State of Industry Media Conf. 2016

Statement by Hugh Riley, Sec. Gen. CTO

I’m pleased to announce that the first time ever, the pace of growth of Caribbean tourism outperformed every major tourism region in the world. Our region has set new arrival and spend records in 2015, far surpassing expectations.

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Dissecting the Numbers – Ryan Skeete, Dir. Research & IT (acting)

2015 marked the 2nd consecutive year that tourist arrivals to the Caribbean grew faster than the global growth rate of international trips and the first year in recent history that we have outpaced all major regions, since we started keeping records. Moreover, the average annual growth rate over the last 5 years exceeded the average annual global growth rate of international trips. The 7% increase in international trips to the Caribbean (28.7 million arrivals) in 2015 is supported by sustained economic recovery in our main markets, a strong US dollar and a collapse in oil prices.

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