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Download Students Colloquium Registration Form (Updated March 26, PDF)
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The Caribbean Students Colloquium is co-sponsored by Academy Engraving and is focused on Sustainable Tourism Development.  It is a program designed to engage future leaders of the Caribbean in tourism-related activities, through a competition in which teams of students studying at the tertiary level vie for the Championship.

The Caribbean Students Colloquium was created, in 2010, by CTO-USA, interns who were then enrolled at tertiary institutions in the Caribbean and the United States, in response to a challenge to them to create a project for Caribbean Week that would engage the Youth.  Some of the interns from the original group continue to participate in organizing the Colloquium.

Since 2011, the Caribbean Student Colloquium has been welcoming students from colleges and universities across the Caribbean and the United States who are interested in sustainable initiatives and have a desire to be involved in their development and implementation.  The Colloquium challenges these students to research and present, free-style, a practical sustainable tourism project for the Caribbean that, upon implementation, will provide a viable source of income.

We invite Students from all colleges and universities to participate in the program.


The Colloquium’s purpose is:

  1. To serve as a catalyst for creativity through competitiveness and scholastic research.
  2. To enhance in-class learning among students, by heightening sensitivity to sustainable initiatives in the Caribbean region.
  3. To provide a platform for understanding the Caribbean tourism product and contributing to its development as a world class destination.


Teams are provided with 3 options.  Each team is required to select and present on one of the following topics bearing in mind that Sustainability is defined as the appropriate use of resources so that future generations may benefit from and enjoy them.

  1. The recent hurricanes that affected Caribbean countries confirm that the Region is vulnerable to a number of challenges not of our making and sometimes beyond our control. CTO member countries face a variety of other challenges in their attempt to implement sustainable tourism.  Design and develop a strategic plan to confront one of the challenges listed below, and make a case for how your plan differs from those currently being used.
    • Leakages
    • Natural Disasters
    • Inadequate Air Transportation
    • Pollution/Environmental Degradation
  2. Design a detailed tourism attraction proposal for a Caribbean destination of your choice. Local linkages and local community engagement need to be part of the overall development strategy. Demonstrate strong linkages between your attraction and other economic sectors including farming, industrial, construction and arts and crafts.
  3. Present an empirical and feasible initiative that governments can implement to boost tourism economic benefits within their local community. This should include a comparative analysis of strategies being currently employed by Caribbean destinations.


A panel of judges comprising sustainable tourism practitioners and educators pre-selects the best five (5) submissions for presentations, based on the business plans the teams submit.  The five finalists then compete for the Championship in the free-style presentations.


  1. Each institution may register only ONE team of up to four (4) students.
  2. Each institution must indicate, by email to [email protected], by March 16, its intention to compete.
  3. Each team must submit the attached Registration Form with the names of the Team Members by April 20, 2018. The participation fee of US $99 per institution is payable upon submission of the Registration.
  4. The Business Plan must accompany the Registration form and reach the CTO office by the deadline – by April 20, 2018. The Plan should clearly state the topic selected and should also be addressed to [email protected].
  5. A maximum of 5 teams will be selected to present at the Caribbean Students Colloquium.
  6. Presentations at the Colloquium may take any form the team chooses – PowerPoint presentation; drama; poetry; song; and so on. Use your creativity.
  7. A Jury of sustainable tourism development specialists will be empaneled to review and grade the business plans to determine the teams that will be invited to present at the Caribbean Students Colloquium in New York.
  8. Teams will compete for the coveted Winner’s Trophy.
  9. As far as possible, the same judges will be invited to judge the presentations.
  10. Teams will be judged based on the following criteria:
    • Creativity and Persuasion
    • Significance and Practicality to the Caribbean
    • Originality
    • Clarity of Expression and Overall Communication
    •  Team Spirit
    • Quality of Research
    • Organization of Presentation
  11. The decision of the judges is final.
  12. Teams may invite students and instructors to the event. Teams are asked to indicate, by May 25, 2018, the total number of people they expect to attend. The Caribbean Tourism Organization reserves the right to limit the number of attendees based on space availability.
  13. Their schools and supporters are responsible for all costs associated with participation in this event, including the procurement of visas, where necessary. CTO will do whatever is possible to assist participating teams.
  14. Participating teams agree to allow photographs of team members to be taken and utilized by the Caribbean Tourism Organization for publicity purposes.
  15. CTO will provide feedback to the unsuccessful teams on their submissions, as communicated by the Judges.

NOTE:   The information is correct at the time of writing but is subject to change.