Sustainable Tourism Awards Logo Design Competition

Congratulations to Evadney Henriques of Guyana, and Vladimir Lubin of St. Lucia, who were selected as winners in CTO’s Logo Design Competition, out of 19 entries from 12 Caribbean countries.

We salute Evadney Henriques who won the overall competition, and we specially recognize Vladimir Lubin whose entry has inspired the physical shape of future Sustainable Tourism Awards from 2018 onwards.



Evadney Henriques – Guyana

Vladimir Lubin – Saint Lucia


About The Award


In the Caribbean, Sustainable Tourism Development is understood as “the optimal use of natural, cultural, social and financial resources for national development on an equitable and self-sustaining basis to provide a unique visitor experience and an improved quality of life through partnerships among government, the private sector and communities” (CTO Caribbean Sustainable Tourism Policy Framework, 2008).

In keeping with its mandate, CTO created the Caribbean Sustainable Tourism Awards aimed at identifying and showcasing Sustainable Tourism Good Practices in the Caribbean. The Awards recognize individuals, groups, organizations or companies in any CTO Member Country which have developed responsible and unique tourism products, or are engaged in implementing tourism-related initiatives which embrace sustainability principles and core values. Without question, recognized initiatives also help to enhance national tourism product offerings and advance sustainable and responsible tourism in the Caribbean.

There are currently seven (7) Sustainable Tourism Award Categories namely:

1. Excellence in Sustainable Tourism

2. Destination Stewardship

3. Sustainable Accommodation

4. Community Benefit

5. Heritage Protection

6. Biodiversity Conservation

7. Agro-Tourism