Caribbean Tourism Development Co.

The Caribbean Tourism Development Company (CTDC) is a marketing and business development unit, owned equally by the Caribbean Hotel Association (CHA) and the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO).

Conceptualized in 2006 and registered in the Cayman Islands in December of the same year, this company’s primary mission is to become the marketer and custodian of the Caribbean brand, effectively using all available media and combining the resources of the Caribbean’s public and private sector tourism agencies.

The purpose of the CTDC is to “own, promote, protect, advance and enhance the Caribbean brand” to the benefit of all members of CTO and CHTA and the people of the Caribbean. The company owns and authorizes the use of the Caribbean’s visual and audio logos.

The CTDC combines the resources of the Caribbean region’s destinations, accommodations and service providers to create a viable, cohesive business unit that is able to identify commercial opportunities and allow the members of CHA and CTO to benefit collectively from those opportunities in ways that individually they could not. In all its endeavors the company will engage only in activities that honor the Caribbean brand and benefit the members of CHA and CTO.

The CTDC’s website:

The enhanced enables consumers to more easily find what they are looking for in a Caribbean vacation because of the common formatting across micro sites for each destination and the elimination of searching through individual sites of the 33 destinations that make up the Caribbean region.

“We expect that our revitalized website will set a new standard for promoting our Caribbean region and become the cornerstone of our cooperative regional marketing strategy for the Caribbean brand under the ‘Life Needs the Caribbean’ theme,” said Beverly N. Nicholson-Doty, CTO chairman, commissioner of tourism for the U.S. Virgin Islands and CTDC co-chair.

The CTDC may be contacted through the offices of the CTO and CHA.