Regional HR Development Knowledge & Skills Audit

Following an extensive international bidding process, A-Z Information Jamaica Limited entered an agreement with the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) in March 2021 to execute this project named “Regional Human Resource Development Knowledge and Skills Audit for the Tourism Industry”. The project was executed during the period May 2021 to August 2022 and was funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

Given that the project was executed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were many challenges relating to data collection. Furthermore, with the lockdown of most of the Tourism Sector during this period, there was great uncertainty surrounding the future of the Sector as well as the future of the human resources operating within it. As a result, the findings of the project are influenced by the impact of the pandemic.

View the Regional Human Resource Development Knowledge and Skills Audit for the Tourism Industry (pdf).

Project Details

Project Name

Regional Human Resources Development Knowledge and Skills Audit for the Tourism Industry

Funded by

The Caribbean Tourism Organization has received financing from the Caribbean Development Bank, through the Technical Cooperation Division, MSME Unit, in the amount of US$124,625 towards implementing the Regional Human Resource Development (HRD) Knowledge and Skills Audit for the Tourism Industry Project.


The Project will be conducted over a 10-month period from April 2021 to January 2022

Overall Project Objective

To conduct a regional tourism human resources knowledge and skills audit, which assesses and ultimately enhances the regional competencies of the Caribbean tourism workforce. This project will contribute towards the establishment of a globally competitive regional tourism workforce, ensuring the continued strength and sustainability of the Caribbean tourism and hospitality sector.


The development of a Regional (HRD) Knowledge and Skills Audit for the Tourism Industry project speaks to the ability of Planners, Strategists, Policy Makers and Tourism Human Resource Managers to come together to address issues, which are critical to the region’s ability to be:

(a) Truly competitive – one of the key elements of competitiveness is the efficiency and the quality of its human capital;
(b) Sustainable in its development and management; and
(c) Forward thinking/visionary in its approach to future industry needs.

A highly skilled and knowledgeable tourism workforce has to be recognized as an important competitive strategy for Caribbean destinations. Effective HR planning for the tourism industry in the region therefore calls for the consideration of several critical factors, including,

• Accessibility of accurate information for decision making;
• Understanding of important issues such as shifts in societal conditions, advances in technology, education and training policies, recruitment practices, labour turnover, etc.;
• Offer of externally validated qualifications that are designed in accordance with established national and regional quality assurance standards;
• Skills-based programmes that may be assessed and granted vocational, professional and continuing education awards; and
• Continuous and consistent monitoring and analysis of the labour market and development of appropriate strategies or action items based on findings.

It is therefore strongly believed that such an audit will provide insight and foresight on skill competencies as well as skill imbalances in the tourism sector and identify the sub-sectors, occupations and priority competencies that are needed to meet the changing needs of the industry and the Caribbean tourism labour market.

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of the Regional Human Resources Development Knowledge and Skills Audit are to:
• identify the specific leadership and workforce competencies required to meet the current and future needs of the tourism sector;
• provide a detailed review of the critical competencies and resources necessary for the development of a sustainable, high-performing Caribbean tourism workforce; and
• provide valuable information and recommendations that will assist with the development of policies and better planned interventions related to human capital.


The beneficiaries of the Project are the Caribbean Tourism Organization Member Countries, specifically all Borrowing Member Countries (BMCs) of the Caribbean Development Bank.
Beneficiary countries: Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos Islands

Key Project Deliverables

(a) Skills Supply and Demand in the Tourism Industry Report – An assessment of the tourism labour market: supply, demand and opportunities, in both the private and public sectors.

(b) Skills and Knowledge Audit Report – A SWOT and situational analysis of the tourism human resource development landscape to determine current knowledge, skills, qualifications and competencies requirements for the tourism workforce and to establish how critical workforce knowledge and skills gaps can be addressed.

(c) Tourism Higher Education and Training Institutions Report – An analysis of the education and training provision in core tourism related areas, including those from Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) courses and Higher Education Institutions, both private and public.

(d) Future Skills and Knowledge Needs Assessment Report – An assessment of the skills, qualifications and knowledge, which will be essential for meeting training and development needs for future tourism workforce planning.

(e) Webinar Consultation Report – Two webinars will be held to present a summary of results of the final reports, as well as recommendations and action plan, to key stakeholders for feedback.

(f) A Final Comprehensive Combined Report will be produced at the conclusion of the project, covering all research and development outcomes, recommendations and detailed action plan.


The process will be participatory and inclusive and will be hinged heavily on virtual connections, including consultations, focus group engagements, individual key informant interviews and online surveys.

View PDF overview of project.


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Meet the Team

CTO Project Team
Project Manager: Ms. Sharon Banfield-Bovell | Director, Resource Mobilization & Development | Caribbean Tourism Organization
Project Assistant: Ms. Joan Leacock | Human Resource Development Consultant

Project Consultancy Firm: A-Z Information Jamaica Ltd

Key Experts








Team Leader: Dr. Muriel Anne Crick

Dr. Anne P. Crick is a Senior Lecturer and a former Head of the Department of Management Studies and the Centre for Hospitality and Tourism Management located in Nassau, Bahamas. She is also a former Associate Dean of the Faculty of Social Science and a former head of the Behavioural Science and General Management Unit at the Mona School of Business and Management. She holds a BSc degree in Hotel Management from the University of the West Indies, an M.S. in Organizational Management from Pennsylvania State University and a PhD in Organizational Management from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. She is also a certified trainer in hospitality management and is a trained facilitator. 


Mr. Robert L. Gregory






Mr. Robert L. Gregory

Robert L. Gregory, CD, JP is the holder of a Post Graduate Certificate in Institutional Management Consultancy, a Master’s Degree in Human Resource and Manpower Development, and a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree.

He has served four years as a management trainer for the Avis Corporation in the USA and five years as Programme Director of the then Institute of Management and Production in Jamaica.

In 1991 he was seconded from the private sector by the Government of Jamaica to become the Executive Director of Human Employment and Resource Training Trust (HEART Trust), a youth vocational training provider institution, and to lead and manage the government mandated institutional restructuring and transformation of the 1200 staff HEART Trust, to assume a new mandate as the National Training Agency of Jamaica HEART-NTA. The organization developed to become a public sector flagship organization, the recipient of the prestigious Jamaica Employers’ Federation “Employer of Choice Award in 2005. HEART- NTA spearheaded the establishment of the National Council on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (NCTVET), the ISO certified quality assurance body which awards the National Vocational Qualification of Jamaica (NVQJ), strategically mindful that an NVQ certified workforce serves to enhance the investment attractiveness and competitiveness of the Jamaican economy. A significant part of the courses provided by HEART was to qualify trainees for the tourism industry, for example chefs to work in hotels, on cruise ships, etc.

Non-Key Experts

noel watson





Dr. Noel Watson is the CEO of A-Z Information Jamaica Limited

  • Economist with specialties in International Trade and Finance and Cost-Benefit Analysis/Economic Evaluation.
  • Worked on projects in the Jamaican Public and Private Sectors, all other CARIFORUM Member States, Caribbean Overseas Countries and Territories, the French Caribbean, Canada, the UK, the EU, Pacific Islands, and Africa.
  • Over 30 years of experience in the field of Consultancy and many of his assignments have involved work in economics and business addressing areas such as strategic planning, business process re-engineering, training, economic evaluations, international trade in goods and services, and business development.
  • Team Leader in a major CARICOM Project to implement an online system to facilitate the free movement of skills, services, business, goods, and capital in which he provided process re-engineering and training.
  • Managed the UNDP Civic Dialogue for Democratic Governance Project, which involved dialoguing with Jamaicans from all walks of life in order to develop a common vision for Jamaica which focused on the reduction of crime, corruption and unemployment.
  • Taught Economics and Statistics at University level at Simon Fraser University, Canada and lectured in Research Methods in the Masters in MIS at the University of the West Indies.


denise leader watson








Mrs. Denise Leader-Watson

  • Management Consultant for over 20 years.
  • Held management positions in Human Resource Management at the Jamaica Public Service Company (Light and Power).
  • Human Resource Management background from her time spent as Personnel Manager at Jamaica Public Service Company, with over 1,800 employees at the time.
  • HR Process Lead on the organisational transformation JPSCo during the implementation of the People Soft HRMS Project and worked extensively on HR process improvement.
  • Executive Director at the e-Biz Centre a logistics company with over 2,000 customers.
  • Was part of a team engaged in the restructuring of the National Insurance Scheme in Jamaica, which involved business process re-engineering, upgrading of job descriptions, and realignment of the organisation.
  • Developed the communications strategy for Government of Montserrat to guide the process in a project to restructure the public sector workforce.
  • Team member in project to complete a job evaluation and pay review for public sector employees for the Government of Montserrat, which has close to 1000 employees.
  • Worked for A-Z Information Jamaica Limited on several CARICOM related projects, mainly for the CARICOM Secretariat, in the capacity of Consultant dealing with issues relating to the public and private sectors in 15 member states.
  • She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications and an MBA from Nova South Eastern University.

Ms. Diana McIntyre-Pike

Diana McIntyre-Pike OD, BSc Community Tourism Consultant/Trainer with a BSc degree in Tourism Management, Diplomas in Hotel Management, Tourism, Catering Operations, Marketing and a Certificate in Environmental Management where she studied professionally in Jamaica the UK and Germany. She is President of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) Caribbean, Coordinator of the IIPT International Community Tourism Network and President/Founder of the Country style Community Tourism Network.

She has built the Villages as Businesses programme to empower member villages, through tour design, training, management and marketing support, to profit from community tourism, Country style Community Tourism Network has partnered with the University of the West Indies (UWI) Open Campus to provide support for Community Tourism Centres in Jamaica and the Caribbean region and given accreditation to the Community Tourism Hospitality Entrepreneurship 5 day training through the Country style Academy for Community Tourism (ACT) which was recently implemented in Barbados and now resulted in the creation of the Barbados Community Tourism Network.


Mr. James Samuel

James Samuels was educated in Jamaica and England. He was recruited from London by the Jamaica Tourist Board where he spent two years marketing Jamaica to Jamaicans. The project was highly successful, culminating in visits to hotels by Jamaicans increasing some twenty- five folds. He joined National Hotels & Properties where as Director of Marketing he led a creative team of professionals marketing over 4000 rooms. He has extensive knowledge of Caribbean Tourism having worked in the Region as a Resort Manager and Consultant.

He has managed a Charter Airline, Hotel Reservation System and a number of hotels, both large and small. As a locally-based consultant he possesses an excellent understanding of the business and public sector side of the Jamaica tourism industry. His long experience as a hotelier and his work with tourism agencies and bodies has allowed him to develop a broad range of expertise that encompasses accommodation, product development, marketing, and the ancillary sectors and impact assessment. This recognized track record has led to several consulting assignments in Jamaica and the Caribbean analyzing various aspects of the tourism industry and its economic impacts.