Train the Trainer Workshop 2020



The CTO (Caribbean Tourism Organization), in collaboration with Springboard Caribbean, is pleased to offer this certified Train the Trainer Workshop to the Caribbean region.

An increasingly turbulent and complex business environment where the only constant is change, means that today’s organizations need to actively promote a culture of knowledge sharing, collaboration, and ongoing business focused training, to remain productive and competitive.

The purpose of this three-day Train the Trainer Workshop is to build the knowledge, skills and confidence of participants within the Caribbean region, to deliver effective training interventions to improve productivity and overall business performance. This interactive and engaging workshop provides the relevant underpinning theories, tools and techniques, opportunities to practice, feedback and guidance that will enable participants to design and deliver effective and positive training sessions.

Target Audience

This three-day workshop is designed specifically for Trainers and anyone with training and development responsibilities, including supervisors and managers who are tasked with designing and delivering training sessions. The maximum number of participants is 20.

Training Workshop Outcomes

By the end of this three-day Train the Trainer Workshop participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the role and responsibilities of the Trainer, including the importance of effective communication and presentation skills when delivering an effective training event;
  2. Understand different methods for identifying learning needs and how to establish learning objectives;
  3. Describe different Learning Styles Theory and how to apply this theory in practice, including Adult Learning Theory;
  4. Understand assessment methodology and the role and principles of providing good feedback;
  5. Analyze the psychology of groups and group learning needs;
  6. Describe different strategies for managing challenging behaviours and know how to respond in a learning environment;
  7. Design and deliver an effective training session, including the formulation of key learning outcomes and training plan; and
  8. Develop appropriate strategies and tools for evaluating the effectiveness of training.