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Quartier Anse Ceron, Le Precheur, Martinique
107-222 Four A Chaux Le Prêcheur Saint-Pierre MQ

The Habitation Ceron, a 17th century sugar refinery, has since preserved all of its sugar and cassava manufacturing buildings. Throughout a walk through its tropical rainforest, along the mountain river stream, you will discover the enchantment of this floral park and its secular trees, one of which is an exceptional Zamana, classified as one of the largest visible trees of the Lesser Antilles. Its foliage covers almost 2½ acres.

The Habitation Ceron estate backs up against an Integral Biological Reserve and is included in a site classified for its exceptional landscape. The North-Caribbean zone is the 4th biodiversity hot spot world-wide.

Habitation Ceron is now oriented towards ago-tourism with its crayfish pools, the restoration of its cocoa tree plantation and the transformation of its cocoa beans. On site: a gourment restaurant, boutique and visits or the estate’s park.

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