Reopening Caribbean tourism


Guidelines and Checklists for Safely Resuming Business Operations and Restoring Caribbean Tourism in 2020

These guidelines are provided by the CARPHA-CTO-CHTA-OECS-GTRCMC COVID-19 Task Force to support a consistent and harmonized strategy, as far as possible, in the phased approach to the recovery of Caribbean tourism and to minimizing health safety risks to visitors and residents in the operation of tourism businesses.

They establish core guidelines and protocols aimed at protecting residents and visitors in the reopening and continued operation of tourism services, while simultaneously allowing tourism service providers to be effectively re-established.

The guidelines are not meant to displace, but rather complement, those which are adopted by destinations and companies. They are intended to advance basic guidelines at a destination level, as well as core measures at sectoral levels collectively aimed at building resident and visitor confidence and enabling the Caribbean to remain a top destination for visitors.

View Guidelines & Checklists for Tourism Ground Transportation

View Guidelines and Checklists for Recreation and Entertainment including Sites and Attractions

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View Guidelines and Checklists for Food and Beverage

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