Trinidad Accommodation Properties Awarded HST Stamp

Port of Spain, Trinidad – Thursday January 14, 2021 – Three (3) accommodation properties in Trinidad have successfully been awarded the Healthier Safer Stamp (HST) by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA). The HST Stamp is a measurable and verifiable assurance to travellers of a healthier and safer travel and tourism option.

The three (3) accommodation properties are:

  • Chez Jeanne Bed and Breakfast
  • Inna Citi Place
  • Pax Guest House

Officially approved by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), the region’s leading tourism organizations, the Healthier Safer Tourism Stamp is granted to touristic entities and destinations that are implementing the recommended proactive Covid-19 health monitoring and safety measures.

As part of their certification process, the three (3) accommodation facilities are actively utilising the Tourism and Health Information System (THiS), which is a CARPHA web-based early warning and response information system. This system aids in the early capture and trends of illnesses in real time, thus reducing spread and any possible reputational damage of the Destination. Some of the best practices implemented by these awarded facilities include temperature scans, testing, physical distancing, enhanced frequency of cleaning and the provision of hygiene kits for safe air travel, hospitality services and safe events.

The three (3) accommodation properties are now also listed on the Caribbean Traveller’s Health Mobile App as preferred, safe options for travellers. The awardees will also be listed on the websites of CARPHA and Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), with links to regional and international health and tourism stakeholders.

Announcing this news, the Chief Executive Officer (Ag.) of Tourism Trinidad Limited, Mrs. Heidi Alert, remarked that “with more of our tourism facilities obtaining the CARPHA health assurance stamp, we will succeed in building travellers’ confidence and accelerate the recovery of our local tourism industry. The building of confidence applies to both domestic tourists as well as international visitors when that time comes. We encourage all our tourism partners to implement the new approach to safe travel in the COVID-19 world. 

We cannot over emphasise the importance of demonstrating self-regulation and increasing compliance to regional and international standards to ensure our readiness as a Destination. This is a great first achievement, and we trust that other establishments will follow suit”.

Tourism Trinidad’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Heidi Alert, also reaffirmed “the organisation’s commitment to continue its partnership with CARPHA as certifications such as the Healthier and Safer Tourism Stamp are crucial during these unprecedented times to give guests a safe and enjoyable experience, free of worry”.

In 2020 Tourism Trinidad conducted an extensive and complimentary series of COVID-19 training for the industry, utilising the services of COSTAAT and CARPHA, for a wide range of tourism stakeholders to provide a comprehensive understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the prerequisite protection and safety measures.

Over five hundred (500) persons accessed this training that is a crucial step in the overall preparation for eventual reopening of Destination Trinidad to international travellers.

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