TTAL To Diversify Tobago’s Tourism Product With Wellness Niche

SCARBOROUGH Tobago, Wednesday July 07, 2021: Tobago’s tourism authorities have initiated a three-phased project that will strategically develop a wellness tourism niche for the destination, with phase one involving the upcoming virtual conference “Exploring Wellness Tourism 360” from July 8th to 9th, 2021.

The Tobago Tourism Agency Limited’s Roadmap for Growth 2020 – 2023 identified the need to explore new niche development and diversification, as well as support and rejuvenate existing niches. In reassessing Tobago’s assets to ascertain growth potential in the post-COVID era of tourism and travel, the wellness tourism niche was identified as a viable option to be developed into quality and competitive tourism products.

The Honourable Ancil Dennis, Tobago’s Chief Secretary and Secretary for Tourism, Culture and Transportation stated:

I am comfortable that Tobago has all the components necessary for wellness tourism. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, natural green spaces, endless exciting physical activities. In fact, this has been one of several aspects of tourism that the Tobago House of Assembly has been discussing for quite some time now to diversify our tourism product. Covid-19 has allowed us a unique opportunity to reset. We in the Tobago House of Assembly remain committed to sustaining the environment and providing the necessary resources needed to ensure Tobago’s continued and improved attractiveness and competitiveness.”

Wellness tourism puts one’s health and well-being at the epicentre of their travel experience.  Trips organized around the principle of wellness tourism usually include healthy food, exercise, spa treatments, and opportunities to experience holistic development and spiritual activities including mediation and yoga. However, for Tobago, the Agency will seek to develop a unique brand of wellness that aligns with the destination’s brand position of providing “Beyond Ordinary” experiences that go beyond the typical wellness offerings.

TTAL’s development of Tobago’s wellness tourism niche will occur in three phases: phase one involves the hosting of an international educational and inspirational conference called “Exploring Wellness Tourism 360”; phase two will include follow up workshops for on-island tourism stakeholders; and phase three will seethe creative development and launch of the niche offerings as part of the destinations suite of experiences in a post COVID-19 world.

Speaking on the upcoming event to be hosted on July 8th and 9th, TTAL’s Director of Product Development and Destination Management, Mr. Narendra Ramgulam said:

“The Exploring Wellness Tourism 360 conference presents an ideal environment for enhancing and building our local capacity, and kick-start our niche development efforts with a collaborative approach that embraces local and international stakeholder involvement. We are excited to feature industry experts from around the globe to speak on topics from wellness to branding and entrepreneurship, as well as local wellness and tourism stakeholders that can help give insight into what the destination has to offer.

The event is both is both educational and participative in nature, and will inspire – and challenge – attendees to go beyond the traditional concept of wellness. If I had to sum it up into three words, this conference is about awakening our potential.”

Interested persons can register online for “Exploring Wellness Tourism 360” at

For more information on the event, follow the Tobago Tourism Agency Limited on Facebook at, and visit the “Exploring Wellness Tourism 360” Facebook event page at

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