CTO USA Incorporated

Effective July 1, 2012, CTO-USA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Caribbean Tourism Organization, is charged with delivering services to its members in the following areas:

  • Membership Development and Services – increasing non-government membership and providing day to day services to the entire membership.
  • Enhanced engagement with the Caribbean Diaspora by continuing to build on the relationship with the community as ambassadors through face to face meetings and via the website to serve their needs.
  • Maximize the number of scholarships offered by the CTO Foundation by exploring all avenues and opportunities to increase funding and the number of scholarships offered through the CTO Foundation and the CTO Scholarship Foundation and begin to build a corpus.
  • Strengthen the CTO Chapter system in the US and Canada to ensure that value and services are provided to travel agents and other CTO members.
  • Provide greater advocacy/networking/strategic partnership engagements to benefit the organization with the specific objective of identifying sources of funding and building relationships that will redound to the benefit of members, in collaboration with headquarters.
  • Manage major trade and consumer shows on behalf of member countries, as requested, to create more impact for the region and to secure preferred rates and placement through economies of scale.
  • Manage major Conferences and special events that provide a benefit as a rallying point for the membership and a source of revenue for the organization.

CTO USA Chapters

CTO Chapters play a leading role in the travel industry by providing a forum in which individuals, particularly travel agents, meet for the primary purpose of developing more awareness of Caribbean destination products and therefore expand travel and profit opportunities. Chapters exist in Connecticut, New England, North Texas, Greater Atlanta, Greater Chicago, San Diego, Long Island, South Florida, Northern California. USA Chapter activity is managed by the New York office.

Benefits of CTO Chapter Membership

  • Recognition by industry partners as a travel professional that specializes in the Caribbean tourism product.
  • Membership kit containing: membership card, CTO Pin, leather luggage tag, decal, a Caribbean bag and baggage tags.
  • Scholarship eligibility and discounts to attend CTO conferences such as the Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development (STC) , Leadership Strategy and State of the Industry Conferences, among others.
  • Monthly raffle of complimentary registration to CTO Chapter Agent program.
  • Be eligible to participate in familiarization trips.
  • Be “IN THE KNOW” about Caribbean travel and niche markets through seminars, workshops and trade shows.
  • Newsletter with updates on new developments in the Caribbean and with the travel agency community.
  • Be eligible to participate in sweepstakes by participating in surveys.
  • Be eligible to participate in webinars featuring CTO member countries and niche markets for free.
  • Inclusion in the Annual CTO Chapter Agent Reference Guide with a listing of all the Chapter members which is distributed at consumer shows with the aim of encouraging consumers to book their vacation with a travel agent.
  • Special incentive programs developed for only Chapter members.
  • Be eligibile to participate in Caribbean Sales forums for Chapter Members in the Caribbean.
  • Raffle among the top producing agents of the month to a Caribbean Vacation every month.

Contact CTO USA

80 Broad Street
Suite 3302
New York, NY 10004
Tel: 212-635-9530
Email: [email protected]