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Go green on the Caribbean’s Emerald Isle: Montserrat

Brades, Montserrat – July 12, 2016 – The Caribbean island of Montserrat, known as “the other Emerald Isle” – a nation rich in tradition and culture – has reached a new milestone on the road to developing the island’s tourism infrastructure. By focusing on sustainable practices that include ‘green’ energy development and usage, the island continues its efforts to bounce back from the volcanic activity in the mid-1990s.

With the creation and successful testing of two geothermal wells, and plans in place for a third, the foundation has been laid for an energy program that will ensure the destination is fully sustainable. Situated in the region between Weekes Village and Garibaldi Hill, near the now buried capital city of Plymouth, the development of the energy program is critical to the island’s future. Previously a reminder of Montserrat’s past, the ash-laden town, considered a modern-day Pompeii, is now poised to become a major attraction.

In partnership with an Icelandic drilling company, and backed by the UK government’s British Overseas Territory’s Master Plan for Growth, Montserrat’s geothermal wells will produce environmentally-friendly, long-lasting energy, sufficient to power the island in the near future. Geothermal energy is playing a key role in the transformation of the island, making not only a sustainable environment but also an attractive destination.

The island of Montserrat offers an array of activities for travelers including birding, hiking, diving, snorkeling and more. The island is a haven for dive enthusiasts, with pristine reefs communities and marine habitats. The unspoiled island allows travelers to immerse themselves into the local culture and cuisine with no fast food restaurants and little to no traffic on the roads. Additionally, the island offers a number of luxurious villas that won’t break the bank, and provides unbeatable views. Visit www.visitmontserrat.com.

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