Staff Directory

Neil Walters

Secretary-General (acting), Director, Finance & Resource Management

Neil Walters is the Acting Secretary General of the CTO. He is responsible for CTO’s financial management and ensuring that the organization’s funds are properly utilized. He joined CTO in 2000 and has held the position of Director of Finance and Resource Management since November 2009. Neil is a graduate of the University of the West Indies and the AICPA. Prior to coming to CTO, he worked in different areas of accounting in local and international organizations.

However, he maintains that to date, this has been his most rewarding job as it allows him to contribute to the development of Caribbean people.

Faye Gill

Director, Membership Services

Faye joined the CTO in May 2013 as Director Membership Services.  She is responsible for ensuring continuous member satisfaction with the support and services offered by the CTO, as well as the recruitment of new members. Through ongoing member interaction, she is expected to identify opportunities for the CTO to add value to its members.

Faye has over ten years regional marketing experience.  She has worked in the areas of Account Management, Campaign Management and Product Development in a number of CTO member states.  Faye holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media & Communications from the University of the West Indies and a Master’s degree in Interactive Marketing from Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom.

Sharon Banfield-Bovell

Director, Resource Mobilization & Development

Sharon is the Director of Resource Mobilization and Development and prior to taking up this post, she served the organization in the capacity of Regional Human Resources Development Consultant for five years. She is responsible for directing, overseeing and guiding the resource mobilization and human resources functions and activities of the CTO.

Sharon has been passionately contributing to the development of Tourism and Human Resources in the Caribbean region for approximately 20 years. She holds a Master of Science degree in Tourism Planning & Development from the University of Surrey, United Kingdom. Her strengths lie in the areas of Tourism Policy Formulation, Tourism Product Development, Human Resources Development and Strategic Planning.

Office of the Secretary General

Neil Walters
Secretary General (acting)
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Faye Gill
Director, Membership Services
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Finance & Resource Management

Patrick Alleyne
Director, Finance & Resource Management (acting)
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Kim Jackson
Assistant Accountant
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Human Resource Development

Sharon Banfield-Bovell
Director of Resource Mobilization and Development
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Amanda Charles
Sustainable Tourism Specialist
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Marvelle Sealy
Programme Assistant
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Suzette Kellman
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Christopher Grant
Office Assistant

Research & Information Technology

Sean Smith
Statistical Specialist
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Sharon Coward
Interim Administrator, Information Technology Department
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Adrian McCallister
Network Administrator
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Paul Garnes
Database Administrator
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Carol Ann Giles
Database Clerk
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Angela Maynard
Research Officer
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Sophia Lashley
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