Sustainable Destination Management Webinar 2020

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About the webinar

This webinar uncovers the ‘invisible burden’ of tourism to address the root causes of why some destinations are struggling to cope with tourism growth, and what can be done to ensure destinations can thrive in the long term. Amid increasing concern about overtourism, and calls from within the travel industry for improved destination management, we will present a ground-breaking report Destinations at Risk: The Invisible Burden of Tourism from the Travel Foundation, EplerWood International and the Center for sustainable Global Enterprise at Cornell University. The report describes how destinations must uncover and account for tourism’s hidden costs to protect and manage vital destination assets worldwide. It further suggests that the risks tourism destinations and businesses face must be openly and transparently reviewed with more science-based, data-driven analysis.

Join us to examine the root causes of the problem through a logical and integrated analysis, which paves the way for solutions that manage the underlying costs of tourism on local society and infrastructure.

• New local accounting systems that capture the full costs of managing tourism at the destination level.

• New skills and cross sector collaboration, underpinned by data and technology, to ensure the availability of vital, local resources for both tourist and residents.

• New land planning and demand management systems to manage growth.

• New valuation and financing mechanisms to redress debilitating under-investment in infrastructure and local asset management.

We will also examine Guyana as a case study that demonstrates how widening your definition of the value that tourism brings, and the impacts it has on communities and the environment, can deliver shared benefits – and international recognition!

This webinar is for all destination management and sustainable tourism professionals from academic, public and private sectors across the Caribbean region seeking better ways to protect and manage vital destination assets.


• Megan Epler Wood, Managing Director, Sustainable Tourism Asset Management Program at Cornell University; Owner and Principal of EplerWood International

• Dr. Mark Milstein, Clinical Professor of Management at Cornell University

• Brian T. Mullis, Director of Guyana Tourism Authority

• Moderator, Jeremy Sampson, Chief Executive of the Travel Foundation