Tourism HR Conference 2018

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9th Tourism Human Resources Conference 2018

The Caribbean Tourism Organization, in collaboration with the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, will be hosting the 9th Tourism Human Resources Conference from 28-30 November 2018.

The main aim of the Tourism Human Resources Conference is to bring together tourism practitioners from both the public and private sectors, human resource professionals, tourism educators/trainers and consultants as well as tourism & hospitality students of tertiary institutions to share strategies and best practices on areas and issues affecting the tourism and hospitality sectors, to provide updated information on various aspects of tourism’s development, to enhance skills and to allow opportunities for professional networking.

Theme: “Building a Resilient, High-performing & Sustainable Caribbean Tourism Workforce for Global Competitiveness.”

The number one asset for any tourism destination or region is its workforce! And as the Caribbean faces increased competition in a global, high-tech, innovation driven industry, the need for a high performance, resilient workforce is critical for sustainability!

Building high performance teams does not come without challenges and in the general debate a number of issues have been cited including the lack of employee willingness or motivation to change, low employee productivity and morale, and the scarcity of relevant skills.

The burden of proof does not only rest with the workforce; as leadership is often brought into question, with weak leadership or outdated leadership thinking and styles frequently cited.

Change is on the horizon; there is a strong call for a total rethink of how we engage with our workforce in the ever-changing tourism environment.  Technology brings efficiency, but the real value in tourism is our human resources – the power of people – and the ability of a well-trained, highly valued, and fairly compensated workforce to transcend beyond process and profit.

Our discussions will encourage thought and debate on Building a Resilient, High-Performing, Sustainable Caribbean Tourism Workforce for Global Competitiveness – what’s really important to today’s workforce? How can they be motivated? How can leaders sustain their workforce; and how does this increase competitiveness? Join the debate, and be a part of the solution.


Speakers of international and regional acclaim will provide pertinent and current information on a range of topics related to the central theme of building a resilient, high-performing and sustainable regional workforce, all with a view toward the development of a sustainable tourism industry that will position the Caribbean as the most desirable, year-round warm weather destination.

A key part of the conference is the Students Forum where persons currently studying tourism and hospitality have an opportunity to showcase, in an interactive way, their knowledge of the importance of tourism to the Caribbean region.


This year’s three-day intensive programme includes two (2) highly interactive and practical Master Classes facilitated by very knowledgeable and dynamic subject experts.  One master class will focus on unlocking the potential of employees and amplifying performance across the workplace by using a strengths-approach, while the second master class will delve into the topic of the role of HR professionals in building their company’s brand.

Conference Topics

Master Classes

Who Should Attend?

  • Tourism & Hospitality Practitioners
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Tourism Educators/Trainers
  • Representatives of Tourism Destination Management Organizations

  • Tourism Consultants
  • Tourism & Hospitality Students
  • CEOs, GMs and Operations Managers with responsibility for the HR function