CTO Secretary General Vacancy

Vacancy: CTO Secretary General & Chief Executive Officer
Deadline: 4:00 p.m. (AST) on 27 March 2020

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) is seeking to fill the leadership position of Secretary General and Chief Executive Officer.

The Secretary General is the public face and chief spokesperson of the CTO, and as Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the organization’s leadership and giving strong direction and clarity to organizational and business development strategies. In addition to overseeing the achievement of the organization’s key goals and objectives related to its main activities of research, marketing and product/ policy development, the incumbent will be responsible for mobilizing financial resources to ensure flexible and unrestricted resources to undertake the work in these three areas. The establishment, maintenance and growth of effective partnerships and relationships with public, private and foundation donors and other strategic partners will also be a fundamental part of this role.

The immediate priorities for the new Secretary General will be to respond to the tourism development priorities of the CTO’s member-countries, ensure the effective implementation of the organization’s strategic plans, improve investment for programme development and delivery, and enhance the organization’s corporate stature. The Secretary General will secure the financial sustainability of the organization; lead and develop the organization’s professional and support staff, ensuring that resources are mobilized, optimally utilized and well managed; cultivate and maintain international and regional partnerships with the private and public sectors; and engage in dialogue, consult and collaborate with tourism ministries and national tourism organizations, the CTO’s wider membership network and other key stakeholders.

Organizational Context

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) is the Caribbean’s tourism development agency comprising membership of countries and territories within the Dutch-, English-, French- and Spanish-speaking Caribbean, as well as a myriad of private sector allied members. The CTO’s vision is to be a transformational, member-oriented tourism organization that champions excellence, global competitiveness and innovation, positioning the Caribbean as the most desirable year-round, warm weather destination. The CTO’s purpose is Leading Sustainable Tourism – One Sea, One Voice, One Caribbean.

The Caribbean Tourism Organization is headquartered at:

Baobab Tower, 7th Floor,

Warrens, St. Michael, BB 22026


The Secretary General leads a team of professionals working toward achieving the CTO’s mission to provide to and through its members, innovative products and services integral to the development of sustainable tourism for the economic and social benefit of the Caribbean.  Among the key benefits to its members, the organization provides specialized support and technical assistance in research & information technology, marketing and sustainable tourism product development.

Duties & Responsibilities

The appointment is for a three-year renewable contract period.

The Secretary General is responsible to the organization’s Executive Committee, Council of Tourism Ministers and Commissioners and the Board of Directors for:

  • Implementation of the general policies of the CTO as established by the Council of Tourism Ministers;
  • Overall administration and coordination of CTO’s research, marketing and product/policy development activities and programmes in the best interests of the organization and its members;
  • Leading the charge in identifying and securing funding for new projects and/or programmes of work, in accordance with the organization’s relationships with its member countries and private sector members, other international organizations and funding agencies, governments and businesses;
  • Promoting a culture of results orientation, collaboration, accountability and innovation;
  • Creation and organization of ‘special’ programmes and projects in the furthering of the CTO’s objectives;
  • Ensuring that the correct processes and procedures are followed with respect to all matters within the competence of the organization;
  • Advising on all aspects of the organization’s strategic and business development;
  • Exercising financial control and budgetary management of the organization and its programmes;
  • Acting as the ambassador for the organization in meetings with leading figures in government, private sector and development agencies;
  • Representing the organization, by personal attendance or delegate, on Boards or Committees of the Caribbean Community and other key regional and international institutions and events;
  • Performing any other related functions as may be delegated by the Council of Tourism Ministers and Commissioners and the Board of Directors from time to time in furtherance of the achievement of the organization’s plans and programmes; and
  • Enforcing and upholding the organization’s constitution and by-laws. 

The Secretary General/CEO is also responsible for the following key organizational deliverables: 

  • Provision of a clear strategic direction for the CTO and overall leadership;
  • Delivery of CTO’s research, marketing and tourism product and policy development programmes and activities to a high standard of performance;
  • Introduction of new programmes and activities related to the requirements of member-countries and of the international tourism development community;
  • Identifying and securing new funding agreements with existing and potential donors/funders;
  • Full implementation of the CTO Constitution and By-Laws;
  • Effective delivery of outputs/results established in the organization’s Strategic Plan;
  • Developing and maintaining a high reputation for the CTO;
  • Increased government and tourism sector membership;
  • Effective financial control and management;
  • Strategic engagement with key regional institutions;
  • Facilitating an organizational culture that inspires and motivates all employees; and
  • Actively seeking out and promoting initiatives that improve and maximize efficiency and make best use of resources. 

Required Skills and Experience 

  • Must possess a minimum of a Master’s level degree in Tourism, Business Administration, Management, Marketing, International Relations or other relevant fields
  • Possess a minimum of ten (10) years’ experience working at a Senior/Executive Management level
  • Proficiency and experience in strategic planning and business development
  • Proven experience and track record in collaborating and building relationships with intergovernmental bodies, senior government representatives and civil society
  • Extensive experience in forging beneficial partnerships with the international & regional donor communities, development agencies and private sector
  • A solid track record of achievement in identifying and securing funds for programme & project development
  • A track record of negotiating, influencing and building consensus at a senior level
  • Extensive knowledge of the tourism industry and current events
  • Professional knowledge and understanding of international and regional development issues
  • Substantial experience in developing and implementing innovative measures necessary for regional tourism competitiveness
  • Strong administrative and financial skills demonstrated in a senior strategic role 

Other Key Requirements

  • Commitment to the role, mandate and objectives of the CTO
  • Strong influencing and negotiating skills at the most senior levels to lead, develop and participate in partnerships and strategic alliances
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver transformative change
  • Strategic-minded and service- and results-driven
  • Excellent team leadership and relationship-building skills
  • Ability to provide guidance to crisis management and emergency response situations
  • Ability to demonstrate authority, commitment, consistency and fairness
  • Politically astute and aware, culturally sensitive
  • Fluency in English is required. Language skills in French, Spanish or Dutch is an asset.
  • Extensive travel within and outside the region
  • Live and work in Barbados where the CTO’s Headquarters is located

The remuneration package is in line with expectations for a position of this calibre and seniority in the Caribbean.

Interested candidates must supply a letter of interest and curriculum vitae, accompanied by the contact information of two (2) professional references.  Applications may be submitted by email to the CTO headquarters in Barbados, to the attention of the Director of Resource Mobilization and Development: [email protected] to arrive not later than 4:00 p.m. (AST) on 27 March 2020, using the subject line: Application for the post of Secretary General/Chief Executive Officer.