2019 Caribbean Festivals

On this page you’ll find descriptions and dates for the festivals being held in CTO’s member countries.

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Moonsplash Music Festival

Event dates: March 21 – 24

This event takes place at the Dune Preserve on Rendezvous Bay, normally around the first full moon before Easter. The concerts are hosted by Anguilla’s very own Bankie Banx and feature internationally-acclaimed and regional recording artistes from around the world.


Anguilla Day

Event date: May 30

Public holiday: Anguilla’s National Day, marking the island’ssecession from the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis in a bloodless revolution in 1967. Anguillan’s celebrates this daystarting with a Parade on theJames Ronald Webster Parkand continuing with the Around-the-Island Boatrace with A-Class Boats. Boat Racing is Anguilla’s national pastime and sport; boats are locally made and championed by the local communities. Seeing them in full sail is quite a spectacle!



Festival Del Mar

Event dates: April 20 – 21

Event description: This event celebrates all things of the sea in the beautiful fishing village of Island Harbour. Deep sea fishing competition, swimming races, crab races and culinary competition, and live string band music are all part of the activities for this two-day event. There’s a B-class boat race on Saturday and an A-class boat race on Sunday from 10:00am -6:00pm.

Welches Fest

Event dates: 10 June

Welches Fest takes place the ball field in Welches Village on Whit Monday each year. Starting at around 5:30 am you can have an old-fashioned breakfast of “flour pap” (a type of porridge) to start your day. All things at this fest are of yesteryear, including food, drinks, toys, games and music.

6th Annual West Fest

Event dates: June 15 – 16

West Fest is a festival within the West End Village, that is designed to showcase Anguilla’s diverse communities in the form of food and culture. The Caribbean Cookout which will take place along Meads Bay will host stalls of food with display selections from Anguilla and various Caribbean countries. West Fest also displays Anguilla’s national sport, boat racing, along with local entertainment and includes a variety of activities that are unique to this festival.



Anguilla Summer Festival

Event dates: August 1 – 11

Forty-five years of carnival activities by night, and traditional boat racing by day, pageantry, music and street dancing.




Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta

Event dates: April 17 – 23

The magical combination of serious racing, laid-back Antiguan hospitality, plenty of rum, sunshine, and great camaraderie in a friendly relaxed atmosphere, places the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta in a class of its own. This international regatta brings together around 60 yachts to compete across four days of racing as people gather from all over the world to share the passion of sailing class, vintage and traditional yachts. Visitors to the regatta will enjoy a party atmosphere in English Harbour throughout the week.


Antigua and Barbuda International Kite Festival

Event date: April 22

This festival will see the skies filled with colourful and traditional home-made kites, as the young and the young at heart participate in this Easter Monday tradition. Held at the peak of the windy season, hundreds of kite-flyers converge at the Devil’s Bridge national park for this great family-friendly festival.

Contact: 1-268-774-4879

Antigua Sailing Week

Event dates: April 26 – May 3

The ‘Sailing Capital of the Caribbean’, Antigua hosts one of the most prestigious sailing regattas in the world in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Nelson’s Dockyard. Antigua Sailing Week consists of six days of competitive racing for sailors and offers up plenty for spectators who can observe the race from Shirley Heights lookout and also ‘Chase the Race’ from a catamaran. Dockyard Day, Reggae in the Park and the Lay Day Beach Party are all part of the week.


Antigua and Barbuda Sport Fishing Tournament

Event dates: June 7 – 9

Sport fishing enthusiasts and seafood lovers will enjoy this exciting tournament based in historic Nelson’s Dockyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The atmosphere makes this a perfect weekend-long event for family and friends with live music, food and drinks and a variety of other activities. Visitor will also have the chance to purchase some of the freshest seafood around after the tournament with whole fish for sale by the committee from the fish stall.


Antigua and Barbuda Mango Festival

Event dates: July 6 – 7

The juicy mango gets its moment to shine in July during the Antigua and Barbuda Mango Festival. The two-day event showcases a variety of mangoes that will delight passionate mango lovers. The mango stalls will be fully stocked with a selection of mangoes, mango trees will be on sale, as will the very best mango treats such as jams, pepper sauces, wines, smoothies, pastries, ice-creams, scented candles and soaps all made in Antigua and Barbuda.


Antigua Carnival

Event dates: July 26 – August 6

For a cultural explosion, described by many as the Caribbean’s greatest summer festival, Antigua’s carnival provides a colourful insight into the culture of the country. This energetic festival intensifies as Carnival Monday and Tuesday approach with party lovers embracing the lively music and costumed parades throughout the day and night.


Gemonites Moods of Pan Festival

Event dates: December 7 – 8

For a cultural experience after some sun, sea and sand, Antigua brings out the steelpans for two nights of pan under the stars. Antigua’s Moods of Pan Festival is a great experience for music lovers in search of authentic Caribbean beats.


The Bahamas

Abaco Love Rush Junkanoo Festival

Event Dates: 22-23 February

Annually held, this exciting cultural event attracts many visitors and locals alike. On display are senior and junior Junkanoo groups competing for the attention of spectators, and most importantly, the judges, through their elaborate costumes, dance moves and soul touching music, with hopes of being the best group on the island. The event is held over a two-night period with the junior category being held on the first night and the senior on the last night.

Contact: Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture Ph. 242-699-0227

Tru Tru Bahamian Festival

The Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association host this annual event, which will bring together a treasure trove of Bahamian experiences, including Bahamian culture with individual island booths and indigenous artifacts, kids competitions, primary school rake and scrape bands, a Junkanoo rush-out, history, art, live musical entertainment and Bahamian cuisine.

Contact: www.trutrubahamianfestival.com, ph. 242-502-4200

Bahamian Music and Heritage Festival

Event dates: March 7 – 9

An exciting time for the whole family. Thursday evening gospel explosion launches the weekend of activities in Exuma. This festival also features an awesome line-up of The Bahamas’ most popular and talented musicians and local musicians. Arts and craft such as wood and conch shell carvings will be on sale along with Bahamian dishes. There will be lots of activities for kids as well as adults, including storytelling, singing, how-to exhibitions, early dinner show and lots more.

Contact: Bahamas Tourist Office Exuma Ph. 242-336-2430

Bahamas Carnival Festival

Event dates:  May 3 – 5

Bahamas Carnival Festival highlights include the tasting of local foods, diverse concerts and live music, entertainment and dance shows, private parties, visual arts, art and craft, colourful street parades and more.


Cat Island Rake N Scrape Festival

Event dates: June 6 – 10

This annual musical festival, held every year during the Bahamas Labour Day weekend, is the signature event for Cat Island. It showcases the sensuous, rhythmic vibe of the island’s premier Rake and Scrape music, performed by local and national artists. It also features a gospel concert, Battle of the Rake & Scrape Bands, quadrille dancing, a children’s corner with games and a fishermen and farmers’ market. During the festival, guests can partake in “Down Home” Cat Island cuisine, purchase locally-made craft such as jewellery and straw items.

All Andros Crab Fest

Event dates: June 20 -22

Andros is known as the land of crabs and its crab catching ways. Highlights will be the crab cultural show, the releasing of the crabs, crab culinary contest, Crabs of Andros life cycle display, Rake-N-Scrape Music. This is an annual event that is held the second weekend in June every year.

Contact: Bahamas Tourist Office Andros Ph. 242-368-2286

Bahamas Junkanoo Summer Festival

Event dates: Every Saturday in July

Hosted by the ministry of tourism, the event showcases Bahamian cultural heritage. Major Junkanoo groups will perform in choreograph dancing, music and costume, in a one-of-a-kind parade and a beachside concert, featuring top Bahamian entertainers. There will also be a Kiddies Corner as well as native food, beverages, art and craft for sale. This event is held every Saturday in July, from 4:00pm -11:00pm. Junkanoo Summer Festival is also held during the month of July or August in Islands across The Bahamas including Grand Bahama Island.

Contact: Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Nassau Ph. 242-302-2000

Emancipation Day Festival

Event date: August 4

This public holiday, on the first Monday in August, celebrates the emancipation of slaves in the British colonies. It is celebrated with a Junkanoo Rush-out, a day at the beach, sailing and regattas on most islands. On New Providence, old slave villages such as Gambier in the west and Fox Hill in the East have their own special celebrations.


Inagua Heritage And Salty Fest

Event date: TBA

This festival is the signature family-oriented event for Inagua and is a homecoming event for former residents of the island. It features an opening ecumenical church service, a gospel concert, live entertainment, salty games, a domino tournament, ball games, youth talent competition, karate demonstrations, a cultural extravaganza, tours of the Morton Salt Company, the Inagua National Park and the Inagua lighthouse, fishing trips, a Junkanoo rush-out, fireworks, and lots of indigenous food and drinks for sale. It is held every year during the Emancipation Day holiday weekend.


Event date: Dec 26, Jan 1

Junkanoo is the national festival of the Bahamas, representing the country’s roots and heritage. Junkanoo originated during the days of slavery when the slaves were given time off to celebrate the holidays with African dance, music and costume. The festival is named after “JOHN CANOE”, an African tribal chief who demanded the right to celebrate with his people even after being brought to the West Indies in slavery. Junkanoo today is a traditional rally to cowbells whistles and goatskin drums as costumed revellers dance away.

Contact: Bahamas Ministry of Tourism 242-302-2000


Holetown Festival

Event dates:  February

The Holetown Festival takes place in Holetown, Barbados, and celebrates the arrival of the first settlers in Holetown on 17 February, 1627. The week-long celebration occurs every year during mid-February and includes several activities which showcase the culture and traditions of Barbados. Events include folk singing and dancing, sports and games, street parades, markets, and food stalls that offer traditional Barbadian cuisine.



Event Dates: 22 – 24 February

This is a unique agricultural exhibition, where farmers, craftsmen and agriculturalists display their goods and produce in a safe, family-friendly environment. Held annually in Queen’s Park, the exhibition usually attracts thousands of visitors over three days, and is the biggest agriculture-based event in Barbados. The exhibition features over two hundred exhibits ranging from livestock and kitchen gardens, to renewable energy and craft, with healthy servings of food, bird shows, challenges for kids and culture non-stop!


Oistins Fish Festival

Event dates:  April 20 – 22

The Oistins Fish Festival is an annual event that takes place every Easter weekend in the scenic fishing village of Oistins, Barbados in the parish of Christ Church, on the south coast of the island. It is arguably the largest community festival in Barbados with activities for the entire family!


Barbados Reggae Festival

Event dates: April 21 – 28

The Barbados Reggae Festival is a week-long music fest of international acclaim. Top quality local, regional and international Reggae acts, plus the unique venues and the attractiveness of Barbados all contribute to the festival’s ever-increasing popularity with Barbadians, as well as reggae lovers from the region, North and Latin America, Britain and the rest of Europe, Africa, Australia and the Middle East.


Crop Over Festival

Event dates: May 4 – August 5

Crop Over Festival is a 200-year-old tradition that celebrates the end of the sugar cane season. This summer festival celebrates all that is Bajan with dusk till dawn parties, music, arts and crafts markets and culinary-driven street fares, and culminates on Grand Kadooment Day, the island’s most exciting day of the year, as masquerade bands make their way to Spring Garden Highway with revellers dressed in sequin costumes and dancing behind music trucks.


Sir Garfield Sobers Golf Festival

Event dates: May 3 – 5

The Sir Garry Sobers Golf Championship continues to be a premier golfing event in the Caribbean, attracting amateur and professional golfers from all over the world. Spanning over four days, the tournament is played over four world-class golf courses in Barbados – Sandy Lane, Royal Westmoreland, Apes Hill and the Barbados Golf Club.


Barbados Gospelfest

Event dates: May 18 – 26

This is the Caribbean region’s premier gospel music and arts festival. The Barbados Gospelfest maintains a standard of excellence second to none and has become a vital festival fixture for the region at large. There are several events in the 2019 festival, covering choral music, jazz, comedy, dance, theatre and even cricket. The Barbados Gospelfest 2019 promises to be another world-class production, featuring top local, regional and international gospel talent.

Contact:  1 246-426-5128;  E-mail: [email protected]Web: www.barbadosgospelfest.com

Barbados Celtic Festival

Event dates: May 21 – 26

The Barbados Celtic Festival is a rich cultural exchange of music and food between Bajans with their rich Celtic history, and the current music from around the world. Over the years the festival has enjoyed a great variety of performers from around the world, taking part in many different events, including pipe band displays, folk music concerts, Scottish and Irish dancing, street parades with mass bands.


Dive Fest

Event dates: July 3 – 7

Whether you can swim, float, dive, or prefer to soak up some sun on the beach, this festival has something for everyone. Dive Fest Barbados ’19 features water awareness programmes, scuba and freediving demonstrations and trials, beach clean ups, conservation tips, lionfish hunting and tasting, as well as scuba dives all over the island – including the exhilarating east coast. Don’t miss out on your chance to discover what lies beneath our beautiful Barbados seas.

[email protected]www.divefestbarbados.com

Barbados International Hockey Festival

Event dates: August 18 – 24

The Barbados International Hockey Festival is the biggest annual field hockey event in which teams from Barbados and the Caribbean, the UK, Europe, South America and elsewhere compete on and off the field. This year’s contest is the 34th edition of the festival which is played on synthetic turf.

[email protected]


Barbados Food & Rum Festival

Event dates: October 17-20

Barbados is often referred to as the culinary capital of the Caribbean. The Barbados Food and Rum Festival has given birth to a series of events, or better yet,  culinary and beverage experiences designed to tantalise the taste buds, while offering a variety of other colourful and flavourful experiences to stimulate the other senses as well. 


Barbados Open Water Festival

Event dates: TBA

Every year, in early November, the magnificent Carlisle Bay in Barbados comes alive as hundreds of swimmers from all over the world take part in the Barbados Open Water Festival and rave about the ideal open water swimming conditions in the protected marine park. There is a wonderful camaraderie among the swimmers at this event with its laidback island-life setting and the highly popular pre-event practices and social sessions leading up to the swim races.


Independence Surf Festival

This is the biggest surfing event on the Barbados Surfing Association’s calendar, where different aspects of surfing and local culture will be highlighted. Expect to see amazing surfing at this international event, the famous bikini contest, live music, arts and craft, local food and much more.



Event dates: TBA

The National Independence Festival of Creative Arts encourages artists to look at the innovations in the world but still tell the Barbadian story and what makes them unique as a people. The festival provides a massive platform for persons in different art forms to showcase their skills, express themselves and share in a community of like-minded individuals. Work displayed at the festival continues to highlight social, economic and environmental issues in a form that can be easily digested.



Street Art Festival

Event Dates: February 29

This festival is designed to focus not only on the wide range of cultural activities offered through the Bliss Centre but also to showcase Belizean artists in giving them an intimate setting with the Belizean public by creating an environment to honour and celebrate the country’s diverse culture. The festival takes place on Albert Street in downtown Belize City and features local artists, fashion shows, a food court, a kid zone and vendor stalls/booth offering a variety of local foods.

Contact: National Institute for Culture and History. Tel: 501-227-0811.

La Ruta Maya River Challenge 

Event dates:  March 8-11, 2019 

La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge is considered one of the longest canoe races in Central America. The race brings together professional and amateur paddlers from all over the world who take on the four day grueling challenge of paddling 175 miles on the Belize Old River against rapids and winds all the way from San Ignacio, Cayo District, to the Belcan Bridge in Belize City. 


Sidewalk Arts and Music Festival

Every year in February the small fishing village of Placencia located in the Stann Creek District comes alive as the central sidewalk is transformed into an art gallery and music festival where numerous photographers, painters and sculptors converge to display and sell their products. The event is filled with fun, games, music and poetry readings. Numerous mouth-watering foods are also on sale.

Contact: Placencia Village Council, Tel: +501-523-3396

National Band Fest 2019

Event Dates:  March 13

This is a popular annual event which draws thousands of visitors from all over Belize. The venue is rotated each year and the event sees over 700 band members compete in numerous categories including best wind instruments, best drum corps and most popular band.


National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS)

The NATS is the biggest and most attended entertaining and educational annual event celebrated in Belize. The 3 day event is organized by the NATS Committee with the objective of educating the larger public about the importance of agriculture, its contribution to the Belizean economy and to food security. The show is held every year during the months of April or May at the National Agriculture Show Grounds in the Capital of Belize, Belmopan.


Holy Saturday Cycling Classic

Event Dates:  April 19 – 22

The Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic is Belize’s biggest cycling event held every year during the Easter holidays. The race begins on Holy Saturday morning, near Mile 2 on Belize’s George Price Highway. There is a lead-out from inside Belize City at the BTL Park with actual racing beginning on the highway. Cyclists race to the western town of San Ignacio, in the Cayo District, turn there at the Hawkesworth Bridge and return to Belize City. The estimated distance of the Classic is some 142.4 miles.


Cashew Festival

Event Dates: May 10 – 12 (TBC)

Crooked Tree is home to a great number of cashew trees and this festival celebrates the cashew harvest in a big way, with music, dancing and lots of cracking, shelling, roasting and stewing of cashews, as well as the making of cashew cake, cashew jelly, cashew ice cream, cashew wine and all things cashew.




BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge

Event Dates: May 16 -20, 2019 (TBC)

The BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge is a sea kayak race from Punta Gorda Town to Corozal Town, a grueling five day adventurous extreme challenge covering over 218 miles of sea paddling. The race is a joint venture between the BTB and Love FM. The race aims to promote Belize as a key tourism destination for paddlers and kayakers; underscore Belize’s rich and effervescent culture and history, including food, music and tradition, of the communities along the coast, create environmental awareness with paddlers and fans on the important of protecting Belize’s natural and cultural resources and provide visiting teams with a unique Belizean experience and opportunity to see Belize from a closer and local perspective.


Chocolate Festival

Event Dates: May 17 – 19

The festival is a three-day celebration of Belizean chocolate and the cacao-driven culture of the Toledo District. Southern Belize is recognised for its superior cacao beans. These cacao beans are a significant export crop and, within country, are transformed into distinctive and high quality chocolate. Every year Belize celebrates this marvellous food, and many devoted followers return to the Toledo District each year to find out what’s new in the world of chocolate making.


Mango Fest

Event Dates: June 1-2 (TBC)

The people of Hopkins Village celebrate the opening of mango season with the Hopkins Mango Fest; the best mangoes in Belize can be found in Hopkins in abundance. What better way to celebrate than with a festival? Mango season in Belize usually begins around the end of April to the beginning of May and runs through the end of June/July. There are over 15 different mango varieties in Belize, and they are eaten and enjoyed throughout the different stages of ripeness.

San Pedro Lobster Fest

Event Dates: June 15 – 22

The San Pedro Lobster Festival is an annual event that celebrates the reopening of the lobster season in Belize. The first festival was held in 2007 with a week of nightly events leading up to one epic block party. Over the past ten years the festival has evolved into a ten-day event filled with over 20 great activities and incredible lobster themed foods.

Contact: San Pedro Town Council Tel: +501-226-2198

Placencia’s Lobster Fest

Event Dates: June 21 – 23

The Placencia Lobster Fest began in the summer of 1998. The Placencia Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) recognised a need to improve the local economy and decided to create an event that would attract visitors from all over the world to Placencia Village. They planned for the event to coincide with the start of the Placencia Fisherman’s Cooperative annual Fisherman’s Day festivities and with the start of lobster season.

Contact: Placencia Village Council, Tel: +501-523-3396

Caye Caulker Lobster Fest

Event Dates: June 28 – 30

The festival starts with the crowning of Miss Lobster Fest and lasts for three days with an all-day beach party. The event includes displays of live lobsters, weighing in of the biggest lobster for the weekend brought in by the local fishermen, the main dance event hosted on the Saturday night and of course, all sorts of delicious and mouth-watering lobster dishes.

Contact: Caye Caulker Village Council, Tel: +501-226-2198 

Benque Viejo July Fair

Event Dates: July 12 – 16

The Fair is held in honor of Benque Viejo del Carmen’s patron saint Nuestra Señora de Monte Carmelo (Our Lady of Mount Carmel). The celebration consists of early morning prayers known as alborada and a novena in honor of the Virgin Mary accompanied by marimba music. Each day of the novena has a sponsor. The Benque Fiesta also includes a feria, a social event that includes the selection of Señorita Flor de la Feria and numerous cultural displays. 

Contact: Benque Viejo Town Council Tel: 501-823-2020 

International Costa Maya

Event Dates: August 2 -4 (TBC) 

The International Costa Maya is the largest in Belize, and dates back to 1991, when it was called the Sea and Air Festival featuring the Mundo Maya countries of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and now Panama. The festival celebrates the dance, sound and cultures of these vibrant countries. The highlight of the event is the selection of the Reina de la Costa Maya Beauty Queen. 

Contact: San Pedro Town Council, 226-2198 

Queen of the Bay Pageant

Event dates: August 30 (TBC)  

This event aims to select the Queen of the Bay, who is crowned on the September 10th  the day Belize celebrates the Battle of St. George’s Caye.  This beauty pageant had its beginning in 1946 and sees six beautiful young women representing their main district towns vying for the prestigious title. The event is held amidst banners and bobbing balloons bearing Belize’s national colors, which instill the spirit of patriotism among Belizeans.  


Tourism Expo, O.W.

Event Dates: August 31

The Orange Walk Tourism Expo showcases the various Belizean products and services, which form part of the Tourism Industry in Belize. It highlights Orange Walk through the participation of many out-district businesses as well as businesses and services belonging to Orange Walkeños. These include hotels, restaurants, tour guides, tour operators, cultural groups, artisans, and educational institutions. Along with these products and services, the different cultures of Belize are displayed through the traditional cultural dishes, cultural music and cultural presentations.  

Contact: BTIA OW, Tel: 667-7382 

Carnival Road March, Belize City

Event Dates: September 7

When Belizeans think of the month of September one word resonates in their hearts: celebration. This historical event was adapted in 1975 when five free-spirited women got together to “spice up the tenth of September celebrations”. Costume bottoms shortened from the modest ankle length to conservative knee length to the provocative bikini length, clearly influenced by the Caribbean are worn by revellers during the carnival parade through the principal streets of Belize City.

Carnival Jouvert

Event dates: September 7, 2019 (TBC)

The jouvert is an essential part of celebrating carnival in Belize. It is held in the morning/day break and it involves participants being covered from head to toe in mud, paint, powder or chocolate “baccahanal-ing” through the streets of Belize City. It is part of the celebrations leading up to the commemoration of the Battle of St George’s Caye Day, which is celebrated on September 10th each year.


Yamaha Saltwater Fishing Tournament

Event dates: September 8 & 9,

Part of the September Celebrations each year, the 2-day Placencia Saltwater Fishing Tournament draws anglers from far and near for the 2-day competition. The eagerly anticipated event kicks off in the wee hours of Saturday morning, when boats loaded with enthusiastic anglers leave the Placencia Municipal Pier in high hopes of catching the big ones!


Battle of St. George’s Caye

Event dates: September 10

The Battle of St. George’s Caye was a short military engagement that lasted from 3rd to 10th September 1798, off the coast of what is now Belize. However, the name is typically reserved for the final battle that occurred on 10th September. The Spaniards had previously attempted to expel the British settlers and their slaves on six occasions. The 10th of September 1798 marked the final Spanish attempt to take over the area. In Belize, the Battle of St. George’s Caye is a national public and bank holiday.

Contact: National Institute for Culture and History. 501-227-0811; https://nichbelize.org/about-nich/

Pan Yaad Steel Band

Event dates: September 15 (TBC)

One of the most lively musical events in connection with the National Independence Day celebrations in Belize is the Pan Yaad Steel Band Concert. This is an event held at the Marion Jones Sports Complex in Belize City. This event is not only intended to add greater spirit and life to the national celebrations but it also offers Steel Band aficionados the opportunity to enjoy steel band music at its best.

Contact: National Institute for History and Culture (NICH). Tel 501-227-0811; https://nichbelize.org/about-nich/

Birding Festival

Event dates: October 19-20

Home to more than 500 species of birds—including the keel-billed toucan (Belize’s national bird), harpy eagle, blue-crowned motmot, the endangered jabiru stork, and the scarlet macaw—Belize is a bird-watcher’s Eden.


Belize International Film Festival

Event dates: November 7 – 10

The festival focuses on Central American and Caribbean films, as well as international films from around the world. A recurring theme in the festival is the highlighting of relevant contemporary issues, such as poverty, abuse and poaching. A distinct award category called “Best Environmental Film” was created to further acknowledge and solidify its commitment to environmental awareness.


Garifuna Settlement Day

Event dates: November 19

Garifuna Settlement Day is a public holiday in Belize celebrated each year on November 19. The day was recognized as a public holiday in the southern districts of Belize in 1943, and declared a national holiday in 1977. The holiday celebrates the settlement of the Garinagu in Belize and includes a re-enactment of the arrival of the Garinagu in Dangriga, parades, street music, and traditional mass in Garifuna language and traditional Garifuna drumming and dancing.


Battle of the Drums

Event dates: November 19, 2019

The Battle of the Drums is a loud and proud celebration of the Garifuna culture. Garifuna dances such as the Punta, Hungu, Paranda, Chumba and Wanaragua dance and drumming styles are displayed. This is an event popular among drumming enthusiasts as well as visitors.


International Yoga Festival

Event dates: 1 December

This annual event is the first of its kind in the region, designed to bring together people from around the world to enjoy soulful moments of wellness, healing, rejuvenation and reflection. The festival promotes positive interactions, vitally important for the well-being of Belize and beyond. International and Belizean presenters come together to share many styles of Yoga, meditation, therapies and workshops. This is a family, alcohol-free event.


British Virgin Islands

BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival

Event dates: March 25 – 31

One of the top sailing regatta’s in the Caribbean. Seven days of perfect wind, warm waters, hot racing and cool parties. Join over 150 yachts from around the world to race on three course areas. Eighteen classes, something for everyone.


Virgin Gorda Easter Festival

Event dates: April 20 – 22

A weekend filled with activities; calypso monarch competition, local and regional live entertainment, street parade, queen show and nightly village entertainment.  

BVI Emancipation Festival

Event dates: August  2 – 10

British Virgin Islands Emancipation Festival is a celebration of the country’s ancestors’ freedom from colonialism and cultural history. This event is a showcase of the culture and history of the people in grand style with extravaganzas of local and international music, pageants, food fairs, rise & shine tramps (early morning street dancing), parades, gospel celebrations and folklore presentations…


BVI Food Fete

Event dates: November 2 – December 2

BVI Food Fete was launched in 2014 to bring greater awareness to the islands’ diverse culinary scene, and to establish the British Virgin Islands as a premier destination for foodies. The month-long festival held annually in November, offers a range of events set within unique BVI locations. Each event is designed to highlight the cuisine beloved by locals along with dishes infused with a Caribbean flair. Enjoy a month-long celebration of all things culinary, highlighting fabulous events such as Taste of Tortola, Barefoot Gourmet Soiree, Taste of Virgin Gorda, Jost Pork & the ever popular, Anegada Lobster Festival. 


Cayman Islands


Event dates: February 21 – March 11

The Cayman Islands National Festival of the Arts is Cayman’s finest showcase of local talent. With an eclectic mix of visual arts, music, theatre, film, fashion design, and cultural discussions, this festival has an emphasis on local arts and culture. At the same time, the festival stimulates and inspires local artists by including a diverse range of participants.


Taste of Cayman Food & Drink Festival

Event dates: April 6

Taste of Cayman has grown from humble beginnings with a group of restaurants from the Cayman Islands Restaurant Association meeting for a Chili Cook-off. This festival is now CITA’s largest annual event including some 40 restaurants, 5,000 attendees, live entertainment and food/drink offerings enjoyed by all.  The 31st event, 2019, promises to be bigger and better, celebrating Cayman traditions and rich culinary heritage through Heavy Cake and Mixology competitions and other exciting features.

www.tasteofcayman.org ; www.facebook.com/tasteofcayman

Cayman Arts Festival

Originally formed as a three-day festival, Cayman Arts Festival (CAF) has evolved into an organisation that produces monthly events that bring cultural experiences to the Cayman Islands and support their educational programme for young people. All proceeds from CAF events fund their youth education programme which provides musical instruments to kids, organises workshops with visiting artistes and coordinates musical lessons at local schools.



Event dates: May 4 – 5

Cayman Carnival Batabano, the Cayman Island’s national carnival, is held annually during the first week of May. Batabano is a vibrant highlight in the island’s entertainment calendar offering two weekends of colour, music and togetherness.


Mango Season at the Museum 

Event dates: July 6

Mango season is a highly anticipated time of year. Join us on Saturday, 6th July 2019, from 10−2pm at our fourth annual Mango Season at the Museum on the Waterfront. Admission is free to the public. Visitors will enjoy local food and mango-related products, a mango peeling competition, music by local artists, and arts & crafts and fun for the kids and entire family. 

www.museum.ky/upcoming ; [email protected] 

Cayman Cocktail Week

Event dates: October 18 – 25

No culinary experience is complete without a craft cocktail, expertly blended by one of the many renowned mixologists that can be found on island. Cayman Cocktail Week is a celebration of all things sip-worthy in the Cayman Islands.


Pirates Week Festival

Event dates: Nov. 7 – 11

Celebrating 42 years of Cayman culture and pirate folklore, the Pirates Week festivities are set for 7th to 11th November 2019.

With five fun filled days of music, street dances, competitions, games, food festivals of traditional dishes and drinks, a Pirate Pooch Parade, a children’s fun day, teen dances, two glittering parades, sporting events for all ages, a pirate invasion and spectacular fireworks displays!

http://www.piratesweekfestival.com ; [email protected]


Download Curacao Calendar of Events 2019


Curaçao Carnival

Event dates: January 5 –  March 5, 2019

One of the most highly anticipated events of the year, Curaçao’s Carnival features lively Tumba music, extravagant floats, and vibrant, intricately costumed marchers who parade through the streets to celebrate the island’s heritage before the start of Lent. Getting bigger and better every year, the event culminates on 5 March with the Farewell Carnival Parade. During the nighttime spectacular, the straw-filled King Momo, a symbol of infertility and bad luck, is burned to symbolise new beginnings and prosperity.


Tumba Festival

Event dates:  February

Influenced by merengue, Latin jazz and African melodies, tumba is one of Curaçao’s most popular styles of music. Every February at the start of the carnival season, hopeful tumba artistes compete for the coveted title of Tumba King or Tumba Queen, a win that comes with bragging rights and an original song that is dubbed the official carnival anthem for that year.


Curaçao Culinair

Event dates: April 5 – 6

Foodies rejoice as Curaçao’s biggest open-air culinary event returns to the historic Landhuis Chobolobo, home of the famous Blue Curaçao liqueur. The two-day event features prominent chefs from local restaurants and resorts as they showcase their signature dishes and creative new plates. Attendees will also have the chance to sample tapas-sized portions and enjoy a wide menu of cocktails and wines.


Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam

Event dates: April 10 – 14

Back for its seventh year, the Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam aims to become a meeting place for talented filmmakers and producers from the Caribbean and Latin America. The four-day event includes feature movies, short films, special screenings and a competition for aspiring artists to submit their work. The prestigious “Yellow Robin Award,” for example, is given to a filmmaker who successfully captures the island’s history, and it comes with a $10,000 prize.


Curaçao International BlueSeas Festival

Event dates: April 19 – 20

The International BlueSeas Festival makes its return to the historic Pietermaai district for a two-day celebration of soulful blues. Blending traditional and gentrified jazz music, the festival will feature internationally known musicians and special events at the area’s best bars and restaurants, including Miles Jazz Cafe, Ginger, Mundo Bizarro, La Cantina and 27 Bar & Restaurant, which pays tribute to the rock stars who passed at 27.


North Sea Jazz Festival

Event dates: TBD

While hard to top the 2018 lineup, which included Christina Aguilera, Jason Derulo, Sting and Shaggy, the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival is back for another run at the World Trade Center near Piscadera Bay in the island’s capital city of Willemstad. The three-day beachside event features a wide range of internationally renowned artists whose music span all decades and genres, from jazz and pop, to reggae and funk.


Flavours of Curaçao

Event dates: TBD

The island’s largest food festival features tastings by 25 of Curaçao’s top culinary masters. The event encourages foodies to take their taste buds on a sampling journey comprised of international flavours, local staples, farm-to-table favourites and eclectic street foods found at the famous truk di pan, aka Curaçao’s food trucks. Attendees of all ages will also enjoy mixology demos, creative cocktails, live music and entertainment.


The Flying Dutch Music Festival

Event dates: TBD

The second iteration of one of Europe’s biggest EDM festivals is returning to the Dutch Caribbean island in the fall of 2019. The Flying Dutch, named in honour of Dutch ravers who would fly from city to city following their favourite DJs, featured a heavy-hitting lineup in 2018 with Armin Van Buuren, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Sevn Alias and more.



Mas Domnik – The Real Mas   

Event dates: January 19 – March 6  

Mas Domnik – The Real Mas, showcases the rich culture and heritage of the island. This pre-Lenten festival caters to everyone with pageants, calypso, traditional mas, street jump ups and fetes.  The season will climax on March 4 and 5th when the streets come alive with festivity, celebration and fun. This revelry is an inviting display of colour and creativity set off by the sweet sounds of Calypso and infectious rhythms of Bouyon music.  


 Dominica’s Jazz ‘n Creole   

Event dates: May 3 – 5

Jazz ‘n Creole is a means of attracting visitors from the neighbouring French islands as well as the wider Caribbean to Dominica and serves as an avenue for showcasing local Jazz artists on the island, as well as foreign acts. Held in the inviting, casual atmosphere of the Cabrits National Park/ Fort Shirley, patrons are afforded the opportunity to mingle in the relaxing ambiance of one of Dominica major tourism site attractions.  


Dominica Festival of Arts (DOMFESTA)  

Event dates: May 1 – 31  

DOMFESTA is an annual celebration of the rich cultural heritage of Dominica.  It showcases the influence of our African, Kalinago and European ancestors and provides  a focal point for artistic expressions. The festival gathers musicians, artists, writers to showcase the folklore and cultural manifestations of Dominica with the aim of uniting Dominicans in a joyful celebration of the country’s traditions.   


Hike Fest  

Event dates: May 4, 11, 18, 25  

Event description: Hike Fest is one of the best ways to discover Dominica. It provides visiting and local hiking enthusiasts with opportunities to explore some of Dominica’s most iconic and challenging hiking trails.  It is an annual event that allows you to explore the dominant feature of Dominica by hiking along mountain peaks and trails led by knowledgeable certified guides and safety professionals.   


Pork Fest   

Event dates:  May 31 – June 2 

Pork Fest takes place in small southeastern village of Bagatelle. The festival features various types of dishes prepared with pork. While pork is the highlight of the festival, seafood lovers can enjoy fish dishes from this seafaring village.  Celebrations include a family day and entertainment by popular local bands.   


Dive Fest  

Event dates: July 5- 14  

Dominica’s Dive Fest is organized annually by the Dominica Watersports Association. Dive Fest focuses attention on educating the public about the sport of Scuba Diving (as a tourism product and a career path) and raising awareness about Dominica’s stunning and unique marine environment. Activities include whale watching deals, special dive packages, underwater treasure hunts, snorkelling picnics, traditional canoe racing and marine educational tours.  


Independence Celebrations  

Event dates: September 21 – November 5  

There might be no better time to immerse yourself in true Dominican culture than during the Independence Season. Created to recognize Dominica’s independence from Great Britain on November 3, 1978, Independence festivities celebrate music, dance, dress and cuisine. Every year, the country commemorates its Independence with a season of cultural activities which can last as long as four weeks. These celebrations portray vivid examples of the island’s cultural influences.   


World Creole Music Festival 

Event dates: October 25 – 27  

Dominica’s World Creole Music Festival, held annually in October seeks to augment the creole month festivities and Independence celebrations held during this period as well as boost visitor arrivals to the island. The World Creole Music Festival features various musical genres to include reggae, zouk, konpa, cadence, bouyon, salsa, dancehall/hip hop, meringue, soukous, zydeco. The Festival is dubbed ‘Three Nights of Pulsating Rhythms’ for its wide repertoire of musical genres on showcase each night.  


 Kalinago Week  

Event Dates: September 15 – 21  

Kalinago Week is an observance which dates back to September 19th, 1930 when the Kalinago people were actively engaged in trading with the neighboring French Territories of Marie Galante and Guadeloupe.  Kalinago Week is an attempt not merely to rekindle the past, but more significantly to foster a sense of pride and dignity among today’s Kalinago. Events include a youth rally, debates, honouring of Kalinago Elders, annual Miss Kalinago and Princess Natari competitions.  

Contact Prosper Paris @ 1 767 225 8940   

Titiwi Festival 

Event Dates: September 27 – 29, 2019  

Layou’s annual Titiwi Festival celebrates the small fish known as the “Titiwi.” The villagers of Layou have mastered the art of preparing the tiny fish and they have built a unique local cuisine around it. The Titiwi Festival gives everyone else a chance to taste it. Fun activities include boat rides, beach football, sack races, and more. There is plenty of food and drink available, as well as music and an art & crafts exhibition.  

Contact 1 767 245 2086  

Taste of Dominica  

Event Dates: October – November  

Dominica’s cuisine is deeply rooted in its culture and heritage with the French, British, African and Kalinago influences manipulating the techniques and flavours of the island’s food. The traditional ways of life like farming and fishing have contributed to Dominica boasting its fresh offerings of local produce like freshly caught fish and bountiful harvests.  


World Creole Music Festival

Event dates:  October 25 – 27 

Launched to promote the Dominican tourism product and create a world class platform for indigenous Dominican music, the World Creole Music Festival has become a renowned staple on the regional music gala calendar. Over a trinity of enthralling evenings beginning on the final Friday in October each year, patrons are treated to a cavalcade of star power, emanating from the Caribbean, French Antilles, Africa and North America, arranged to thrill the seasoned festival goer and novice alike. 



Grenada Sailing Festival Work boat Regatta

Event dates: February

Just picture an electric atmosphere of competitive sailing, music, food and friendly, warm people on Pure Grenada’s famous Grand Anse Beach. That’s exactly what the annual Grenada Sailing Festival Workboat Regatta offers. The event attracts sailors from various communities throughout Pure Grenada, plus the Sister Islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique; communities with a strong sailing and boat building heritage. The regatta, which features colourful wooden boats, generates tremendous community support for the participating crews. You can enjoy the races, while connecting with locals and relish authentic spice-infused cuisine.


Carriacou Carnival

Event dates: March 4 – 5

The tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique is blessed with two carnival celebrations, each having its own charm and traditions. The first carnival festival takes place in Carriacou. It encompasses wonderfully expressive street dances, island music, the Jab Jab and even the authentic Shakespeare Mas. This masquerade involves men dressed in brightly-coloured costumes engaging in the recitation of Shakespeare verses hoping not to fumble on their lines otherwise surrendering to the playful tap of their opponent’s stick. A host of activities lead up to the culmination on 4 and 5 March.


Carriacou Maroon and Stringband Music Festival

Event dates: April 26 – 28

If you have always wanted a pure and culturally untamed experience, then the Carriacou Maroon and String Band Music Festival is definitely the event for you! Maroon culture is about thanksgiving and its African origins are authentically depicted through string band music, drumming, singing, eating of smoked food and other rituals practised in the unique Carriacou way by its people. Once you have experienced the Carriacou Maroon and String Band Music Festival, your life will never be the same.


Uncorked Wine and Beer Festival

Event dates: April 28

The festival is a wine and beer lover’s paradise where patrons toast to ‘the good life’ in Pure Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean. All are welcome to sip, sample and savour the best collection of wines, beers and cuisine, including delectable desserts. Treat your discerning palate to pairings of wines and beers, exotic cheeses, savoury meats and irresistible sweets.


Grenada Chocolate Festival

Event dates: May 31 – June 7

To showcase Pure Grenada’s rich chocolate offerings and deep cocoa farming roots, the annual Grenada Chocolate Festival, an event dedicated to all things sweet, savoury and satisfying about chocolate, takes centre stage. It’s the perfect time for visitors and locals to create and indulge in unique experiences with Grenada’s pure, delicious organic chocolate. Festival activities include tours of local cocoa farms for the chance to “dance the cocoa”, being a farmer-for-a-day, learning chocolate tempering and truffle making.

Visit grenadachocolatefest.com  

Petite Martinique Whitsuntide Regatta Festival

Event dates: June 7 – 10

The Petite Martinique Whitsuntide Regatta Festival is a fun-filled, action-packed event which highlights the deeply held traditions of the island. The event features competitive wooden boat sailing for prizes and bragging rights, shore side activities such as obstacle races and partying the night away.


Carriacou Regatta Festival

Event dates: August  2 – 5

The Carriacou Regatta is the longest running regatta festival in the Caribbean, having begun in1965. Carriacou is world famous for its boat building traditions and the festival highlights the beautifully crafted boats on the island, in mainland Grenada and surrounding islands converging to race for prizes and bragging rights. On shore activities include donkey racing, the greasy pole, street parties and delicious island cuisine.


Grenada Carnival ‘Spicemas’

Event dates: August 12 – 13

Pure Grenada has the distinction of hosting the last and arguably the best carnival experience and in 2019 it is carded for 12-13 August. Visitors can look forward to wonderful tropical weather, upbeat island music, colour, splendour and of course, a culturally authentic awakening experience. The festival’s most unique features are the ‘Jab Jab’-masqueraders covered in black oil – and Monday Night Mas – a night street parade with masqueraders wearing colourful t-shirts and waving glow sticks lighting up the night sky.


Pure Grenada Dive Fest

Event dates: October 2-5

Grenada and Carriacou are blessed with over 50 dive sites including the Bianca C, voted the best dive site in the Caribbean, the world’s first Underwater Sculpture Park and healthy, vibrant reefs. The festival caters to divers at all levels inclusive of activities such as beginner’s diving day, wreck diving, reef diving and an environmental cleanup.


Carriacou Parang Festival

Event dates: December 13 – 15

The Carriacou experience is rich with traditional culture including African Big Drum, Quadrille dancing, Shakespeare Mas and more. The Parang Festival incorporates some of these elements along with traditional Christmas carols. One of the unique features of the event is parang bands competing for prizes and bragging rights by singing humorous songs on the happenings on the island over the past year.



Rockstone Fish Festival

Dates: TBA

Rockstone Fish Festival is the only fish festival in Guyana. It is held annually in the community of Rockstone located on the upper Essequibo River, Region Ten. Hundreds of patrons attend this event annually for a fun-filled day in a rustic setting sampling local fish menus, enjoying the natural environment and the hospitality of the local peoples who share their history. Boat tours are offered on the beautiful Essequibo River, which provide opportunities to enjoy the rapids and take in some of the most promising days and magical sunsets along with the rich biodiversity of the area. The event also caters for campers who want to stay overnight and more closely enjoy the sounds and natural environment.

Contact Lynette Benn, 592 692 7133

Rupununi Music and Art Festival 

Dates: February 

The Rupununi Music and Art Festival is the only music festival held in the Rupununi, southern Guyana. The festival keep growing from strength to strength from a participation standpoint and accommodation facilities for its patrons. A music festival that attracts artistes from around the world and locally where patrons can camp out and enjoy the many genres of music and cultural performances held during the three-day period. 


Phagwah Festival 

Date: March

This event has become one of the highly anticipated events to celebrate Phagwah in Guyana. Thousands congregate at the Guyana National Stadium with family members, friends and loved ones to celebrate this event along with a grand stage show to entertain the massive audience.


Bartica Regatta 

Dates: April 20 – 21

This is the oldest annual Regatta in Guyana. It has several components to it. These include football, speed boat racing, gospel concerts, regional concerts featuring artistes from the Caribbean and Guyana, also street jams and even a beauty pageant .The main attraction at the regatta is the power boat racing on the main event day. Hundreds of patrons attend this event which is the biggest annual event for the township. 

Facebook: Bartica Easter Regatta

Guyana Carnival

Event Dates: May 26

The Guyana carnival is a week-long celebration that culminates on 26 May, the day Guyana gained its independence. This year will be the second time this event will be held. It is being organised by Hits and Jams Promotions, a private promotional group. Activities such as theme parties, J’ouvert and beach concerts are among some of the main events. 


Emancipation Festival 

Event date: August 1

Emancipation Day festival is an auspicious event that commemorates the abolition of slavery in Guyana. It is observed in several towns and villages across the country especially on the coast of Guyana. In Georgetown a grand festival is organised by the African Cultural and Development Association (ACDA) in the national park. A stage show is held and several African originated cuisines are prepared and sold which adds to the day’s proceedings and experience. Many of the patrons take the opportunity to deck out in some of the most fascinating and uniquely designed garb.



Haiti content


Carnival in Jamaica Event Series

Event dates: January – April

Carnival in Jamaica kicks off in January and ends in April, attracting locals and visitors. Some of the highlights of the season include:  Beach Jouvert, Reveller’s Fete and Bacchanal Jouvert & Road March. This year sees the return of mas bands including Bacchanal Jamaica, Jamaica Carnival, Xaymaca International, Xodus and the Ocho Rios Carnival.  The event is indeed a unique expression of island spirit and showcases to the world a carnival unique to Jamaica.


Reggae Month Celebrations

Event dates: February 1 – 28

This event has been organised since its inception in 2009 by the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA). It is a celebration of Jamaica’s reggae music for the entire month of February. The format of the celebration usually includes live weekly concerts, lecture series, a reggae village at Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre, an awards ceremony and so much more.


Liguanea Art Festival

Event dates: April 28

The Liguanea Art Festival will stage its 6th showcase in 2019 as its usual Liguanea Plaza. The event showcases the best of Jamaican creatives in the area of fine art, jewellery, paintings, drawings, sculpture, ceramics and photography.


Tmrw Tday Culture Fest

Event dates: April 29 – May 5

This will be the third staging of this event in the capital of casual: Negril. Travellers are invited on a week-long journey of self-discovery against the backdrop of one of nature’s most beautiful white sand beaches in Negril, Jamaica. Experience personal growth and deep feelings of love and gratitude triggered by our wellness, gastronomy, music and alternative therapy programmes.



Event dates: May 23 -28

This is an annual 5-day urban festival hosted in Negril every year over the Memorial Day weekend. The event usually attracts mainly African American adults between the ages of 25 and 45 years. Partnering hotels include: Hedonism II, RIU and Royalton Negril. Promoters are anticipating some 800 international participants and some 200 locals to attend this year.

https://www.mochafest.com, www.vacationparties.com

Two Seasons Talking Trees Literary Fiesta

Event dates: May 27 – 28

This will be the 5th staging of this event in reassure Beach, St. Elizabeth. Patrons will be treated to two days of reading from established and emerging writers and poets. Second hand books will be on sale. There will also be a farmer’s market on site.

Contact: [email protected]

Ocho Rios Jazz Festival

Event dates: June 2 – 9

This is the oldest jazz festival in the region with events in multiple venues from Ocho Rios to Kingston. The event, according to the promoter, offers the visitors the opportunity to experience the complete Jazz holiday.


Reggae Sumfest

Event dates: July  14 – 20

Reggae Sumfest is Jamaica’s premier festival dedicated to showcasing the island’s indigenous reggae music while also promoting Jamaica as a prime summer destination for visitors. Reggae Sumfest attracts visitors and media from all across the globe. In 2019, the festival promoters will celebrate the 27th annual staging of this event and certainly showcase one of the biggest reggae festivals ever staged in Jamaica. The festival will feature five exciting lead-up events at various venues in Montego Bay. The main festival nights are on19 & 20 July at Catharine Hall.


Kingston on the Edge Urban Art Festival

Event dates: June 19 – 28

KOTE Urban Art Festival is an annual nine-day studio and performing art festival that began in 2007. It is a multiple venue summer festival held throughout Kingston City. The overarching objective of this event is to develop and harness the incredible artistic potential of Jamaica whilst showcasing Kingston as the cultural capital of the English-speaking Caribbean.


Charles Town Maroon Conference & Festival

Event dates: June 21 – 23

The event is an indigenous maroon conference which aims to highlight and preserve maroon history and traditions. It offers a unique combination of scholarly panels and cultural events and rings maroons and indigenous peoples together with scholars and locals to examine the ways their legacies have endured, creolised, and resonated in the Caribbean, Africa, Canada, Australia, South America, the United Kingdom and Europe, and the United States.


Montego Bay Jerk Festival

Event dates: 1 August

This is an outdoor family-oriented day and night event which highlights authentic Jamaican culinary delights. The event features presentation of varied jerk meats and food, children activities, and celebrity cook off and culminates with a stage show. The confirmed act for the show is Grammy award winner Tasha Cobbs. This festival


Ocho Rios Seafood Festival

Event dates: August  6

This year will the 13th staging of the Ocho Rios Seafood Festival which will be held at Turtle River Park. According to the promoters the event has grown into a bona fide gastronomy powerhouse. The event aims to promote the garden parish of St. Ann as a premier tourism, entertainment and culinary destination.  The festival promises daytime activities of Kiddies Village, high school cook-off, celebrity cook-off, clowns, masquerade, best stall competitions and dance contests among other activities.

[email protected]

Jamaica Food & Drink Festival

Event dates:  October 20-28

Exotic flavours, exhilarating spirits and unforgettable experiences are what’s promised by the organisers of this four-day foodie event. The Jamaica Food & Drink Festival is modelled after the international food festivals such as the South Beach Wine & Food Festival and the Aspen Food & Wine Festival.


Rastafari Rootz Fest

Event dates: December 13 -15

Rastafari Rootz Fest is a three-day festival where a consumer expo, trade show and competition will be hosted in Negril. An estimated 1,500 tourists are expected for this event as well as exhibitors from the US and Canada. The event will also feature educational and information booths for Jamaican businesses and interested persons. The festival will include a reggae music concert on the first two nights and climaxes with the Rastafari Rootzfest™ Ganjamaica Cup™ awards ceremony. Top entries from growers across Jamaica are judged by a panel of local and international experts.



Cultural Festival of Fort-de-France

Event dates: TBA               

Every year there are best picks to help visitors enjoy great times with this festival created by Aimé Césaire in 1972. It blends its colours with world cultures for the satisfaction of the eyes and ears. There will be music, dance, theatre, painting, exhibitions and much more.


International Zouk Festival

Martinique is the birthplace of Zouk, a rhythmic musical form developed in the 1980’s through a mix of many different styles, including compas, cadence and bal granmoun, mazurka and beguine, French and American pop, and kadans. Concerts, conferences, masterclasses, singing contests, DJs, live music around the famous zouk music, all form part of this event

https://fr-fr.facebook.com/pages/category/Concert-Tour/Festival-International- du-Zouk-de-la-Martinique-622692894477505/

Sainte Marie Culinary Week

Event dates: TBA

Martinique shares, with distinctive panache, mainland France’s love for gastronomy. One of the best expressions of this passion occurs each year during Sainte-Marie Culinary Week, a week-long festival celebrating Martinique’s unique gastronomic heritage and traditions. At the centre of the festivities is a cooking competition. Each year, several local food products are chosen for competing chefs to use as the centrepiece of their culinary creations. The competition extends throughout the week, with special dinners, cooking demonstrations, a street fair and more, providing an in-depth introduction to Martinique’s culinary scene.



Event dates: March 3 – 6

From Rio to Trinidad to New Orleans, the world’s most celebrated pre- Lenten carnival fetes all pale in comparison to Martinique’s carnival in one key area: duration. Each year as revellers in other carnival hot spots wind down with the close of Shrove Tuesday, the party in Martinique keeps going, reaching a climax on one of the most solemn days on the Christian calendar, Ash Wednesday. The fitting theme for Martinique’s “bonus” day of revelry – “Rejoice Today, Repent Tomorrow.”


Schoelcher International Sailing Week

Event dates: March 4 – 10

The number of racers and countries represented, as well as the talent of the sailors themselves, makes the Schoelcher International Nautical Week (SINW), hosted by the Cercle Nautique de Schoelcher in Martinique, something special. Add to this the number of races and classes represented, and the description moves to spectacular. The SINW is a bright spot that excels in enticing entries and putting the region on the map for its quality and quantity of competition in both dinghies and keelboats. Win or not, the sailors certainly echo these sentiments.


Bèlè Djouba Matinik Festival

Event date: March 16

Bèlè has its origins in slavery. Two rudimentary instruments: the drum (boards from oak barrels that had been used to age rum) and Ti Bwa (two pieces of wood for beating the back of the drum) are used. Songs are in Creole and themes touch upon societal issues. Bèlé can be danced alone, in a group or in a square. Bèlè parties organised in the past by elders, are now organised by younger people who integrate modern instruments such as the guitar and saxophone. This tradition will not be disappearing any time soon.


Madin Gospel Festival

Event dates: May 3 – 5

Gospel festival at la Savane Park in the heart of Fort-de-France with international and local artists.


International Festival of Hiking

Event dates: June 1 – 23

The International Hiking Festival in Martinique covers 30 sites, ranging from natural parks to mountains, forests and sand beaches.


Fête de la Musique

Event dates: June 21

True music lovers know that Martinique ranks among the music capitals of the Caribbean. Martinique is the birthplace of Zouk, a rhythmic musical form developed in the 1980’s through a mix of several different styles, including compas, cadence and bal granmoun, mazurka and beguine, French and American pop, and kadans. La Fête de la Musique is a celebration of Martinique’s rich musical tradition with free concerts performed on the streets throughout the island.


Beguine Jazz Festival

Event dates: TBA

A festival that promotes a type of music derived from a blend between beguine, a traditional Martinican rhythm, and jazz. The blend of genres gives rise to an interesting cultural mix to be discovered.


Kreol Food and Rum Festival

Event dates: TBA

For a week, illustrious chefs, including chefs from Martinique, will introduce professionals, apprentices and the general public to the art of creating creole and tasty menus with local products.


Martinique Jazz Festival

Event dates: TBA

Long provided a showcase for local and international artistes to share their talents with a lively and appreciative crowd of music lovers from all corners of the globe. Jazz luminaries who have performed at the Martinique Jazz Festival in years past include the Marsalis brothers, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Paquito d’Rivera, Chucho Valdes, and many more.


Rum Festival

Event dates: December

The Rum Festival is held annually in Sainte-Marie at the Saint James Rum Distillery. Event goers can enjoy rum tasting, live shows, a parade and many more promotional activities. Visitors can also purchase local products from vendors with artisanal goods, like basketry and pottery. In Sainte-Marie, the Saint-James distillery has created a craft village, train rides to the heart of plantations, concerts, Christmas songs and more.




St. Patrick’s Festival

Event dates: March 8 – 18

This festival, which is a celebration of the island’s African and Irish heritage, attracts thousands of people to Montserrat every year. The calendar is packed with events; it’s unlikely one will get much sleep. Ten days of high-energy events such as the infamous leprechaun revenge, cultural exhibitions and vibrant street jump-ups known as J’ouverts. Visitors can also sample local cuisines, listen to traditional music, enjoy the Arrow Regional Soca Monarch Competition and masquerade performances. There are also opportunities to participate in other activities, such as hiking, heritage boat tour, St. Patrick’s Day parade or pub crawl.


Calabash Festival

Event dates: July 14 – 21

This week-long summer event highlights the hidden talents of local artisans and designers. Named after the calabash fruit, traditionally used to produce eating utensils, musical instruments and decorative items, this festival includes a family fun day, hike, island tour, African fashion show, coastal excursions to the former capital city Plymouth and a craft and food fair.


Cudjoe Head Fest

Event dates: August  2 – 5

The village of Cudjoe Head was named after the 18th century slave, Cudjoe, who allegedly ran away from his master, was caught, beheaded and placed on a silk cotton tree, which is  still present in Cudjoe Head. Residents of the community join together each year to celebrate the island’s strong African heritage in a weekend bonanza highlighting the melting pot of cultures that resides on this small island. The festivities have grown to include a steel band performance, road race, J’ouvert, local performances, and an exhibition of goods produced in the village.


Alliouagana Festival of the Word

Event dates: November 15 – 17

The Alliouagana Literary Festival is a book lovers dream. It offers a mixture of lecture series, poetry and open-mic performances, book parade, workshops, book signings, and opportunities to meet regional and international authors. The island’s quiet charm combined with one’s creative juices is the ideal recipe for an extraordinary literary experience.

Year End Festival

Event date: December 20 – January 1, 2020

This exuberant festival, the island’s carnival, showcases the island’s wealth of talent, music, culture and history – the perfect climax to the year. Locals and visitors are treated to local and regional calypso competitions, pageantry, steel pan performances and car races to boost the adrenaline. There is a procession of costumed revellers alongside the festival queen, calypso king, princesses and their entourages as they ride on elaborately decorated cars in the ever-popular New Year’s Day parade.


Puerto Rico

Sports Festival and LAI Athletic Competition

Event dates: April 22 – 27

The Liga Atlética Interuniversitaria de Puerto Rico, (English translation Puerto Rico Inter-University Athletics League, LAI) is a college athletics conference in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The LAI is a non-profit organisation whose main purpose is to regulate sports amongst its member institutions. Athletes compete in baseball, basketball, judo, football, track and field, volleyball, table tennis, wrestling and other athletic disciplines

 http://laipr.com/ (currently available in Spanish only)

St. Eustatius

Carnival Calling

Event dates: July 17 – 29

By the island’s guitar shape you can only imagine how the festive season of carnival is celebrated. For two electrifying weeks in the month of July, the energy across the entire island is fully charged. The line-up features a wide array of gifted artistes headlining the live shows and festivities to bring out the ‘carnivalist’ in you.

Contact: +599 318 2433; +599 318 2107; [email protected];  www.statia-tourism.com

Statia Week

Event dates: November  9 -16

Each year locals celebrate the island’s culture and heritage, including Statia’s role in America’s history. The public stage is lit up every evening from 6p.m., booths are lined up along the street and wasps from delicious local dishes such as conk and dumpling colour the air. Large crowds are entertained by local and international performers during free concerts featuring superstars such as Destra Garcia, Alison Hinds, Demarco, Onion and Morgan Heritage. The week culminates with the celebration of Statia Day on 16 November, a national holiday.

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Golden Rock Regatta

Event dates: November 14 – 18

Sailing enthusiasts, get ready for four days of thrilling race action. With routes between St. Maarten, St. Eustatius, St. Kitts and St. Barths, this seafaring event will fulfil your dreams of island-hopping.


St Kitts

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Nevis Mango and Food Festival

Event dates: July 4 – 7

The Nevis Mango and Food Festival is an entire weekend totally dedicated to the mango and the deliciously creative cuisine made with it. This celebration of mangoes feeds the essence of the festival as participating chefs embrace an epic culinary challenge. Every course of every meal they cook or demonstrate must include Nevis mangoes.

International celebrity chefs and Nevisian chefs participate in and host multiple events over the entire weekend, including headliner, UK Iron Chef Judy Joo, along with New York based award winning celebrity chef Seamus Mullen, and top Caribbean Chef Michael Harrison.

Contact:  [email protected]; +1(869)-469-7550; www.nevismangofest.com

Nevis Culturama Festival

Event dates: July 25 –  August 6 

The Nevis Culturama Festival coincides with the island’s celebration of Emancipation Day. The first programme included dancing, drama, display, old fashion troupes (i.e Johnny Walkers, Giant and Spear, Bulls, Red Cross, Blue Ribbon, etc.), folk singing and arts and crafts. A local recipe competition and the Miss Culture Show and Calypso Competition are also aspects of the festival.

Contact: Tel: 869 469 1992 / 0119


The Nevis Marathon and Running Festival

Event dates: September 5 – 7

The Nevis Marathon and Running Festival is likely the most beautiful race you’ll ever run. It is a running festival in a world class, exclusive holiday destination. Go international and run a truly competitive race in the Caribbean. It will be hosted on the beautiful island of Nevis and there is a distance to fit every athlete. This event is also kids friendly.

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Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia Carnival

Event dates: June-July (Culminating 12-16 July)

Saint Lucia Carnival is recognised as a premier Caribbean event. Carnival veterans and newbies can enjoy a variety of competitions including Power and Groovy Monarch, Senior and Junior Panoramas and the Inter-Commercial House Calypso completion, dozens of community events, and popular parties and fetes.

The season culminates in an exciting, fun-filled two-day Parade of the Bands that morphs into a flurry of chrome plated steel drums, feathers and brightly coloured costumes on the city’s streets.


Saint Lucia Jazz 

Event dates: May 5- 12 

The Saint Lucia Jazz Festival is an annual event on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. The authentic jazz festival is a mix of free and paying concerts that infuse pulsating Caribbean and international jazz rhythms, with mainstage and fringe events across the country. The event gets under way on 5 May and culminates on Mothers’ Day, 12 May, 2019, in a major concert at Pigeon Island National Landmark.


Mercury Fest

Event dates: August  9 – 10

Mercury Fest is Saint Lucia’s biggest beach party of the summer. The event welcomes well over 300 registered boats carrying Mercury-installed engines from Saint Lucia, Martinique, Guadeloupe, France, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada and hundreds of visitors from around the French and English speaking Caribbean. The Mercury Fest experience includes some of the biggest names in dancehall music, top Saint Lucian artistes and disc jockeys, warm Caribbean sun, beach, food, fun and foam.


Roots & Soul Festival

Event dates: August 23 – 25

This Soleil Saint Lucia Summer Festival is dedicated to the genres of reggae, conscious hip-hop, Afro-punk and R&B, with performances, masterclasses and encounters between artistes and other actors in the music business. The 3rd annual Roots & Soul Festival slated for 23-25 August will showcase as the Caribbean’s premier music festival. With internationally recognised headliners and local acts, the annual event brings together thousands of music craving visitors and locals.


Dive Fest

Event dates: September 8 – 14

Dive Fest embraces dive enthusiasts of all skill levels and showcases just why exploring Saint Lucia’s underwater marine life is a “must do” with the island’s twenty-two world class diving sites. The third annual event will feature a dive treasure hunt, lion fish derby, a pirate themed dinner, career showcase and an underwater photo workshop and more. Dive and accommodation packages available from resort partners.


Food & Rum Festival

Event dates: September 19 – 22

A gastronomic event designed to attract the best chefs, wine connoisseurs, rum fanatics and food critiques from across the world. Inspired in part by the outstanding achievements of chefs,  Nina  Compton, Shorne Benjamin  and  Doran  Payne,  this unique  event  promotes  Saint  Lucian  and Caribbean rums, restaurants, chefs, and regionally manufactured  food   and   drink   products. The excitement includes cooking demonstrations, rum and wine tasting, celebrity chef dinners and community culinary experiences, all accompanied by musical and other artistic performances.


Arts & Heritage Festival

Event dates: October  18-20

The event is a celebration of the richness and diversity of Saint Lucia’s cultural, ethnic and artistic heritage. With musical, theatrical and other performances, seminars and lectures, a variety of culinary experiences, street parties and art exhibitions, the festival culminates on the weekend of 27 October with the celebration of International Creole Day (Jounen Kweyol) in various communities throughout the island.


St. Maarten

Heineken Regatta 

Events dates: February 28 – March 3   

In 1980, the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta started as the St. Maarten Regatta with a modest 12 sail boats participating. Three years later, in 1983, Heineken became a major sponsor of the St. Maarten Regatta and ‘Heineken’ was added to the name of the event. 

 Set in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, powered by the cooling northeast trade winds and run by an experienced, innovative and friendly race team, the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta is four days of world-class racing in idyllic conditions appealing to a broad range of tastes. Our four race committees provide custom-tailored racing for the thousands of sailors from more than 35 countries that come to race: from Olympic medalists and World Champions sailing Maxis and Performance Multihulls to holiday-makers on chartered Bareboats and live-aboard families cruising the Caribbean. 

With Heineken as a long-standing sponsor, you would expect the parties to be exceptional… you won’t be disappointed! With parties at varied locations around the island there are fantastic opportunities to experience the legendary nightlife for which the island is famous. St. Maarten Heineken Regatta has a well-earned reputation for hosting amazing artists like the Black Eyed Peas, UB40 featuring Ali, Astro & Mickey, Akon, Wyclef Jean, Shaggy, The Commodores, and Red Foo and the Party Rock Crew for the parties. 


Sint Maarten Carnival 

Event dates: April 22 – May 6  

The mere mention of the words lifts one’s spirit and fills residents and visitors alike with feelings of excitement for the Caribbean’s longest annual festival. At three weeks in duration, St. Maarten’s Carnival attracts hundreds of tourists to, as Carnival’s slogan suggests, “Experience Life”, the St. Maarten way. To “play mas” and be part of a festival that is comprised of colorful parades, spectacular local and international concerts and a plethora of food that further proves that St. Maarten is the culinary capital of the Caribbean.  

Running from April to May, everyone gets caught up in the Carnival energy which eventually guide you to the one-of-a-kind venue that sets St. Maarten’s Carnival apart from any similar festival in the world: Carnival Village. St. Maarten’s Carnival has something for everyone. It’s no wonder then that you are being encouraged to “Come, Experience Life!”  

Allow us, if you will, to describe a venue unlike no other in the Caribbean. That’s not an overstatement either, St. Maarten’s Carnival Village is the only one of its kind in the entire Caribbean basin. Above everything else, it is what makes St. Maarten’s Carnival unique among Caribbean Carnivals.  

Carnival Village is an open, semi-circular structure, almost stadium-like in design, that consists of 79 connected booths. Booths are little bar-like spaces that are transformed into eateries and commercial spaces for the duration of Carnival. Carnival Village is the epicenter of everything Carnival related. 


Oualichi Fesitival “ SXM Best Weekend” 

Event dates: July 26 – 29 

Event Description: SXM Best Weekend is a series of parties showcasing DJ’s and Artists both local and international effortlessly blending Soca Music and Dancehall. The event features high energy stage performances, Night club parties and beach parties. 

Rum, Rumba and Stamina is all you need … Energy Vibes Like No Other ; One Vacation – Two Islands – Four Days of Fun, Sun, Sand & More Rum. 

It’s going to be CRAZY – It’s going to be FUN – It’s going to get WILD.  


Sint Martin

SXM Festival

Event dates: March 13-17

5 Days & Nights with 100 of the most talented House and Techno DJs in the world. Set within the iconic beaches, nightclubs and spectacular villas of the island, SXM Festival offers the global party elite a week of world-class programming in an unmatched setting.   “As other festivals around the globe begin to tire and all become too commercial, with the Caribbean as its backdrop, SXM Festival has the advantage.” – BBC Travel

Book your Ultimate Festival Package including Hotel, Transportation and Festival Pass at SXMFestival.com

St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Theatre Arts Festival

Event date: TBA

The plays at the annual Theatre Arts Festival often reflect wit, clarity, problems, highlights, trends in modern Vincentian culture, and throwbacks to an age gone by.

Mustique Blues Festival

From late January to early February, Mustique vibrates to a different beat with Mustique Blues Festival. The first Mustique Blues Festival held in 1976 was received with great acclaim.  Since then, Basil’s Bar becomes “The House of Blues” with nightly performances of rhythmic blues performed by international artistes.

Roots and Rhythm Festival

SVG Roots and Rhythm Festival brings a unique mix of music for reggae and soca lovers. The festival is a musical spectacle with the region’s and St. Vincent’s top performing artistes.

SVG Gospel Fest

Event dates: April 1 – May 1

SVG Gospel Fest is a month-long festival of zonal and national gospel showcases across St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with performances in music, song, dance and drama, that culminate with the National Gospel Showcase on 1 May at the Victoria Park.

Bequia Easter Regatta

Event dates: April 18 – 22

At Easter locals and visitors to Bequia join in the excitement of highly competitive yacht racing, thrilling double-ender action, and bask in the island’s famous hospitality.

Mayreau Regatta

Event dates: April 25 – 28

The Mayreau Regatta fosters camaraderie with participants from neighbouring islands  who join in fishing, sailing, lion fish hunting, cooking competitions, games night,  afterparty, maypole dancing, and a kite flying contest.

Vincy Mas

Event dates: 28 June – 9 July 

Vincy Mas is an explosion of colour, sound and movement.  Vincentians and visitors get all revved up in a spectacular fashion for carnival, as they are immersed in a pulsing ambience of steelpan, costumes, calypso and revelry.

Keegan’s Beachside (Bequia) Seafood fest

Event date: August 11

Keegan’s Seafood Fest is an annual celebration of freshly caught and prepared seafood. It features an assortment of entertainment and beachside games and is set on the largest Grenadine Island, Bequia.

Nine Mornings

Event date: December 16 – 24

Enjoy a unique Vincentian experience at Nine Mornings Festival.  Arise at 4 am during the nine mornings before Christmas to attend concerts, story-telling, fun games, and “light-up” around the communities’ venues.


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Turks & Caicos

Rake & Scrape Festival

Event date: March

The 8th annual Rake & Scrape Festival will be held in March 2019 in North Caicos. The weekend event features live music, local cuisine, kids entertainment, domino tournament and a putt golf tournament.


South Caicos Regatta

The oldest festival in the Turks and Caicos Islands returns for the 52nd year. The weekend festival features sail boat races, Little Miss and Miss Regatta beauty pageants, concerts featuring international and local guest artists and parties


Middle Caicos Crab Festival

Event Dates: TBA

This event aims to not only showcase the TCI’s culture and support domestic tourism but to also uplift the spirit of the communities of Middle Caicos and North Caicos by spotlighting the cultural heritage of catching, cooking and eating local land crabs.

Contact: [email protected]

Lobster Festival & Regatta

Event dates: TBA

Held in Five Cays, Providenciales the annual event consists of a sailboat race, live music and a lot of well-known local delicacies. Restaurants across Providenciales will participate in a lobster cook-off where they will be vying to see who can prepare the best lobster dish.


Caribbean Food & Wine Festival

Event dates:TBA

This is the culinary event of the year in Turks & Caicos featuring internationally recognised chefs and wines from renowned wineries.


Turks & Caicos Conch Festival

Event dates: TBA

The Conch Festival is a cultural and heritage celebration. The highlight of the festival is the competition – or ‘conch-e-tition’ as the organisers have nicknamed it – between local restaurants. Local chefs and restaurants compete in categories which include Best Conch Salad, Best Conch Chowder, Best Conch Specialty, Best Presentation and Best In Show.


Turks & Caicos Unity Festival

Event dates: TBA

This festival aims to showcase the beautiful nature of Turks and Caicos’ cultural heritage and traditions which abound in the various islands across the archipelago. It is set to take place on the tranquil isle of Providenciales at Grace Bay and the Downtown Ball Park.


TCI Food and Culture Festival

Event dates: TBA

TCI Food and Culture Festival’s annual Chop Off Cook Off Challenge gives local chefs/cooks an opportunity to showcase their culinary talents while promoting the culinary culture of the TCI.