CTO State of Industry Media Conference 2019

CTO Caribbean Tourism Performance Report 2018 & Outlook


Remarks from Ryan Skeete, Dir. Research & IT (acting)

With a strong performance during the last four months of 2018, including a robust showing by countries impacted by the 2017 hurricanes, the evidence suggests that Caribbean tourism is on the upswing.

Having registered declines during the first eight months of the year, signs of a rebound emerged in September when the region recorded a 3% rise. The numbers in October confirmed the recovery, with a healthy 11.8% growth, and by the end of the year tourist arrivals in the last four months were up 9.8%.

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Remarks from Hugh Riley, Secretary General, CTO

Once again we come to that time of year when we report to our members and to the industry on how the Caribbean performed in the previous year, why we performed the way we did, and what the projections are, for the months ahead. As always, the countries of the Caribbean are the main sources of our data, collected mostly at ports of entry and extracted from the immigration cards completed by travellers. Other sources are industry partners, originating markets and our own analysts.

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