Hospitality Assured E-Resources Centre

Welcome to the Hospitality Assured (HA) Caribbean E-Resources Centre!

This is an online collection of print and audiovisual resources, including journal and newspaper articles, reports, newsletters and videos, related to the field of tourism and hospitality, and specifically focused on information which informs the Hospitality Assured process.

It also carries general information related to Excellence and Quality. This information sharing platform exists to support research geared at the continuous improvement of businesses in the HA Caribbean community. We encourage you to make use of this information and also to contribute to the pool of resources so that we can all benefit from what is provided.

The subject areas cover the 9 steps identified to achieve service and business excellence:

  • Customer Research
  • The Customer Service Promise
  • Business Leadership & Planning
  • Operational Planning & Standards of Performance
  • Resources
  • Training & Development
  • Service Delivery
  • Service Recovery
  • Customer Satisfaction Improvement
Business Leadership & Planning

Hospitality Assured Documents

Development of Excellence

Training & Development

Open to Ideas

Service Delivery

6 Secrets to Offering Exceptional Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction Improvement

Should you Benchmark

Operational Planning and Standards of Performance

Level 5 Leadership