Caribbean World Tourism Day 2021


As the Caribbean continues to wrestle with the global pandemic and its unprecedented impacts on Caribbean tourism, it is critical that regional tourism stakeholders, related businesses, academia and development partners directly and indirectly attached to the Caribbean tourism value chain work together to further deliberate on  current and pressing issues facing the growth of Caribbean tourism. Moreover, it is crucial that these deliberations result in innovative and creative solutions, committed actions and results that would aid in the robust recovery of the sector and tourism resilience building efforts.

This virtual one-day conference commemorated World Tourism Day 2021 through an unprecedented collaborative approach among agencies that play a role in contributing to the social and economic development of the region. This event powerfully demonstrated from these agencies of their commitment to the sustainability and inclusive growth of the Caribbean tourism sector.

The objective was to provide an opportunity for meaningful discussions among Public and Private Sector Caribbean Tourism Industry Stakeholders including tourism businesses, policy makers, destinations planners and marketers, regional and international development partners, media, academia and civil society on the rebuilding and futuristic outlook for Caribbean tourism.

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The Caribbean Tourism Organization, University of the West Indies, Association of Caribbean States, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association, Caribbean Public Health Agency, Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility, Global Tourism Resilience & Crisis Management Centre, Inter-American Development Bank, Organisation of American States, Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, United Nations Development Programme for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean and the Caribbean Development Bank.

View Communique issued at the conference.