Caribbean Tourism Institute

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) has partnered with the Canadian firm Velsoft Training Materials Inc. for the development, promotion and offer of tourism and hospitality eLearning courses/programmes and educational technologies through an online platform called the Caribbean Tourism Institute.

The site features the English versions of the two sustainable tourism online courses: The Multi-Hazard Risk Management Guide for the Caribbean Tourism Sector and the Caribbean Sustainable Tourism Policy and Development Framework.

It also features self-paced courses in areas related to Digital Education and Digital Marketing, Training and Facilitation, Human Resources, Service, Professional Development and Business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are these accredited or offered as Continuing Professional Development?
The institute will be offering a mix of accredited and non-accredited training courses. The courses that are currently being offered in this first phase of the project are not accredited.

Are these courses open to everyone, even students?
Yes, they are for students, school leavers interested in preparing for work in the industry, those persons currently working in the industry. The courses are for all levels in an organization or business; from management to line employees and for persons enhancing skills or now building skills for the first time.

Are the courses free or at a cost?
The institute will offer a range of training courses, with new courses always being developed, and some of the courses will have a cost and some will be at no cost.