Youth Congress


The Tourism Youth Congress is an integral part of CTO’s annual tourism programme and is a regional activity involving students between the ages of 14 and 17 from CTO member countries. It is structured to mirror a CTO Board of Directors’ Meeting and its main aim is to stimulate greater awareness and excitement about tourism among young people in our Caribbean communities, by allowing them to research various facets of the tourism sector and share their ideas and vision, with respect to future directions for Caribbean Tourism.

Students become involved in the Youth Congress by participating in national inter-school debates or other selection processes which are organized by the Ministry of Tourism/Board of Tourism in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in the respective country. The student representative selected from the country represents his/her country at the Tourism Youth Congress and is given the title of ‘Junior Minister of Tourism or ‘Junior Commissioner of Tourism’. The title is held for one (1) year and the student is given the opportunity to be involved in tourism-related activities throughout the year in his/her country to enhance their knowledge of tourism.

The Congress is structured to mirror a CTO Board of Directors’ Meeting. There is a Chairman and each Junior Minister/Commissioner of Tourism will represent his/her country accordingly.