Cayman Islands Events 2022

The Cayman Islands Ministry and Department of Tourism are partnering with the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) to host the organization’s Business Meetings from 12-15 September 2022. The organization’s annual Business Meetings, hosted in a member destination, bring together CTO members to discuss and plan key items. These events will be the first major in-person programme for the CTO since the start of the COVID pandemic.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) will also host Caribbean Aviation Day on 14 September. This will bring together the top management of the airline and tourism industry in the region, as well as government ministers, aeronautical authorities, the diplomatic corps, media, among others. The objective is to discuss the challenges and opportunities of this sector and the recovery of the region, as well as the roadmap to enhance benefits of aviation in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Tourism Youth Congress is a developmental competition involving students aged 14 to 17 from CTO member countries who debate on regional tourism matters. Its main aim is to stimulate greater awareness and excitement about tourism among young people in our Caribbean communities

The event will be attended by the Ministers of CTO member countries, Directors of Tourism, senior executives, media, and regional students who participate in the Caribbean Youth Congress, as well as international aviation experts.


Media Destination Briefings Sept 12

CTO Business Meetings: Sept 13

Grand Cayman FAM Tour: Sept 13

Caribbean Aviation Day: Sept 14

Caribbean Tourism Youth Congress: Sept 15