Making Waves

“Making Waves” is a Tourism Bulletin created for Caribbean children between the ages of 8-11. It aims to educate young Caribbean minds about the diversity of the tourism sectors and its importance to the region. This colourful and educational presentation covers a host of tourism topics including interesting facts; quizzes & competitions; environmental issues; jobs available in the industry and country profiles.

February 2017

February 2014

Making Waves (2001-2010)

Issue 19, December 2010: Careers in Agro-Tourism; Mango: “The Queen of Tropical fruits”; Environmental Corner; Career Moves; Country Profile; Fun Things to do

Issue 18, May 2010

Issue 17, Aug. 2009: Health and Wellness Tourism – Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit

Issue 16, April 2009: Intra Caribbean Travel; Fundamentals in Our Caribbean; Architecture Across the Caribbean

Issue 15, December 2008: African Diaspora Heritage Trail and The UNESCO Slave Route • Environmental Corner: Coral Reefs • Country Profile: Haiti • Career Moves: Interview with Peggy McGeary • Fun Time

Issue 15 – Spanish
Issue 14, December 2007: Green tourism; Environmental Corner – the Water Cycle; the River’s Beauty; Career Moves; Country Profile Guadeloupe; French version

Issue 13, April 2007: Sports Tourism; ICC Cricket World Cup 2007; Interview with Brian Talma, Marine Environment and Water Sports

Issue 12, March 2006: Country Profile Barbados, New Face of the Caribbean; Career Moves; Environmental Corner

Issue 11, November 2005: Country Profile, Careers on the Move; First Aid Tips; Fundamentals; Environmental Corner

Issue 9, September 2003: Country Profile Dominica; The Travel Trade; What’s My Job; Currency Quiz, Environmental Corner

Issue 8, March 2003: Events and Conferences; Environmental Corner – Crowded Situations; Careers – Certified Hospitality Educator; Conde Nast Essay Competition; Youth Congress 2002

Issue 7, September 2002: Celebrating Year of Eco-tourism; National Trust Defenders of the Earth; Country Profile Anguilla

Issue 6, May 2002: Food, Glorious Food; Environmental Corner – Dangers of Food; Country Profile Grenada

Issue 5, January 2002: Fun in the Sun; Invest Your Interest Corner; Making Friends; Follow Mother Nature’s Code; Country Profile Montserrat

Issue 3, June 2001

Issue 4, October 2001:Interesting and True; Competition Results; Environmental Corner; Ship Ahoy; Country Profile Cuba


Archives (2006-2008)

CRSTDP News Archive (2006-2007)

The Caribbean Regional Sustainable Tourism Development Programme was funded under the 8th European Development Fund (EDF).

  • CRSTDP Newsletter, Dec 2007 – Feb 2008, Vol.1 Issue 11: Tourism Internship Exchange System Programme; CHA Business Development Training Workshop; CHA HRD Food Safety Workshop; CHA Business Development Tourism – Agriculture Linkages; CTO’s Consultation on Sustainable Tourism Development; Sustainable Heritage Tourism Development Regional Workshop
Keep Sake Archive (2006-2008)

“Keep Sake”, a quarterly publication, brings dedicated news on CTO’s sustainable tourism activities to members and other stakeholders in the tourism industry.

  • October 2008: Sustainable Consumption Production Meeting; CTO Presents on Climate Change and Tourism at Mexican Symposium; Statia Celebrates Tourism Week; Regional Tourism Standards
  • June 2008: STC 10 A Resounding Success; Bonaire Wins 2008 Sustainable Tourism Award; Cancellation of ICRI Meeting on ST and Coral Reefs; Leandre Clarke Shares Internship Experience at CTO; Kerala Declaration on Responsible Tourism

June 2008 French version;       June 2008 Spanish version

  • September 2007: White Water to Blue Water Initiative; 2008 International Year of the Reef; CRSTDP Sponsors Regional Standards Conference; Mission to Guadeloupe
  • June 2007: Another Excellent STC; Get Ready for Consultations on Regional ST Policy Framework; 2nd UK-Caribbean Business Forum Examines Climate Change; Upcoming Events; World Responsible Tourism Day
  • March 2007: Policy Framework on Sustainable Tourism to be Released; Cayman Islands Host STC- 9 in May 2007; Roche Shares Internship Experience at CTO; An Improved 2007 Islands Magazine-CTO ST Award
  • December 2006: CTO/CRSTDP & CANARI host workshop on Community-based Tourism; Secretary General Celebrates Tourism Awareness Week in Jamaica; CTO & CDERA Sign MOU; New Board Of Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre
  • April 2006: CRSTDP Sustainable Tourism Advisor Shares Some Thoughts; Caribbean BF Countries Grow Into their Own; STC 8, Puerto Rico April 25-29, 2006; Regional Sustainable Tourism Policy Framework
  • June 2006: Making Tourism Count for the Local Economy; CTO at SIDS- Tourism Bahamas 2006; STC 2006 Proceedings Available on CD-ROM; Promising Future for Region’s Sustainable Tourism Agenda
  • September 2006:The Caribbean Identity and Community Tourism; NGS Seeks to Develop Global Geo-tourism Partnership; Disaster Risk Management Course for Strategic Partners