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Features Tourism Climatic Bulletins as well as regional outlooks and technical reports from the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH), further regional outlooks and technical reports can be downloaded from CariCOF site


Caribbean Tourism Climatic Bulletin

The Caribbean Tourism Climatic Bulletin seeks to provide a broad overview of climate conditions and communicate tourism implications up to 6 months in advance, for use by the regional tourism (public and private sector) stakeholders.

The bulletin responds to the need to develop initiatives to enhance tourism sector Resilience to climate change, aware of the very fragile nature of the industry and its susceptibility to external shocks foremost of which are climate and weather conditions intra-regionally as well as in source markets. Designed as a quarterly publication, climate information delivered through this medium will better position the region’s tourism sector to become more resilient to climate change and extreme weather events while enhancing various aspects of tourism business operations, marketing and decision making.

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Caribbean Drought Bulletins from the Caribbean Regional Climate Center:


Caribbean Climate Outlook Newsletter January to March 2017 – Caribbean Climate Outlook Forum (CARICOF), Dec. 2016

Summary:  January to March 2017: We are entering the driest part of the year (except coastal Guianas). This means above-normal to normal forecast rainfall from the Leeward Is. southward may delay the buildup of usual dry season impacts on water availability, except in areas already in drought (e.g. Cayman and Tobago). Apart from a small chance in the Guianas, there is virtually no flash flood potential in this season. Finally, with generally lower humidity and breezy conditions, and with no heat waves on forecast, we expect to feel comfortable.

CariCOF Drought Outlook – By the end of March 2017 – CIMH / CARICOF

Rainfall Frequency and Extreme Forecasts – Wet Days and Wet Spells Outlooks January to March 2017 – CIMH, International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) USA, Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Services