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CTO Secretary-General Addresses Talent, Technology, and the Future at HR Conference

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis (October 31, 2023) – Speaking at the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s (CTO) 10th Tourism Human Resources Conference in Nevis this week, Secretary-General and CEO Dona Regis-Prosper delivered a strong message to delegates on the importance of human capital and the need to leverage talent and technology.

Reflecting on her personal journey in the tourism industry, Regis-Prosper emphasized the indispensable union of technology and human assets in propelling the sector forward. Underscoring that people are the cornerstone of the Caribbean’s tourism sector, Regis-Prosper advocated for consistent investment in training and continuing education to bolster the sustainability and quality of the region’s tourism product.

“Over and above everything else, our people are the heart and soul of the Caribbean’s tourism sector,” said Regis-Prosper as she highlighted the urgent need for the Caribbean to adapt swiftly to evolving global travel desires intensified by the pandemic.

The inter-governmental body’s leader challenged attendees to consider how well the industry has adapted to developments in the tourism landscape and what changes might be needed for the region to maintain a leadership position in global tourism. Regis-Prosper also elucidated three pivotal areas crucial to the region’s tourism evolution: making authentic connections with visitors; developing local talent and harnessing technology; and engaging with the region’s youth to introduce them at an early age to the potential and attractiveness of the tourism sector.

Connectivity with Visitors
Highlighting the pandemic-induced desire for enriched human connections, she advocated for enhanced interaction between visitors and locals through cultural exchanges and community engagement.

Talent and Technology Development
Stressing the harmonization of talent with technology, she underscored the revolutionary role of AI-driven solutions and technological resources in customizing tourist experiences and predicting future industry trends. Regis-Prosper encouraged delegates to make use of the many technological resources, such as the Tourism Information Management System (TIMS) and online training and educational tools that are available to CTO members.

Youth Engagement
Recognizing the youth as crucial drivers of the tourism sector’s future, Regis-Prosper outlined various CTO initiatives aimed at empowering the region’s young people, including educational resources, internships, and scholarships.

Regis-Prosper’s closing remarks underscored the value of human assets in the regional tourism sector, articulating a vision of sustainability powered by enriched human contributions. “Our human assets should know that their contributions to the most dynamic sector in the region are highly valued and that their efforts can propel us to economic sustainability,” she stated.

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Philip Mondor to Deliver Keynote Address at CTO Tourism HR Conference in Nevis

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis (October 18, 2023) – Philip Mondor, President and CEO of Tourism HR Canada, will keynote the 10th Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) Tourism Human Resources Conference, set for Nevis from October 30 to November 1, 2023.

The signature CTO event, to be held at Four Seasons Resort Nevis, unites industry professionals, HR leaders, and stakeholders from across the Caribbean and beyond.

“This event promises to be a pivotal gathering, offering invaluable insights into the present and future of the Caribbean tourism industry,” promised Dona Regis-Prosper, Secretary-General and CEO of the Caribbean Tourism Organization, who said Mondor’s address, entitled “Reimagining the Future of Work”, will be one of the main highlights of the event.

With close to 35 years of expertise, Mondor is an accomplished leader and has collaborated with labor market stakeholders in a dozen countries and across 15 different industrial sectors, with a primary focus on the tourism industry. He currently serves as an industry representative to Canada’s Deputy Minister’s Advisory Council for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. He also is an advisory member of the Labor Market Information Council.

Under this year’s theme, “Navigating the Next Phase of Caribbean Tourism”, the conference will delve deep into the realms of “Talent and Technology – 2024 and beyond”. Attendees can expect to gain a profound understanding of how human resource development can be optimally leveraged to boost the growth, development, innovation and competitiveness of the Caribbean tourism sector.

One of the conference’s notable features is a Student Forum, offering students studying tourism and hospitality the platform to showcase their understanding of the vital role tourism plays in the Caribbean region. Through impactful presentations, these young voices will contribute to the dialogue, ensuring the perspectives of the future tourism workforce are heard and considered.

Nevis, with its unspoiled landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and a relaxed pace of life, serves as the perfect backdrop for this significant event. Delegates and attendees will have the opportunity to explore the remarkable beauty of this Caribbean jewel, known for its welcoming community and genuine charm.

The last Tourism Human Resources Conference was held in the Cayman Islands in November 2018. “The return of this prestigious event demonstrates the commitment of the CTO to advancing the region’s tourism industry through people-centered development and collaboration,” said Regis-Prosper.

For registration details and the full conference agenda, visit

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BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (Date) – The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) advises of the postponement of the 10th Tourism Resources Conference, which was scheduled to take place in May. The new date for the event, being organised in collaboration with the Nevis ministry of tourism, is 25-27 November 2020.

“In light of the constantly changing nature of the coronavirus crisis and in the wake of the decision by the World Health Organization to declare COVID-19 a pandemic, the CTO and the government of Nevis have decided that postponing the conference is the best course of action,” said Sharon Banfield, the CTO’s director of resource mobilisation and development.

The CTO will continue to diligently monitor the situation and pay close attention to guidance from regional public health officials.

For more information on what the CTO and member countries are doing to limit the spread of coronavirus in the region, visit And for the regional health response, visit

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Skills Revolution To Feature Prominently At Next Tourism Human Resources Conference

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (25 Feb. 2020) – The skills revolution needed to keep Caribbean tourism competitive will be a key subject of discussion when human resources professionals from across the region gather for the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO)’s 10th Tourism Human Resources Conference.

The conference, which will be held from 20-22 May, 2020 in Nevis under the theme: “Navigating the Next Phase of Caribbean Tourism”, is being organised in collaboration with the Nevis Tourism Authority.

“As the future of work emerges within the global tourism industry, the challenge for employers to recruit, retain and upskill workers to add value to their organisations becomes an ever-more essential component of operating successful tourism businesses,” said Sharon Banfield, the CTO’s director of resource mobilisation and development. “But there is a substantial disruption moving between present day and desired future. That disruption is the tourism industry entering the world of skills and competencies. In many sectors around the world, it is being referred to as the skills revolution.”

Canadian Joe Baker, dean of the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts at Centennial College in Toronto, and member of the board of directors of Tourism HR Canada, will present on the subject.

Joe Baker

Baker, an expert at leading multi-generational workforces, will conduct an interactive presentation on how Canada is addressing an acute tourism industry labour shortage by creating a national framework of skills and competencies for employers and educators to access and leverage to foster prosperity.

“The new era of skills and competencies is upon us as employers are driven to find and build a resilient and agile workforce that may not come through the doors with relevant education and experience,” Banfield said. “The opportunity is there for employers to identify, recruit and harness the skills required for new workers to thrive and contribute to the sustainability and growth of tourism in an increasingly competitive market.”

Baker, who holds a master’s degree in education from the University of Toronto, specialising in higher education leadership, is a regular contributor to hospitality and tourism industry trade publications and media outlets. He has developed a unique advocacy space for the collaboration between education and industry to build a resilient and agile tourism workforce. In January of 2020 he delivered a dynamic presentation at Impact Sustainable Travel and Tourism Conference in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada outlining challenges and strategies required for education to contribute to the future of the tourism industry itself.

His presentation at the conference will be one of many to help employers and HR professionals understand how to evolve their mindset from one of education and experience to one of skills and competencies. It will challenge conventional thinking and provide employers insight into key practices within the workplace that will contribute to organisational and industry success.

For more information on the 10th Tourism Human Resources Conference, including how to register, please visit

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