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TSA Group

Tourism Satellite Account Group

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The TSA allows the contribution of the tourism sector to be measured in the same way as, and incorporated into, the overall system of national accounts in each country.

As the economic importance of the Caribbean tourism sector has grown, so too has the demand for improved measurement of the industry’s performance in economic terms. The challenge however is the considerable data collection that is required, which can only be properly carried out by, or in close collaboration with, the National Statistical Offices in each country.

Given this reality, our approach has been to focus on the encouragement, coordination and facilitation of this work.

Project Papers & Minutes

These documents are available only to members of the TSA group and require a password to view. Contact Sharon Coward (scoward at caribtourism dot com) if you require a password.
They can be accessed: http://www.onecaribbean.org/tsa-project-papers/

Workshop Papers

September 2014, Jamaica

General Introduction to Tourism Statistics and TSA~ Maureen Blokland
Compilation of TSA – Basic Data Infrastructure~ Maureen Blokland
Offline and Online Tools to Support the TSA~ Reymar Gooding
The Bahamas Experience 2014
TSA presentation Barbados~ Todne Woods
Trinidad and Tobago TSA-Current Status
System of Tourism Statistics~ Sean Smith, CTO
CARICOM presentation
Framework for Expenditure Surveys~ Maureen Blokland

October 2013, Martinique

Regional TSA Implementation Initiative: Background and Goals ~ Natasha Boyce, IDB
Tracking Tourism’s Contribution to a Country’s Economy ~ Maureen Blokland
Towards Evidence Based Management in Tourism ~ Carol Coy, Jamaica
Towards Evidence Based Management in Tourism ~ Clara Van Der Pol, UNWTO

March 2013, Barbados

Overview of the Development of TSA in Caricom
TSA 2007 The Jamaican Experience
Paula Jackson, Statistical Institute of Jamaica   
Regional TSA Implementation Initiative, Background & GoalsMariko Russell, Senior Specialist, IDB
TSA Context & BenefitsOliver Hermann, Director, Statistics and Tourism Satellite Programme, UNWTO  
Jamaica examples of questionnaires, surveys

2007, Barbados

The TSA: Positioning Tourism for Success in the CaribbeanMcHale Andrew
TSA Revision Process
TSA Implementation in the Caribbean Overview
Arley Sobers, former Dir. Research CTO
TSA – The Bahamas ExperiencePamela Lowe, Ministry of Tourism, Bahamas
TSA – Trinidad and Tobago’s ExperienceSharfia Ali-Abdullah
Implementation of the TSA in the Dominican Republic
Demistyfying TSA Development
Adam Sacks
Addressing the challenges in setting up TSAsWinfield Griffith, Dep. Dir. Research, CTO
Assessing the Basics: Tourism Statistical Inventory of the RegionSean Smith
TSA Readiness Findings Assessment
Are National Statistical Offices TSA Ready? A Review of National Accounts in the CARICOM Region
Regional TSA Development – The Way Forward
McHale Andrew