St. Eustatius: New Policy In Place For The Hospitality Sector

Live music, bands and DJ’s will be made possible again. A new policy that was agreed upon with the hospitality sector, the police and other important key stakeholders stipulates the guidelines for music during events as of Friday, October 1st, 2021. The new policy is based on 3 phases: green, yellow and red. Shifting from one phase to another depends on the number of active COVID cases on the island, and whether they are contained or not. The policy further takes into account enforcement with regards to noise disturbance.

Since the last COVID-19 outbreak on Statia, the Government adhered to a strict policy under which live music, DJ’s and Bands in bars, restaurants and at events were prohibited. During the previous months, in depth and constructive stakeholder consultations were held with the owners of bars, restaurants, events holders,  the police  and other civil servants to discuss adapted regulations and come to an agreement. This new policy will b assessed at the end of 2021.


In phase green it is possible for restaurants, bars and event holders to play live music and to have bands and/or DJ’s in place. The green phase can only go into effect if Statia does not have any COVID-19 cases, or that the infected persons are in isolation. This is currently the case. Statia has 3 active cases that are in isolation. Bars, restaurants and event holders must have hand sanitizing stations available and open ventilation in place.


During the yellow phase live music, bands and DJs are not allowed, and outdoor events can only permitted if maintaining social distance is possible. This phase will be in effect when there are active cases on the island and the containment of these cases is not guaranteed. This means  that the Public Health Department is not confident that the COVID situation on Statia is well under control based on their investigation. Yellow also stipulates that the staff members at restaurants and bars, who have contact with the clients must wear a mouth mask. Just as in phase Green, the bars and restaurants need to have hand sanitizing stations available and good ventilation in place. Hand sanitizing     must also be placed on tables, at the entry and in the restrooms.

Persons returning from travel and in the monitoring protocol are not allowed to visit events during phase yellow and cannot attend gatherings or meetings in enclosed areas.


In case of an outbreak of COVID-19 on the island, events, live music, bands and DJ’s are not allowed. Restaurants can only open with strict limitations. Take away is possible.

Persons in the monitoring protocol are not allowed to visit events and cannot attend gatherings  or meetings in enclosed areas in any of these 3 phases.

Noise disturbance

The Task Force (Police, Cabinet, Public Health Department) and the Government Commissioners  recently held meetings with the stakeholders from the hospitality sector who agreed on limiting the volume of music played to avoid noise disturbance to the neighborhoods. To maintain public order and avoid noise disturbance, bars, restaurants, and events holders are required to strictly adhere to their license and to the event policy, including adherence to the opening and closing times. Noncompliance with the regulations will first lead to a warning by the Government Commissioner or Police. This will include instructions to comply with the license/permission. A decibel meter has been purchased, Bavpollers (local enforcement officers) and police officers will be trained in the use of this instrument to measure the sound level when loud music is played at the mentioned establishments. Enforcement has already started by way of the stakeholders consultations. These meetings will continue to help license holders better understand the content of licenses and also to create more awareness with regards to the General Local Ordinance (Algemene Plaatselijke Verordening).

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