Guestpitality Total Visitor Satisfaction



The Caribbean Tourism Organization believes that the Caribbean, as the world’s most tourism-dependent region, has a responsibility to lead in the area of visitor satisfaction. Furthermore, the CTO is of the opinion that the time is right for destinations to focus more attention on satisfying current visitors, retaining them as repeats, and encouraging them to become influencers for the destination.

In short, the Caribbean ought to be developing a reputation for service that is so excellent and an environment so welcoming, that it engenders an emotional attachment and generates repeat visitors.

A Guestpitality Total Visitor Satisfaction Program for Caribbean destinations would considerably increase the region’s competitiveness.

Among other things it would:

  • Engage the public and private sectors in improving attitudes to tourism
  • Enhance and improve the tourism environment
  • Be an ongoing quest for excellence, rather than a one-shot or haphazard approach
  • Engender a greater sense of pride in and ownership of the tourism industry
  • Heighten visitors’ sensitivity to the efforts of each destination
  • Secure the attention of industry partners in the source markets
  • Demonstrate the Caribbean’s leadership in the industry and the region’s commitment to enhancing its competitive position for the benefit of every citizen
  • Guarantee media attention wherever we do business
  • Increase tourism arrivals and help ensure the sustainability of the industry.
For more information about GTVS, contact Ryan Skeete (rskeete at caribtourism dot com)