Guyana: RFP Hotel Development

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The Government of Guyana (GOG) is in receipt of many proposals since August 2, 2020 in respect to hotel development.

In the interest of transparency, the GOG invites all persons interested in hotel development to submit or re-submit their proposal in accordance with this RFP.

The GOG is prepared to offer generous incentives for the development of the hotel and hospitality sector including fiscal incentives.

RFP’s must contain information to allow a full evaluation of the below:

  1. Identify the project or land proposed for hotel development specifying size, location, and other details including ownership details such as transport, lease, and associated survey plan. Detail all terms if the proposed land is to be obtained from the Government including basis of valuation and terms of lease, sale, or lease with an option to buy.  For clarity, this RFP will deal with both developers using private land or seeking Government land for development.
  2. Provide evidence of financial capacity to fund such a project.  Only parties providing evidence of financial capacity to undertake a project as Principal will be considered.
  3. Provide a concept design for the project showing proposed site layout, number of floors, associated amenities and a rendering of the proposed project.
  4. Submit background information on the development group including the investors, contractors, and other parties and how the project will be organised and executed.
  5. Submit experience in designing, constructing, operating, and owning a hotel.
  6. Submit a summary proposal/business plan containing (i) description of  number of rooms and other amenities that will be catered for (ii) type and brand of hotel and any evidence to support same (iii) expected investment and proposed capital structure (debt/equity mix and term sheets for debt) (iv) summary financial projections for project including room rate and occupancy level (v)  employment levels during construction and post construction (vi) expected contractors including general, sub-contractors, relevant experience, and overall supervision (vii) project schedule showing  key milestones to start and complete the project (viii) any market studies (ix) details on the level of local content projected during construction and during commercial operations (x) expected incentives and other support requested from GoG.

The GOG will use the responses to this RFP to rank and select those parties, who will be invited to negotiate an MOU including land terms including zoning, development conditions, and other incentives that will be provided.

The deadline for the submission of the RFP is November 2, 2020 at 14:00h.   All RFP’s should be placed in a sealed envelope titled (“RFP for the Hotel Development”) and deposited by the submission deadline at the address below:

Director of Policy and Governance
Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce
229 South Road, Lacytown
Tel. (592) 225-1223
Email: [email protected]

For additional information, please write to contact the above.