Tourism Recovery Dashboard

The CTO Tourism Recovery Dashboard includes COVID-19 measures to support tourism and travel, destinations statistics, number of cases and deaths per week. Information from Caribbean countries include reopening details where applicable, pre-arrival requirements, on arrival requirements, quarantine rules and rules for positive tests.

Digital Tourism Toolkit

The CTO and the George Washington University (GWU), through its Master of Tourism and MBA students, developed a Digital Toolkit for Tourism SMEs which provides guidance on  how these businesses can utilize digital resources to help in their recovery planning.

Tourism Recovery Dashboard Template

The CTO and the George Washington University (GWU), through its Master of Tourism and MBA students, developed a  Tourism Recovery Dashboard Template which can be used for reporting.  The template includes a collection of relevant data sources for your reference.

Protocols, COVID-19 Updates

This page features country protocols put in place during the COVID-19 outbreak and updates from the CTO member countries.

Commitment to CBT

The CTO has identified Community-Based Tourism (CBT) as a regional development strategy which supports entrepreneurship and community development while also creating unique experiences and product offerings for visitors. The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) is pleased to share the CBT toolkit developed in collaboration with the Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility (CCPF), under the Innovation for Tourism Expansion and Diversification Project.

View more on CBT commitment.

CBT Toolkit

This toolkit provides best practice information on CBT criteria and standards, strategies to enhance the market readiness of community tourism enterprises, and market access guidelines. In addition, it supports business planning processes; provides guidance for systematic product development and offers
tools and resources for financial management. Through the use of these resources, Communities
engaged in or interested in pursuing CBT, will be fully equipped with the know-how to create and
deliver successful CBT experiences.

The toolkit documents are available at:

Climate Change

This page features outlooks and technical reports on climate change from the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH) headquartered in Barbados, in partnership with other regional and international institutions.

Disaster Management Resources

Outputs of the Regional DRM for Sustainable Tourism in the Caribbean Project that was conducted between January 2007 and June 2010.  Also included: a list of National Disaster Emergency contact persons for Caribbean Countries, the Disaster Information Kit from Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) and a Multi-Hazard Contingency Planning Manual for the Caribbean Tourism Sector.

Conference Papers

In this section you’ll find proceedings from past CTO conferences, such as the Sustainable Tourism Conference, the Leadership Strategy Conference, the State of the Industry Conferences, as well as, papers from CTO hosted workshops.

Education & Training

On this page, there are links to both CTO and non CTO tourism education and training resources.

Non CTO Scholarships & Grants

Information about non CTO tourism scholarships, grants and courses available at various universities and other learning institutions.

CTO Publications

CTO has published many reports and guides on sustainable tourism, human resource development and on good practices in tourism management.

CTO Library

Access to the CTO library is temporarily unavailable.
View resource websites for tourism research compiled by Sophia Lashley, CTO Librarian.

Related Sites

On this page, there are links to websites of Caribbean and extra regional organizations that may be useful to readers.

ZIKA Virus

Public health authorities in the Caribbean are working diligently to mitigate the effects of the Zika virus. Zika, also known as ZIKV, is spread primarily by the Aedes aegypti mosquito.