manual (Coming in 2018)This manual functions provides a Programme of Action for the Tourism Sector for comprehensive disaster management. The purpose is to reduce the vulnerability of the Tourism sector to natural hazards.Government MembersAmanda Charles
Sustainable TourismSustainable Tourism Policy Guidelines (Coming soon))Online training platform to facilitate hosting of professional online seminars (webinars), which will ensure that training courses are accessible by a wide regional audience. Government MembersAmanda Charles
Sustainable TourismDisaster Risk Management for the Tourism Sector (Coming soon)Online training platform to facilitate hosting of professional online seminars (webinars), which will ensure that training courses are accessible by a wide regional audience. Government MembersAmanda Charles
Sustainable TourismRegional Tourism Health Information, Monitoring and Response Systems and Standards to Enhance Sustainable Tourism (THIMRS) project (Coming soon)CTO in collaboration with the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) aims to strengthen the links between tourism, health and the environment. Government MembersAmanda Charles
Sustainable TourismCaribbean Culinary Council AllianceAn initiative spearheaded by IICA and the CHTA to promote Caribbean cuisine and support networking and knowledge exchanges among Chefs and Mixologists on food and agro-tourism inclusive of Rum.Government MembersAmanda Charles
Sustainable TourismRegional Disaster Risk Management Strategy and Plan of Action for the Tourism Sector in the CaribbeanThe Strategy identifies Regional Strategic objectives and key activities for the Caribbean Tourism sector and provides a strategic framework by which the countries of the region can support tourism amidst natural hazards and climate change.Government MembersAmanda Charles
Sustainable TourismCTO Sustainable Tourism Policy FrameworkThe framework is an amalgamation of broad policy guidelines for sustainable tourism development, in thematic areas identified as Regional priorities. the framework supports national and regional policy development and planning to enhance the sustainability and competitiveness of the sector.Government MembersAmanda Charles
Sustainable TourismCaribbean Rum RouteA campaign designed as a Regional Flagship initiative to support and promote Rum Tourism as an authentic local/regional tourism experience.Government MembersAmanda Charles
Sustainable TourismSustainable Destinations Alliance of the AmericasA collaborative programme with the Organization of American States, Sustainable Travel International, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd to promote sustainable tourism product development and provide tools for sustainable destination management.Government MembersAmanda Charles
Sustainable TourismCaribbean Sustainable Tourism Awards (STA)The STA are aimed at recognising and showcasing sustainable tourism good practices in the Caribbean. The Awards are open to individuals, groups, organisations or communities in any CTO member country engaged in implementing initiatives which embrace sustainable tourism core values. Government MembersAmanda Charles
EventsState of the Tourism Industry Conference (SOTIC)An annual event, held in a CTO member country, where Caribbean tourism policy makers, public and private sector partners, and travel professionals, gather to discuss issues, identify solutions and ways to keep the region competitive and therefore benefit its tourism industry.    Government /Allied/PublicCTO
EventsCaribbean WeekA week of activities including public and private sector engagement as well as interaction with the Caribbean Diaspora and a focus on developing Caribbean youth. Held annually in New York, Caribbean Week creates opportunities for members to share their product stories with members of the media and provides an opportunity for CTO to recognize media for their tremendous support through features and photography. It is also the period to fund-raise for the CTO Foundation. The week is intended to provide significant publicity for the Caribbean in its major source markets. SITE: http://www.caribbeanweek.com/Government/Allied/PublicCTO
EventsSustainable Tourism Conference (STC)The STC has been held since 1997. The Conference is designed as a forum for networking and knowledge exchanges among the High level Tourism Authorities, private sector executives and other Tourism industry professionals, experts and functionaries from the region. Government/Allied/PublicAmanda Charles
EventsTourism Human Resources ConferenceThe main aim of the Tourism Human Resources Conference is to bring together tourism practitioners, from both the public and private sectors, human resource professionals, tourism educators/trainers and consultants as well as tourism & hospitality students of tertiary institutions to share strategies and best practices on areas and issues affecting the tourism and hospitality sectors, to provide updated information on various aspects of tourism’s development, to enhance skills and to allow opportunities for professional networking. Government /Allied /PublicHR Dept

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