Sargassum Resources

Sargassum Management Brief

The purpose of this management brief is to enable government officials, coastal managers,
beach caretakers and coastal residents to get ahead of the “golden tides” by providing up-to-date
information on the recent ‘sargassum influxes’ (arrival of unprecedented mass quantities of sargassum seaweed) in the Caribbean region; and, importantly, by offering guidance on how best to sustainably manage the seaweed, based on lessons learnt to date.

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Sargassum Uses Guide: A resource for Caribbean researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers

This guide is not comprehensive, as it was not possible to find, visit or communicate with all sargassum
business and research stakeholders across all Caribbean countries. However, it is intended as a resource
for researchers, business entrepreneurs, and policy makers by providing, under one cover, a good
overview of the wide range of current uses of sargassum in the Caribbean, the lessons learnt and
challenges faced to date. It also provides insight into potential uses based on examples and research from other parts of the world using different sargassum species or other seaweeds.

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Model Protocol for the Management of Extreme Accumulations of Sargassum on the Coasts of CRFM Member States

The 26th Meeting of the CRFM Executive Committee noted the protocol developed for the
management of extreme accumulations of Sargassum in Puerto Rico and considered the efficacy
of such a protocol being considered for adoption and implementation by the CRFM. The
Executive Committee noted that the protocol developed by Puerto Rico closely meets the current
needs of the CRFM, based on geographical as well as social and economic realities; and, mindful
of the concerns already expressed by the CRFM Ministerial Council, the Organisation of Eastern
Caribbean States (OECS) Council of Ministers, CARICOM’s Council on Trade and Economic
Development (COTED) and CARICOM Heads of Government, endorsed the development a
protocol for the management of extreme accumulations of Sargassum by the CRFM.

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Sargassum and the Effects of Climate Change

View presentation by Kelly de Schaun, Executive Director, Galveston Island Park Board of Trustees and CVB, who is responsible for the maintenance of 32 miles of beaches and seven major beach parks:

Sargassum Resource Guide

The Guide is intended to serve as an initial resource for the Caribbean, in particular to inform the tourism industry, local governments, environmental groups and residents about Sargassum seaweed, its impact and uses, and best practice mitigation and management measures which are being undertaken. Provided this is a new and natural occurrence, there are ongoing studies on the tracking, use, effects and mitigation of Sargassum seaweed. The following pages seek to provide additional information to further educate the tourism sector and other stakeholders.

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