Useful ST Websites

The CTO’s maintains an online platform for Regional Tourism Education and Awareness. This platform was designed to enhance knowledge, support capacity-building and provide access to information, tools and resources for addressing the issues, opportunities and challenges to support Caribbean tourism development, including climate and disaster resilience, environmental sustainability, waste management, community-based tourism, and sustainable tourism policy and development practices.

The site features best practices in various CTO member destinations, regional tourism champions, action challenges, as well as research publications, videos and toolkits with downloadable templates and worksheets. This initiative is dedicated to the memory of our colleague Mrs. Bonita Morgan, a beloved regional champion of Tourism Education and Human Resource Development.

Visit Tourism Awareness Campaign site.


Sustainable Travel International
Promoting responsible travel and eco-tourism, supporting sustainable development, and helping travelers and travel providers protect the cultures and environments they visit.

UNEP Cultural Heritage Laws Database

United Nations Environmental Programme / Division of Technology, Industry and Economics – UNEP/TIE
A division of the United Nations Environmental Programme dedicated to encourage decision makers in government, industry and business to develop and adopt policies, strategies and practices that are cleaner and safer, make efficient use of natural resources.

United Nations Development Programme – UNDP

Island Resource Foundation – IRF
Studies on environmental planning and impact assessment, frequently in partnership with players from the public and private sectors.

Pan American Health Organization – PAHO

International Coral Reef Initiative – ICRI
Partnership among nations and organizations seeking to implement Chapter 17 of Agenda 21 and other international Conventions and agreements for the benefit of coral reefs and related ecosystems.

Business Enterprises for Sustainable Travel – BEST / The Conference Board
A leading source of innovative travel industry practices that advance community, business and travelers interest.

The Tour Operator’s Initiative
A network of tour operators that have joined forces to improve their practices, as well as raise the awareness of the industry.

United Nations Environment Programme / Caribbean Regional Coordination Unit – UNEP/RCU
The regional office of United Nations Environment Programme hosts the secretariat for the Cartagena Convention, and the Caribbean Environment Programme. Provides assistance and advice to governments and institutions on the protection and sustainable management of the coastal and marine resources.

Caribbean Conservation Association – CCA
Environmental education and awareness, marine resource management, sustainable development.

Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism – CAST
Collaborative environmental initiatives in the hotel and tourism sector, expertise in sustainable tourism and development (assistance for hotel owners), improved management of natural resources.

Caribbean Environmental Health Institute – CEHI
Seeks to improve the quality of life in the Caribbean (water quality, waste management, etc).

Caribbean Epidemiology Center -CAREC
Recognised at international level for its efforts to promote public health in the Caribbean. Supplies services in epidemiology to 21 member countries.